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2 Jan 2015

First Signing? €20m star 'in contact with Liverpool' responds to LFC transfer rumours

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Liverpool are currently linked with a January move for Genoa goalkeeper Mattia Perin, but is the Italian 'stopper interested in a move to Anfield?

Last week, Mattia's agent, Moreno Roggi, confirmed that Liverpool have enquired about the Italian, and revealed the purported transfer fee:

"England? It's a possibility. We have been in contact with Liverpool [and] for Perin I can only imagine a future abroad. He is worth €15m or €20m, but only clubs from abroad can afford a goalkeeper that €20m".

When specifically asked this week about Liverpool's interest, however, Perin - nicknamed the 'new Buffon' - appeared to emphatically rule out the possibility of a January transfer. He told reporters:

“Another team? I’m not thinking about it. I can’t say I’ll stay here for life, but this is my home and at the moment, and I don’t see myself in another place".

There's a clear disconnect here between Perin and his Agent, who claims a transfer is a 'possibility', and that the 'keeper's future is 'abroad'. It's likely, though, that the 22-year old is just being respectful towards his current club. After all, after being there for seven years, he's hardly likely to publicly admit that he wants out. Some info about Perin:

* Current contract expires in June 2017.
* 54 appearances for Genoa.
* Two loan spells in the last three years.
* One appearance for the Italy national team.
* Included in Italy's 23-man squad for the 2014 World Cup.


* Genoa: 66 goals conceded in 55 apps (1.2 per game)
* 18 clean sheets (32% of games)

* Pescara (Serie B Loan): 66 goals conceded in 30 apps (2.2 per game)
* 5 clean sheets (16% of games)

* Padova (Serie B Loan): 39 goals conceded in 25 apps (1.5 per game)
* 5 clean sheets (20% of games)

* TOTALS: 168 goals conceded in 110 apps (1.5 per game)
* 28 clean sheets (24% of games. One every 4 apps)

Statistically, Perin doesn't appear to be an upgrade on Simon Mignolet, whose Liverpool stats are very similar:

* 83 goals conceded in 62 games (1.4 per game)
* 14 clean sheets (23% of games. One every 4.4 games)

€20m for a goalkeeper who has a worse record than Mignolet? No thanks; and Perin's agent is being wildly optimistic (to the point of delusion) if he genuinely believes that a top club will pay that amount of money for an inexperienced Serie A goalkeeper.

Stats aside, Italy legend Dino Zoff believes that Perin is destined for greatness, and in a recent interview, he enthused:

"It’s going well, he’s young and can only get better: he is taking confidence that is essential for a goalkeeper. I think [Orestis] Karnezis and Perin are the best goalies in Serie A.”

A viable replacement for Mignolet?



  1. We need a new manager
    who can get the best of Sturridge,Sterling,Coutinho,Lallana,Markovic,Henderson,Lucas,Can,Manquillo,Moreno,Lovren,Sakho,Skrtel,Mignolet

    I am not convinced that man is Rodgers , We need a manager with philosophy but experience

  2. I am concerned about us not being able to attract top players. Who's to blame? Manager or owners?

  3. Hicks and Gillet
    We were at the peak in 08/09 , with Torres,Gerrad,Alonso,Mascherano,Reina if owners bought Villa,Silva and Barry like Rafa wanted all who were keen on lfc . we would have won cl the year after and premier league making us a top team again.
    But because of that downfall then the 3 years of further struggle have shown lfc are an unstable club a club who were one day away from administration a club that finished 6th ,7th,8th and were getting picked on by spurs a club that employed Adam,Jovanovic,Konchesky.
    It will take a 5 year period of constant success top 4 , semis of cl, fa cups that will make top players want to join.

    Liverpool are an unstable club , 2nd,7th,6th,8th,7th,2nd
    no top player would want to play for that unless you spend like City,PSG and Monoco but that is unstable spending and our owners cant finance that but neither can 99% of football owners

  4. Sturridge and Coutinho were not top players as was not Sterling
    3/4 of lfc attack from last season were not top players.
    Its about finding good players who can become top players

    Look at Athletico last year , Costa,Fillipe, Turan ,Tiago,Mario Suarez, Garcia, Miranda,Godin,Juanfran,Adrian,Koke
    were not top players when joining Athletico only top player was Villa but even he was past his prime .

    We with a good manager can get the best out of our talented players we need a striker though , but Sturridge,Sterling,Coutinho,Lallana,Lucas,Can,Henderson,Markovic,Moreno,Sakho,Skrtel are all good players

  5. better elsewhere; other names mentioned on this site better stats......

  6. Not looking forward to next 7 prem games- get a keeper please. Leno would be ok- failing that Grover from Sesame St

  7. £20 million was an absolute bargain knowing his raw talent...if we had a manager who could just get 50% from him we would have a great player. Could be a great partnership up front with lalana sterling and courtinio supporting them....unfortunately I feel we are in the minority and if a decent offer in January he will be gone....so hope I'm wrong as if still at LFC at end of season no doubt when Rodgers is replaced imagine what a Simone or klopp could do with such a talent

  8. Suso was out with an injury... Either way though, Shaqiri is a Winger and Suso is a #10. Unless Lallana and Coutinho dip form at the same time and Sterling stays up top, we won't see much of Suso unfortunately.

  9. Super Grover? Count me in :P

  10. The Players B Rodgers should ship out now transfer window is :

    B Jones(32) GK G Johnson (30) RB L Leiva(27) DM

    J Allen(24) CM Suso(20) AM F Borini(23) FD

    Those 6 players should bring in £22-£27M on player sales

    And then the owners need to give B Rodgers a minimum of £70M to bring in some top class players on top salaries:

    Upgrades: Top class experienced players: No More potential players until summer:

    GK: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke for £10-£14M to Replace B Jones(32) and to displace S Mignolet(26) from the first team

    DM: M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton for £16-£21M to replace L Leiva(27)

    CM: M Sissoko(25) Of Newcastle for £10-£15M to compete with E Can(20)

    LW: K Bellarabi(24) Of B Leverkusen for £6-£8M to compete with Markovic(20)

    FD: P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund for £12-£17M to compete and cover D Sturridge(25)

  11. We can't just "ship out" players. To sell, there has to be buyers, and frankly I don't see buyers for several of the players you listed. Plus we could probably get upwards of 30-35M for those players too if shopped right.

    2nd, 70M will never happen. BR just wasted over 100M last summer, and you think he should be given 70M MINIMUM??? Absolutely not...

    3rd: Aubameyang has been terrible this season. Rather pay extra 5M to get Shaqiri than Bellarabi, Schneiderlin won't be easy (though it would be a good buy despite coming from soton) and Sissoko could be good cover, but no more. Begovic doesn't fill me with any more confidence than Mignolet.

  12. I was excited when we signed Balo because I thought BR would enjoy maximising his immense natural talent, and for an amazing bargain! But it seems our Rodgers neither wants nor rates him, which saddens me. I'm also afraid he'll be gone. The scariest rumour is a straight swap with Sampdoria for their goalkeeper Sergio Romero... no doubt who's getting the better deal there.

    Still hope that Rodgers stays and wins some trophies, but he needs to seriously re-examine his selections and tactics. Balo is but the latest player he's signed that he doesn't use optimally. It's an awful pity. He'd have an awesome partnership with our three amigos, as you say, and with Sturridge when he returns. To my mind Balotelli has fluffed about three simple chances so far in Red, but there have been games in which he's played very well - even Big Sam Allardyce agreed. In many games he's received terrible service and has had to drop deep to get the ball. But he's being scapegoated because he's an easy target, what with the fireworks history and eccentric hairstyles and all.

    We probably are in the minority, but hey, we can still hope :-) Cheers, Hand of God

  13. He plays with the fury that marks the best 'keepers from the good ones. I'd be most chuffed if we sign him. He'd get the crowd going and the defence pumped, that's for sure.

  14. Btw, noticed he's wearing his LFC jacket outside of training hours... That's pretty cool. I'd be proud of being a Red, too.

  15. Everyone forgets B Rodgers was promised £60-£70m for making Champions league before we even contemplated selling L Suarez(27).

    And B Rodgers spent £115M But brought in £73M on player sales ( Agger,Coady, Reina and Suarez)

    So B Rodgers net spend was £42M

    Van Gaal Spent £145,500,000 without no Champions league and only brought in £20M is sales = Net spend of £125,500.000

    Schneiderlin(25) is a top class player and is much better than L Leiva(27) as DM and any player in our squad as DM

    M Sissoko(25) is a top class player and a better centre midfielder than J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24)

    Aubamayeng(25) is a top class player but is playing in a team that is low on confidence and the whole team is stuggling, so obviously he will struggle.

    But he is better than F Borini(23) and R Lambert(32) and would offer the club more class, creativity, goals, mobility, pace and speed than both of them put together which suits B Rodgers philosophy and style when pressing high up pitch. And he can play out wide also.

    Bellarabi(25) is a German international who would not need to much time to adjust to league, Shaqiri(23) may do a Markovic(20) and need a long time to adjust to the physical demands, pace and speed of the Premiership.

  16. I hope you're not campaigning for a return of Rafa though, as that would be the ultimate disaster.

  17. I don't like all these loan spells with Perin, I really don't.

  18. He was never a signing that was going to fit in with our style of play (high press with a lot of movement off the ball). He just doesn't have the work rate or the nimbleness. To play this system, you need all players pressing with intensity, because if one player doesn't, gaps appear and the team becomes vulnerable. Balotelli was never going to fit with Rodgers style of play. Whether he comes good with Sturridge or not, we don't need a striker who is so limited, he is only able to play with Sturridge as a strike partner. Sell him ASAP, and let's invest in a striker who will fit the system and style we play. Lacazette, for example, appears suitable.

  19. That's my point. Why are we selling someone who just came off of injury without proving himself

  20. Work rate can always be changed. Balo has the stamina to fit in with our team, he just needs the right mindset planted into him, because the only reason he never tries is because he thinks he is a goal scoring world class player, which he's not, and thinks he's the best out there, but he doesn't know that he needs to work and put effort into his game to succeed

  21. Don't you think that is ridiculous? How can any worth his salt think they can get away with playing in the premier league without putting in maximum effort? It's this type of attitude we don't need. I've always thought talent is worth nothing without the application. Balotelli may have certain talents, but his attitude is wrong. If he is putting in 100% effort, than we have all clearly seen that his level of intensity in the press, and his movement off the ball to create space for others is just not of the quality we require. Liverpool do not have the time to spend on improving the effort levels of their players. This is something that should be a given.

  22. He is to young and inexperienced. His agent will do whatever he can to earn a big payday for himself to try get the player to move.

  23. So Wilfred Bony has already left for the African Cup of Nations and will be gone for at least 6 weeks. Forget about him moving to Anfield.

  24. How do you know what Rodgers was promised? Media speculation. Please go find quotes coming from Rodgers, FSG or anyone connected to the club saying anything of the sort.

    UTD can spend whatever they like, They are one of the richest clubs in the world. Their recent Nike deal will allow them to spend as they please for the next 5 seasons.

  25. I saw a more in depth look at this lads and others stats. I think on the anfield index. His shit stopping is great but distribution isn't all that.

  26. Here are a list of players that will and could be moved on by the end of the season

    Glen Johnson - Contract expires end of the season - Will leave on a free
    Jose Enriique - Contract expires end of next season - Could be sold end of the season.
    Kolo Toure- Contract expires end of the season - Will leave on a free
    Steven Gerrard - We know he is moving on - Good luck mate!
    Oussama Assaidi - Contract expires end of next season - Could be sold end of the season.
    Sebastián Coates - Contract expires end of next season - Could be sold end of the season.
    Lucas Leiva - If not this month, will leave by the end of the season.
    Tiago ilori - Could be sold by the end of the season BUT hopefully he is given a chance!
    Fabio Borini - Could be sold at the end of the season but he has made it clear on many occasions that he wants to stay and fight for his place.
    Suso - Will negotiate a deal with another club this month to move in the summer.
    Martin Skrtel - Contract expires end of next season - Could be sold end of the season.
    Mario Balotelli - If not this month, could be sold at the end of the season.
    Andre Wisdom - Contract expires end of the season - Could leave on a free.
    João Carlos Teixeira- Contract expires end of the season - Could leave on a free.

    Iago Aspas - Might be sold otherwise leaned out again.
    Luis Alberto - Might be sold otherwise loaned out again

  27. i think any keeper apart from Jones would be better than Mignolet....i say we give Danny ward a chance

  28. So without the above mentioned players our squad will look like this

    Mignolet, jones, Ward
    Lovren, Sakho, Manquillo, Flanagan, Moreno
    Can, Henderson, Allen, Rossiter
    Sturridge, Sterling, Origi, Coutinho, Lallana, Markovic, Lambert

    We will need 1 GK, 2 CB's, 1 LB, 1 DM and a deadly striker.

    Coutinho and Lallana can also feature in midfield.

    We actually have a very good squad to build on. We just need some proven quality players to get us back on track.

  29. The point is that the only way will get their is to be successful. The stadium revamp will also be a big contributor to extra revenue but that will only be in the next three seasons.

    The other point is that we ain't going to become successful under Rodgers.

  30. Balotelli, just another of Rodgers' woeful transfers. It should be Rodgers that's leaving.

  31. Yes butvtha point is wrong. It's backwards. Without having a squad and team costing near what the others do we won't win any title under any manager. Cups yes but never the title. City beat is to it last year as they had the better squad. The chances of Chelsea and United falling away again are slim. Title is a pipe dream unless the owners are willing to spend like the others. They are not.

  32. The signings we made didn't seem affected blithe potential singing of Sanchez. We sign him Instead of Balotelli and that will be another Fifteen million say. So fifty five near sixty was available. Net.

  33. Sanchez would have been included in the deal so we would have got less for Suarez.

  34. The Suarez deal.was sown up quick and the Sanchez thing rolled on for a while. So no it wasn't. Although it should have been done that way by us.

  35. But if Sanchez had joined then he would have cost double what Balotelli did so we would not have signed another striker if Sanchez did join.

  36. I know and that is what I said. Poorly but yes. So rather than thirty million more just fifteen as we spent sixteen on Balo.

  37. But then how would we have had about £60m net when our net spend was about £40m.

  38. Our net spend was between fourt and fourty five depending on reports. If we had signed Sanchez four thirty or thirty one (depending on reports) instead of the sixteen for Ballotelli our net spend would have been between fourty five and fifty like I said above. I didn't say sixty just that there was obviously more money available than we spent. There is an amount of determinism around what was spent rather than what was available.

  39. Barcelona would have known well in advance what they needed to pay for Suarez so to suggest that Rodgers was promised £60-£70 net then our total spend would have been over £140m.

    Media speculation at best.

  40. And here's what Luis Suarez said about SG on Twitter:

    "With you I have lived one of the best moments of my career in a stadium. I am proud to say I played with a legend like you. I admire everything you have done during the years in Liverpool MY FRIEND. I wish you the best of the best!!"

  41. BR teams let in an average of 1.25 goals per game. This is endemic throughout his managerial roles including his tenure at liverpool. He has spent nearly 70m on defensive players and still the statistic remains. So lets throw more money at this leaky defence and hope the statistic falls. The problem is it will not fall as BR style of play is high tempo pressing and attacking football. This system is amazing to watch when it works but naturally leave alot of players forward of the ball when we loose it high up the pitch. If we don't win the ball back straight away we are often opened up. So where does that leave us?
    For me BR has one style of play and it leaks goals of 1.25 goals per game on average. In order for him to bring success he needs to score an average of 2 goals per game and that means signing quality strikers that score goals. Until this happened Liverpool will continue to leak goals no matter how much you throw at it and if there is no one scoring the league position will be defined by it. At present Liverpool has not got the strikers and its no surprise we are mid table.

  42. Make Maradona manager
    all the players will join us : )

  43. the next buffon more like the next bufoon ...this guy is crap

  44. his distribution is dodgy and hes not that good under high balls

  45. Problem with the whole scenario is that Rodgers only recently changed to the high pressing game this season. Before that we were playing the most boring and slow paced football in many which related back to the first half of Rodgers first season and our defence still leaked goals irrespective.

    Rodgers would make a good coach but unfortunately as a manager he is out of his depth to run a club as big as LFC. He should have been welcome to accept help from the start and maybe then we would not be in our current situation. He needs to go.

  46. Maybe we could sign him to act as BR shit stopper, stop him signing shit lol!! Sorry Jamie for the swearing but had to:)

  47. id get rid of players who are not part of our future now,reading between the lines rodgers says he couldn't guarantee Gerard game time ......so it looks like Gerard is almost demanding to play or at the very least pressuring Rodgers, if that the case Rodgers should ship Gerard out now.buisness is buisness and i think gerrad staying is going to cause rodgers no end of problems, watch this space

  48. id add gerrard to that list but that would be to radical for rodgers thats why he wont cut it at the top level of football management

  49. Gerrard would have taken his retirement into account. He is going to earn mega buck in the US, not only from wages but huge sponsorship deals. I do not think anything had to do with having more playing time.

    Players at this age think of their pockets more than anything else. You can imagine how much Lampard is coining it at City and then goes back to the US when he is done there.

  50. Logan, we were out of Champions league for five years and then got back into it, champions league football brings every club in it a minimum of £22M, so we lost out on £110m over the 5 years nd if we do not make top 4 this season, we will lose out on the £22M.

    B Jones(32), S Mignolet(26), F Borini(23), J Allen(24), R Lambert(32) are not Champion league class or quality level players.

    We have too many average players in squad and that is why over the last 5 seasons or level of consistency has been all over the place in finishing in premier league.

    B Rodgers should have gone for the top class players: Instead of Can(20), Rakitic(26) should have been brought in for £12-£14M more.

    Instead of Lambert(32) he should have spent £14M More and brought in W Bony(25) Of Swansea or C Benteke(24) Of A Villa.

    Instead of the £20M on Markovic(20) he should have spent £25-£27M bringing in Pedro(27) Of Barcelona

  51. Nowhere can you find that Rodgers was promised £60-£70m net.

  52. Sick of all this pathetic carping at the players and mangement.You sound like Daily Mail readers moaning all the time. Every transfer is a gamble and no manager has magic powers to predict the future.Get behind the team and be proper supporters.Recognise how much change has taken place since Rodgers was named manager of the year.Key players leaving, injured, and reaching the end of their careers, new players needing time to settle.Realise the extra pressure and commitments for the club this season.And the gulf in spending power compared with the nouveau riche clubs.
    Have some faith and optimism in this new year-it will get better and then you should all feel embarrassed. Happy new year

  53. That will be about the same 77% that wanted us to sign him in the first place.

  54. If S Gerrard(34) has better players around him he would be able to be used less frequently and from the bench.
    If he had the energy, legs and mobility still he would be hands down better in side than any of our centre midfielders. But due to age catching up with all of us in life he no longer has the energy, legs, mobility, pace and speed he had 6-7 years ago.

    But J Allen(24), J Henderson(24) and E Can(20) are three midfielders who do similar things well and all lack class, creativity in the final third and all have poor goals to games ratio.

  55. Its Rodgers himself who has made this statement and it can be found on various sites that he cant guarantee game time and Gerard very much sees himself as a first team regular footballer .....what i fear happening is it becoming the stevie G leaving show already carra and others are saying Liverpool havny done enough blah blah blah to keep him ( spare me the sentiment great player but only a footballer non the less he didnt play for nothing )

  56. Ouch. Back to square one. Ideally we bring in two goalkeepers - one experienced and nigh perfect - and one promising young'un - plus a goalkeeper coach. Not gonna happen, of course. Just hope we don't settle for Romero.

  57. 100% agreed about our Brazilian.

  58. Logan he spent £115M, I Am sure with that £115m he spent he could have brought in better players for the club. For Example: He spent £20M on Markovic(20) when he could have spent £5M on J Montero(24) and £2M on Bojan(24) and still have £13M left to put towards bid for I Rakitic(26) Of Seville at the time or Y Cabaye(29) Of PSG.

    Lallana(26),Lovren(25) and Moreno(22) will all justify their fees but the likes of Alberto(21), Aspas(27), Assaidi(26), Borini(23) and Lambert(32) are £33M worth of dead wood average players

    Where that £33M Could have been used on two top class attackers over the last two seasons

  59. Problem is we are a big club thinking small over the past ten years.

  60. Make no mistake. Gerrard's leaving because FSG aren't willing to pay him more than half his current wage. He's going to MLS because no-one else in the freeworld is prepared to, either and they are offering him daft money and he doesn't have the intelligence to learn a foreign language.
    If Chelsea came in for him now, he'd bite their hand off for that Prem medal.

  61. Problem is we are a big club thinking small over the past ten years.

  62. what we need to do is go all out for one of the best no matter what

  63. Personally I like German keepers- Baumann (bar 1 stinker) looks good as does Horn and Leno can't we at least try and sign 1 of them- have not checked lately but think they are all fit and ready to play- their names were mentioned a while ago and since then it's Perrin and Ochoa

  64. No more Italians they just dont work out.

  65. can we loan Rogers out with an option to sell at the end of the season please.

    The only problem is no one wants him.

  66. Rakitic had his heart set on Barca and Cabaye is a bit old better with players we can build a future around.

  67. Jamie Carragher said we should replace Gerrard with Barkley
    while Micheal Owen think Pogba

  68. i think elvis would be good

  69. im all for a German keeper, why i dont know .......

  70. I'm part of that 77% who voted to sell but i didn't want him in the first place. Yes it was a good deal for how much they wanted but I never thought he was the right fit for Liverpool especially with the football we were playing last season. This is not me using Ballotelli as a scapegoat by the way.

  71. Alcantara (23), Bojan(24), Fabregas(27) and Tello(23) all had their hearts set on Barcelona but breaking into Barcelona first team and playing regularly is not easy.

    As those top class players above found out the Hard way, I Rakitic(26) may want out Of Barcelona in the summer as he is not bench warmer.

    So B Rodgers should bring in these two CM'S NOW:

    M Sissoko(25) Of Newcastle for £12-£15M CM to compete with E Can(20)

    D Ali(18) Of MK Dons for £7-£9M CM as he will be a future star in the making

    And then in the summer either I Rakitc(26) Of Barcelona Or T Alacantra (23) Of Bayern Munich should be brought to club for £22-£28M to replace the Class, Creativity, Quality S Gerrard(34) brought to club for decade plus in the side

  72. I agree completely with you regarding Mario but Rodgers getting sacked can't happen soon enough for me

  73. short term solution Yohab cabaye long term Ross barklay or pogba

  74. Excellent comment Jaimie one of your best!

  75. Sturridge was are SECOND most influential player last season not Gerrard...don't let sentiment get in the way of facts

  76. That's the closet to the dogs bollocks Mario'll ever be at Liverpool

  77. it was the same last season, played nowhere possession football first half and then it kicked off all guns blazing around christmas

  78. I don't think we are selling him....

  79. I think your right there, but I hope Rafa, God Bless him, isn't making a return... I'm a firm believer that you should never look back, only forward... I would even go so far as to say, if we and the club stopped living off our past, we may even move forward...

  80. Every word you wrote Jaimie.
    Irreplaceable for me and my view of Liverpool.

    Come on Flanno.

  81. And we will lose. Alot.

  82. Great write up. Hopefully he can be let off the leash a bit and we can see him taking the game to teams rather than in this ill suited defensive midfield role. He's the best all round player I've seen and it's been a privilege watching him over the years.

  83. Are you serious? Suarez, Henderson, Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho, these players all benefited from having their roles redefined under Rodgers' coaching. Same goes for the less important use of Enrique, Downing, Johnson.

  84. You can't really think Gerrard in 2013/14 would have been a better No. 10 than our options of Coutinho and Sterling. He was too slow and his endurance was not up to it. How many sprinting transitions do you think he could manage in a game? Rodgers was doing *exactly* what you want him to have done, giving him a less demanding role in the side as a regista to save his legs.

  85. Ilori is not doing much in Ligue 1 its either sell or loan again.

  86. Hahaha, 'SLOB'... :D It's a change from SAS, that's for sure! But that would absolutely be a potent strike force. Those four guys bring us everything, and not in mediocre amounts, either. Pity Lambert isn't really doing the business; I liked the nostalgia of his signing. But if a team like Leicester came in for him I'd be happy to let him go. Viva the SLOB!

  87. When I look at it logically, Rodgers should be on his bike asap. But for some reason I still harbour hope, so I'd like to see him given some time! Either way it's all about the club, so if we get a new manager and he gets us where we want to be, I'd be all for it! Forza Super Mario, hehe.

  88. I've just read quotes from Gerrard and Rodgers in the Observer. I think they pretty much dispell the myth that Rodgers playing Gerrard less would have meant him staying longer. It is exactly the opposite that is true. He (Gerrard) also said he wished he had been working under Rodgers at twenty four as they would have lots of titles by now.

  89. He will 100% leave on his own if we don't look like we're interested in him, he's said it many times.

  90. These players are rubbish, Logan.

  91. It's really becoming tiresome talking about our failings of which there are plenty. But if you are in a position of a football manager, then your holding down a responsibility of doing the best you can for your club and it's fans. Of course knowone wants to be a failure, unfortunately Rodgers is and it is their for everyone too see. I adamantly agree that this guy has lost his way. Put him out of his and our misery, let him continue in his apprenticeship in some far off distance place.

    We need only the best at this club because only the best is good enough. My comments are mine because I really care about LFC, they are a huge part of my life, and have been for more than sixty years. YNWA