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8 Jan 2015

Shock Transfer: BR offered 'world-class' legend in straight-swap for €12m star

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Nemanja Vidic to Anfield? It seems highly improbable, but reports in Italy today claim that the 'world class' Manchester United legend is part of a swap-deal proposal currently being considered by Liverpool.

According to CalcioMercato today, Inter Milan have offered Vidic to the Reds in exchange for Lucas Leiva.

At first glance, it seems far-fetched, but Milan are definitely interested in €12m-rated Lucas, and new boss Roberto Mancini confirmed this in December, when he told reporters:

"[Lucas Leiva] is a great player, but he belongs to Liverpool and it's going to be hard to get him. He would be useful, though, as he can help us, and help our younger players grow."

In recent months, Lucas has made clear his frustration at becoming a bit-part player at Liverpool:

* In October, he warned: “I want to play. I need to find a solution either at Liverpool or at another club. [if] I don’t find space at Liverpool, I should start to make a move".

* Lucas also confirmed that Napoli tried to sign him over the summer: “There was something with Napoli but it wasn’t a positive situation for both parties. Despite this, it’s true that Benitez always had great faith in me.”

* Speaking to Radio Marca in November, Lucas sent another indirect message to Rodgers: "I must think about leaving as there is no room for me at Liverpool. I'm not speaking to anyone at the moment, but I am looking around, given I am not playing".

* Soon after, Lucas's Agent, Henrique Coelho, also confirmed that a January transfer is possible: “Is it possible that Lucas could leave Liverpool in January? Yes, naturally. Lucas really likes Rafa Benitez. After all, the two know each other well from when the Spaniard was manager of Liverpool.”

Lucas - recently hailed by Rodgers for his 'incredible' attitude - is a model professional, but despite his recent return to the first team, he is still (arguably) surpplus to requirement, and it's surely just a matter of time before he moves on to another club.

With that in mind, if Lucas is to leave, is Vidic a good player to get in exchange? The Serb has been on the bench for Inter's last six games, so he's clearly not essential to the team, and there's no denying his talent, experience, and leadership ability.

Vidic will be 34 this year, though, and he'd be nothing more than a temporary stop-gap. Additionally, Lucas is worth more in monetary terms, so a straight swap with no cash involved will see the Reds make a financial loss.

In my view, Vidic plus £8m, or no deal.



  1. Shaqiri to inter on loan till the end of the season ... Then permanent signing total deal about 11.5 mil. does not seem like a bad deal. Valdes signs for United on a free as well another good deal for Liverpool lost.

  2. yea that's what we need another 34 yr old

  3. This is just my opinion but this is who I would like to see being purged at LFC:

    Glen Johonson
    Dejan Lovren
    Rickie Lambert
    Fabio Borini
    Joe Allen
    Mario Balotelli

  4. I think we should give Mario Balotelli a proper run in the team before we label him a failure.

  5. We could definitely use his leadership qualities and I like your terms :), but i don't think he'd do an Owen / Ince and ruin his reputation at United.

  6. swap a 27 year old current first team player for a 34 year old sub thats some deal

  7. Valdes worked with LVG before and was keen to hook up with him again. I'm disappointed with Shaqiri, but maybe the club didn't think this was a position we are short in given the eulogising about Ibe this week. I'd honestly settle for just signing a top keeper (whatever it costs), who can command his box and back 4 and kick a ball properly!!

  8. I agree. I still hope lovren will come good. He looked so good in pre-season :(

  9. Rodgers wont give balo a rub of the green because he doesn't want him to do well,he makes out he does but he stacks everything against him ,maybe if balo does more press praising rodgers he may get a decent shot

  10. yes true i agree... its just disheartening to see our rivals strengthening and strengthing with quality... and we are being linked to mediocre/ unproven players or players that are past it like vidic.

  11. Sack the commitee. They are useless . Can't spot a deal at all. shaqiri was a steal. Was! He's gone to inter now. Bravo again lfc . And valdes . No efforts there so it seems. Just go and blow £50M on Behrahino delph and Redmond. We expect that as fans. eriksen £8M. Where were we? One of European rising talents. Vertonghen. Alderwiereld. On loan. Add them to the Fantastic allocations of funds from previous deals like selling Agger for 3M and buying lovren for £20M. List is endless....

  12. You forgot the part where Lovren was bought a year before us for only 8m.

  13. Oh yes! Just goes to show us fans, exactly the scale of ineptitude there is within this transfer recruitment process that we have.

  14. If Balo can't make starting 11 for FA Cup game I don't know what will. That guy should just quit football and try MMA like he mentioned in one of his interviews. Waste of space, we purchased that joke just to have someone as "so called Suarez" replacement. We pay 20mil for Markovic yet Inter can spend 12 on Shaqiri.

    Forgot to add Ian Ayre to the list, guess BR can join the list as well since we will never attract any top talent with him at the helm

  15. Who wants to sign for Liverpool? Anybody? Mammals? Plants?

  16. I'm still in Rodgers corner, but I was stunned he started Lambert ahead of Balotelli. Must be more going on than we realise because Lambert has been useless. Thing with Balo is, if he just showed some real effort and enthusiasm, we'd all be behind him. I can only conclude the mans an idiot if he can't figure that out...

  17. Our club has became an absolute joke in the transfer market. Brendan rodgers can't attract big players, just sack him FSG for ffs before it's to late. Please I'm begging you. I'm from northern ireland he wouldn't even get a manager's job in the irish league over here. He's out of his depth at liverpool, watford and reading have sacked him. He got lucky at swansea and got lucky last year with us.

  18. That's Brendan rodgers for you he's stuck in his own we bubble. Rodgers out out out.

  19. I'm not Lucas' biggest fan but it can be no coincidence that we look stronger at the back with him in the squad

  20. This would make sense if it wasn't so daft.

  21. He wouldn't get a job managing in Ireland? Come on mate :)
    He only got sacked by reading and he was the manager of the season last year. I really don't can't understand why he's getting so much abuse

  22. Or just more pressing on the pitch