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24 Feb 2015

LFC 'needed him': Boss insists Liverpool should've signed 'outstanding' £43m goal-machine. agree?

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How the mighty have fallen. Despite an impeccable pedigree, one-time goal-machine Radamel Falcao is struggling to make an impact at Manchester United, and according to Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim, the Colombian made a huge mistake choosing Old Trafford over Anfield.

Speaking to reporters this week, Jardim mused:

"Other clubs needed him more. It would have been easier [for Falcao] to go to Chelsea, Liverpool or even Real Madrid"

In September, Falcao's father confirmed that the striker rejected a move to Anfield:

"Juventus, Manchester City, Liverpool also approached him and Arsenal at the last minute. Fortunately, he ended up at Manchester United, a great team that he has to lead forward."

8 goals/assists in 19 appearances for Man Utd is a creditable return, but it pales in comparison to Falcao's previous creative output, and it doesn't look like things are going to change any time soon.

Jardim claims that Falcao - recently hailed by Juan Mata as 'outstanding' - would've been better-off at Liverpool, and whilst there may be an element of truth to that, he still would've been subject to the same fitness issues that have plagued his time at Old Trafford.

Fitness problems notwithstanding, the plain fact is that Falcao has a better creative output this season than Balotelli, Borini, and Lambert:

Falcao: 8 goals/assists in 19 apps.
Balotelli: 4 goals/assists in 22 apps.
Borini: 2 goals/assist in 16 apps.
Lambert: 3 goals/assists in 26 apps.

Falcao is outperforming LFC's Balotelli, Borini, and Lambert despite the fact he suffered a major ACL injury, which doesn't say much for that fully-fit £31m striking trio.

Rather improbably, Liverpool are still linked with a possible move for Falcao. Last month, The Sunday Times claimed that:

* Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City are all 'keeping tabs' on Falcao.

* Man United have a £43m option to buy at the end of the season, but the Reds are reportedly hoping that he'll be available for a much smaller fee.

Falco fits Liverpool's system much better than Balotelli, but I can't see the Reds pursuing this deal. That said, I fully expect Falcao to return to form after he's settled back into the game. This season is just about getting back up to speed, and whoever he plays for next season will probably reap the benefits.



  1. It is so annoying watching Suarez and Mascherano do so well for Barcelona, i want them to flop like Torres. i really hope that is the last of it , and Sturridge Sterling,Moreno,Coutinho,Can remain with us and do not move to Spain.

  2. Hopefully the Falcao and Martinez ship has sailed now. Both getting towards their 30s but still demanding large prices. I can accept 30 million or so for a 27 year old but after that I think their price should come down. Prefer to spend 25-30 million on Lackeys who is only 23

  3. Suarez is a shadow of his former self ;-)

  4. Lacazette! Or to his close mates we call him Lackeys :)

  5. City fans were booing him pretty relentlessly with every touch of the ball right up until he scored - have they learned nothing?

  6. Just scored 2 against City, thats 9 goals 12 assists, not too bad I would say.

  7. I suspect he's feeling the effects of being rushed back from knee surgery to beat England at the World Cup.

    That, and being less great than Neymar and Messi.

  8. It clearly put him off his game he has not got a hat trick - yet

  9. How many times have Balo boring and lambert started tho? These apperance stats don't mean anything

  10. Suarez clearly not the same player as he was last season. Pity he left...

  11. Even if those players do eventually leave we can all take at least some comfort that Johnson will remain at Liverpool forever and ever and ever and ever......

  12. Lol very good joke my friend, did you ever think doing stand up comedy lol.

  13. He should have taken the ball off Messi for the penalty

  14. Saurez far more rounded, he is absolutely fantastic. Maturing with his temperament. Tireless as per usual, no one can ever oust Messi & he's playing his position well.

  15. Oh no no. We are much better off without Suarez disgracing our club..........

  16. As is Jackson Martinez? He's only 28, and easily one of the best goal scorers in the World. I'd happily take him...

  17. When we're hanging out together I call him "The Cassette". He thinks it's well funny.

  18. They wanted him to feel at home