11 Mar 2015

Aldo tells BR: Liverpool must sell £6m-a-year LFC star ASAP. Agree?

Liverpool right-back Glen Johnson recently admitted that he's currently holding 'talks' with overseas clubs about a move abroad this summer, and according to Reds legend John Aldridge Johnson's departure will ultimately be a good thing for the player and LFC.

When asked today about his future on Monday, Johnson confirmed that there are currently 'no talks' ongoing with Liverpool, and revealed that he's currently in contact with overseas clubs. He told The Guardian:

"There are talks. It would be great for the kids to go abroad but I am not thinking about yet as we have two months left here and I’ll think about it after that. We will have to wait and see.”

Reacting to Johnson's comments, Aldo insisted that a transfer is 'probably best for all parties', and offered several reason why it's a good idea to let him leave. He told the Liverpool Echo:

"Johnson is one of Liverpool’s highest earners and...that is a problem. Liverpool won’t want to keep paying him [£120k-a-week/£6m-a-year], and Johnson won’t want to take a pay cut, especially knowing his game time could be limited".

Alas, Rodgers seems to rate Johnson highly, and he confirmed this in a recent interview, when he told reporters:

"We want to keep Glen here, and we feel that he has still got good years ahead of him. He's one of the best full-backs in the world. His [contract] will be a priority for us, especially if he continues in the form that he's in".

The fact that Rodgers genuinely believes that Johnson is 'one of the best full-backs in the world' says it all, really, and seriously calls into question his judgement on players.

Rodgers may rate Johnson, but LFC fans clearly do not share the same enthusiasm. I recently conducted a site poll asking fans whether Liverpool should keep or sell Johnson:

* 17450 (approx) people voted.
* A whopping 84% of participants voted for LFC to dump Johnson.

When all is said and done, Johnson is a good player to have on the bench, and he'd make an excellent squad player, so if he takes a pay-cut and decides to stay, then I won't be too unhappy with that.

However, like so many other footballers, Johnson appears to have a grossly inflated view of his own worth, and he'll probably follow Ashley Cole's example and jump shop for bigger pay-packet.

The grass isn't always greener, though. Cole chased the cash all the way to Italy, and he barely plays for Roma. Indeed, he's been an unused substitute for thirteen of the last sixteen games, and depending on where he ends up, the same could happen with Johnson.



  1. I'm with BR on this one. Johnson is a fine, stallion of a player, truly worthy of the 'outstanding' mantle. He's positionally aware, always on the move and his decision making in both defensive and attacking positions is exemplary. You can really see the passion and intensity in his play every time he takes the field. I say raise his wages to £200,000 per week, give him the Captain's armband and watch him become our best player for the next ten years.

    Remarkable; that bag of mushrooms and half bottle of scotch I imbibed half an hour ago appears to have had absolutely no effect on me at all.

  2. I agree! Philipp Lahm is not even worthy of cleaning Johnson's boots!

  3. I think saying Cole chased the cash by going to Rome is totally unfair. If he'd gone to the MLS, he'd have probably gotten much more.

    Serie A isn't known for its big pay packets anymore. Johnson is likely on very similar terms, or maybe more, than even the likes of Pogba.

  4. "He's got great intensity in his game and the work ethic we talk about. The boy's a real technician."

    I'm pretty sure Rodgers said that about Johnson. It was either him or all of our other players.

  5. Jeez Jamie, you really dont like Brendan Rodgers do you?

  6. He's one of the best fullbacks in the world?
    B.R what are you smoking?

  7. Liverpool paid 17m for Johnson which at the time stepped over the extortion line but we know clubs have to pay extra tax add-ons for British players.He also took/takes home big wages.
    However, on the Success or Flop scale.I think Glen Johnson's time at Liverpool has been more on the positive side.
    I'll pass on talking about a decent servant like he's been complete garbage.

  8. His persistent refusal to up his hair style leaves us with no choice but to let him go

  9. It would be harsh to call him a flop but as so many bring up Allen's cost years later with football monies generally increasing year on year I am sure we overpaid and buy that rationale so should most.

  10. Nobody will want to admit Glen Johnson has been a good player for us because it's become popular for Liverpool supporters to talk about him like a piece of trash.
    Johnson was always a fantastic attacking outlet.Giving whoever had the ball a easy passing option and supporting the player in front of him.
    Not many fullbacks were better going forward.He was very attack-minded, instigated attacks with positive dribbling and forward passing.Rather than safe passes sideways or backwards mixed with overlap runs.
    The majority of the time, whichever side Johnson played on looked better creatively.He was a weak link defensively but it's not like Liverpool conceded a boatload of goals every season and he was directly responsible for a high percentage.Most managers GJ played under thought what he brings to the team attacking wise makes up for him not being the most solid defender.
    Johnson's standards have dropped in the last couple of seasons.He isn't getting many minutes and is on a massive wage.I think it's best for both sides if we part ways.But GJ was a very important piece in our team jigsaw for most of his Liverpool career.
    It looks like I'm one who feels this way but I've never been one to follow the crowd.This comment would probably get 100+ down votes if that button was active.

  11. Couldn't be bothered reading your whole thing after reading the first bit. Beleive me I am not one for trends. I just don't think he has ever been that good, never earned the money he has been given and never looked the £17m player we were supposedly buying. His defensive positioning was never outweighed by being all that good in attack. He is not as good as some make out but I have never really rated him.

  12. Ouch.Fair enough Jay Jay, I won't waste my time posting to you again.

  13. Good balanced post rather than jumping on the consensual band wagon. He was great going forward for a couple of seasons and not as bad as everyone makes out defensively. Great winner v Chelsea with left leg anyone.

    Agree gone backwards last couple of seasons but pre injuries was a very good attacking full back for us. Also agree probably time to move him on. Not quick enough for us these days. .....

  14. Sorry dude. I am tired and it was all big and that. Also didn't like the inference of being some sheep following along with the Johnson. I shouldn't have been so disrespectful.

  15. Is it relevant to say that he became a club legend in my FM 14 save? After I sold him in my second season?

  16. I insist that we have a whip-round for the wee fella. That hair alone looks like it costs a decent wedge.

  17. In a nice boyband style close harmony, I hope.

  18. I've seen him at Roma and I can't fault them for dropping him at all. Not been very good.

    Cholevas has been ahead of him on merit. Was excellent at times before Roma's collapse in the new year. Neither are a long-term solution though.

  19. I also rate him, I should say. I think his poor public image has shrouded the fact (for some) that he was one of the outstanding full-backs of his generation.

    It just hasn't worked out for him in Italy. For all the criticism that Serie A gets, it still takes a certain discipline to play there and I think Maicon and Cole have both look aged when asked to do what Garcia wanted them to. Florenzi has been filling in at right-back in an attempt to add dynamism on the other side, so it isn't just Cole who has been found wanting in that regard.

  20. GJ and BR are outstanding that's why players not so outstanding like LS and DA have to go lol..

  21. If he agrees to the deal which will certainly be a reduced contract then it's good for the club. Having seen almost his entire Liverpool career I really don't share the level of dislike many fans have for him. I still rate him as an effective player and I think the club can use him for certainly another couple of years. Finding real quality wing backs who can do it at both ends of the pitch is challenging and usually pretty costly, plus you want to have good depth in the squad.

    Let's see what Johnson does. I'm not too fussed either way as if he leaves then Rodgers will have to go shopping in the summer. Everyone like shopping.