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27 Mar 2015

Manc legend: Liverpool 'not big enough' to sign 'outstanding' £43m superstar. Agree?

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Liverpool continue to be linked with a wildly improbable move for 'outstanding' Manchester United striker Radamel Falcao, but Manc legend Paul Parker claims that there's no chance of the Reds sealing the deal. Let's hope he's right!

In February, the The Sunday Times claimed that Liverpool are still 'keeping tabs' on Falcao, and according to the Daily Mail this week:

* Liverpool will be 'offered' Falcao on loan this summer.

* The Reds will hold off on a decisions until Champions League football is secure.

In his column for Eurosport, Parker rubbished Liverpool's ability to attract a player of Falcao's status, and described the transfer as a 'pipe-dream'. He added:

"As for Liverpool? They are not big enough a club for Falcao; he must be looking for more than that. And being ex-United it's unlikely the fans would take to him – especially if he did not hit the ground running"

As much as I'm loathe to agree with a Manc, there is a smidgen of truth to Parker's contention. Brendan Rodgers doesn't have the aura or profile in the game to attract the world's elite players, and that's been proven many times over the last three years.

However, in this case, it's a benefit, not a hindrance. If Rodgers had a Van Gaal/Mourinho-style reputation in the game, there'd be a good possibility of attracting Falcao, and I personally don't want to see the striker anywhere near Anfield,

£43m-rated Falcao is the archetypal mercenary; his move to lowly Monaco in the prime of his career proved that, and he's now collecting a ludicrous £265k-a-week salary for contributing next-to-nothing at Old Trafford.

When he moves on, he'll almost certainly demand a similar salary irrespective of his failure at Man United, but he's clearly a busted-flush, and like Fernando Torres, he'll never again recapture the form that made him one of the world's most fearsome strikers.

Falcao may no longer be a genuine force in the game, but he's still outperforming Balotelli, Borini, and Lambert despite the fact he suffered a major ACL injury:

Falcao: 11 goals/assists in 26 apps.
Balotelli: 4 goals/assists in 25 apps.
Borini: 2 goals/assist in 16 apps.
Lambert: 3 goals/assists in 28 apps.

Pretty embarrassing, really.

Falcao's output is clearly not worth £265k-a-week, but it warms my heart to know that Man Utd are haemorrhaging over £1m-a-month for zero return, and that any money the club makes from qualifying for the Champions League will be offset by Falcao's ridiculous £13.7m yearly salary.



  1. Liverpool are definitely big enough for anyone but do they have backing from oil barons or an endless loan situation ala Real Madrid a big no and i wouldn't have it any other way.
    There's no way anyway under our wage structure we would even be looking at Falcao now one crocked striker on good wages is enough.

  2. don't want !!! once a manc never a red !!! We need RADJA he is a beast


  3. United's ever-growing incredible revenue make that a paltry sum; they can afford it and still sign major replacements. Falcao isn't like Torres, Van Gaal's system just isn't suiting his style of play. Under any other manager he'd be scoring goals willy nilly as he does every international break. Something has to change for him to get back to his best.

  4. "Brendan Rodgers doesn't have the aura or profile in the game to attract the world's elite players, "

    It is not true , Jaimie !!
    Liverpool at this stage in it's life is not big enough , without CL and not winning trophy's on a regular basis ,the top players will not come .

  5. Clearly the time has come to DUMP Sturridge and all the other so called centre forward's and start afresh

    Liverpool ad

    Somebody that can put a ball in the back of a net!!

  6. we need a senior striker because the ones we have are always injured/plan B/don't fit the system etc etc if we can get this guy at a decent price then so be it because we need one really badly

  7. You overrate LVG so much. His reputation is really starting to wear thin. Has hardly achieved anything special since the 90's.

  8. He's nearing a return to action. Apparently about a month away. If he can get his movement back then he'll certainly be in with a big shout for a first-team place.

  9. We should think about a bid for that kid Neymar. He looks decent.

    Just wonder if he can do it on a cold Wednesday night at Stoke.

  10. Yes Falcoa only wants big sporting institutions with huge stadiums like Monaco. This bell end doesn't realise he went to the highest bidder.

  11. Bang on the money.

  12. This is a deliberate insult , do parker think manure is good enough for him ? Nonsense . everyone knows why he went there

  13. Pretty shocking lack of sportsmanship.

    Did the guy ever offer an explanation or apologise?

  14. Lets do it!! We can host Brazilian night at anfield and get some of those hot Carnivale chicks, shaking it around at half-time.. Also his age, skill and all out winner instincts would be perfect for us. #You'llneverSAMBAalone

  15. I wasn't sure if he apologised... just checked it out and he did. He said sorry and claimed he didn't see the situation. I was in the stadium that day and watched the goal live. For me it was deliberate, he knew what he was doing. That was the impression of everybody that day. Uefa gave him a one game ban for doing what he did - so they too must have thought it was deliberate. I am not a fan of either team, but the match took place in my hometown Copenhagen and i thought it would be good fun watching Shakhtar against a Danish team. To everybodies surprise, the danish team did very well and got ahead after 20 something minutes. Then Adriano scored his controversial goal just a few minutes later and it all ended up with Shakhtar winning 5-2 and Adriano scoring a hatrick. He looked a happy man. But the match was never the same for anybody watching it. It was just dead. Suarez also said sorry a few times right? I am not sure it justifies their actions. I am aware that anybody can make a mistakes though.

    I don't know much about Adriano, i don't know if this is a fluke? Maybe he really did not see the incident and really thought it was normal play?

    Anyway - i am not particular fond of the idea of seing him in a Liverpool shirt

  16. "Falcao: 11 goals/assists in 26 apps.
    Balotelli: 4 goals/assists in 25 apps.
    Borini: 2 goals/assist in 16 apps.
    Lambert: 3 goals/assists in 28 apps." its clear...Borini is better striker?

  17. Yep. No European games and £200m spent to be 4th. Not brilliant, especially looking at the team's performances all season

  18. Is Paul Parker really a Manc legend? Seems pretty generous to me.
    I agree with on this one Jaimie. As you say, Falcao is the archetypal mercenary. His decision to sign for Monaco, rather than a team he might actually win something with, said it all for me, especially as he was somewhat of a late bloomer.
    The money he has cost United to contribute very little to their season is incredible and it would be madness if we were to make the same mistake.
    Unless of course he's being signed to keep Sturridge company in the treatment room

  19. Furthermore, this isn't a year where there's even a significant difference from 2nd to 6th. So he's currently in 4th in a relatively mediocre year.