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23 Jan 2015

'LFC are watching': Good news as Agent confirms 'incredible' star's transfer plans

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Liverpool are reportedly considering a move for Club Brugge goalkeeper Matthew Ryan, and his agent has now responded to rumours linking the 'incredible' Australian stopper with a January transfer to Anfield.

On Monday, The Telegraph claimed:

"Brendan Rodgers and the Anfield transfer committee are closely monitoring Ryan [and] a potential summer move is under discussion".

Ryan is definitely open to a move, and on Tuesday, he told reporters:

“It’s nice to be associated with a club like that [Liverpool], and if it’s meant to be then it will happen in the future. If I continue to work hard...it will sort itself out”

When asked on Wednesday about Liverpool's interest, Ryan's representative Mikkel Beck confirmed that 'Liverpool are watching' Ryan but insisted that the Reds haven't yet made a 'concrete' move. He further added:

"A move is unlikely this month [but] the Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world, and knowing how ambitious Mat is it is the kind of league he would like to play in."

Ryan's stats:

Central Coast Mariners

* 99 goals conceded in 94 apps (1 every 1.05 games)
* 36 clean sheets (38% of games)


* 69 goals conceded in 78 apps (1 every 1.1 games)
* 32 clean sheets (41% of games)

* TOTALS: 168 goals conceded in 172 apps (1 every 1.0 games)
* 68 clean sheets (40% of games)

Ryan's basic stats are far superior to Mignolet, who (overall) concedes 1.4 goals per game.

Brugge’s former sporting director, Arnar Gretarsson, is convinced that Ryan's days in the Belgian league are numbered, and in a recent interview, he noted:

"I don’t see him staying for much longer at Club Brugge. I know he would like to go to the Premier League. He definitely has the quality to play in the big three leagues."

Ryan is currently on international duty at the Asia Cup, so a January move seems unlikely. However, if/when the Reds make a concrete move, Ryan is probably one of the cheapest goalkeeping options out there, and that will undoubtedly appear to Rodgers.

Liverpool already tried the cheap option with Mignolet, and that hasn't really worked out. With the greatest respect, you get what you pay for, and if the Reds are going to spend big-bucks on a player, it should only be on a striker...or a goalkeeper.



  1. He seems like a really solid keeper. Great saving abilities as shown by the stats, even better basic reflexes from what I've seen personally. In addition, there's even a whole youtube video only showcasing his distribution, which I think is pretty telling. I mean, yes videos usually show only the best plays, but how many GK's have a legit highlight reel of ONLY long kicks?

    The only reservation I have is his size. He's not very tall (by GK standards), so picking up crosses might be an issue against the more physical EPL strikers. Also, it could affect his diving range.

    He's definitely one to keep an eye on.

  2. Mignolet wasn't cheap.

  3. I dont think Liverpool are planning to bring Ryan in as first keeper he will come in as a second option which is fine by me he is definitely not ready to be the number 1.
    In saying that a superior option to Jones therefore Mignolet needs to be sold and replaced with a better option also.

  4. Ryan's a shade under 6 feet, which makes him of a similar height to Valdes and Iker Casillas. While good height is clearly as advantage for obvious reasons, I don't think it has to be the be-all and end-all because there are so many other qualities that makes a good keeper; his reflexes, speed, aerial agility, sense of positioning. And might being very tall perhaps make it harder to get down to save those low, hard shots? The great Jorge Campos was a relative pygmy at only 5'7'', but what he lacked in height he made up for in sheer speed across the goal. I'd argue that arm span is a more important physical attribute than simply considering height alone - someone with a large arm to height ratio ('ape index') might be ideal. Hmmm, I wonder if there is anything in the rule book that prevents us using a highly trained orangutan in goal?

  5. Never watched him, but I'm sure he is cup ti...

  6. disqus_YNi69ukcn05:59 pm, January 23, 2015

    laffed till i coffed

  7. By the way, De Gea, Curtois and Mignolet have the same number of clean sheets...

  8. Would no one else be worried that he's under six feet tall?

  9. Sorry, should have read some earlier comments.
    I like Lloris as a keeper so watch him closely. He punts the ball a lot but I began to notice Spurs didn't necessarily lose possession too much, because of this. Anyone else noticed that Migs is hoofing it since his return and now doesn't look so pressurised?

  10. Reina was how tall?

  11. 6'2'' (if you were serious!)

  12. He always looked short to me , maybe it was because i saw him play When Leahman,Cech,Buffon,van Der Sar were all their

  13. 99 goals in 94 games is 1 goal every .95 game, (on average, he's never keep a clean sheet.)

  14. I noticed he hoofs it more as well
    and Passes it to Can more

  15. Goalkeeping stats are the worst of them all. Think how many factors there are in a goal being scored/conceded... From quality of attackers vs quality of defenders, to how many of those goals were penalties, all the way down to weather conditions and dumb luck. Stats tell you nothing about the goalkeepers positioning, distribution, organisational skills etc.
    I remember when United played Schalke in the champions league when Neuer still played for them. Alex Ferguson said afterwards that it was the best goalkeeping performance he'd ever seen against United but he still conceded two so after that game, his stats are worse than before the game kicked off but everyone who watched is witnessed his brilliance.
    I keep hearing people say spend big bucks on a keeper but who exactly is available that will come to us, big bucks or otherwise? There are very few elite goalkeepers in the world and even fewer that we could sign.
    Lastly, Mignolet cost 9 million, not that cheap for a goalkeeper

  16. And what language is that then?

  17. I would be going on two games but that Basel keeper really impressed me , what was his name?

  18. Can't remember mate

  19. Price of a players depends on a lot of things, the guy is a Australian keeper in the Belgian league, of course he's going to be cheaper than an english player in the PL but that doesn't mean he's not good.

    Courtois left for 11M€ and in Belgium it was considered as a lot of money, in England it's just a gamble on a youngster and look at him now...

    I don't say we should get him because i've not seen a lot of him but it was just an exemple that there's more to a player than the price tag or the league he come from (even yaya touré left the belgian league when he was young for nothing).

  20. Why do you waste your time commenting on speculation Jamie?

    It would be far more engaging if you were to comment on actual LFC players as oppose to some rubbish made up by bored journalists.
    To be honest though, I haven't even read this post properly just gave it a quick skim.

    However, I'm not really on here to comment on this particular post.....I've actually come on to ask your opinion on something completely different.

    ....Would you welcome a reference to Steven Gerrard in the chorus of "The Fields Of Anfield Road"???

    It seems like the perfect way to honour his contribution to the club!
    I know Stevie has his own songs, but he's going to finish with us soon and somehow it kind of makes sense to honour him alongside Kenny. (Our two greatest players both referenced alongside each other)
    I was thinking this could be achieved with a slight alteration to the lyrics.

    Instead of "Stevie Highway on the wing"
    The line could be "Stevie Gerrard pulling strings"
    It would seem to fit without altering the rhythm of the song. (Sing it to yourself)

    I don't want to diminish Steve Highways contribution to the club (which has itself been massive!!) And on the face of it, it could seem a little harsh to replace his name in the song.

    But maybe Steven Gerrard has earn that kind of recognition too!?!

    I just wondered what your thoughts were???

  21. Personally I would take him... He passes the ball better than most of our back 4. He's brave and vocal (hoping he a crazy Aussie that flys in too punch the ball and leaves some on the opposition striker). What he lacks in height isn't too much of a issue,if he's brave and reads the crosses before it can cause any problems... he can't be a sh1t as Mignolet at crosses???

    I think this guy would get a few assists like Pepe did. His kicking is of a real high caliber, he could pass the ball about like Neuer does at the edge of the penalty box.

    *In the summer Attenberg (GK coach) needs to go, he's slowly making the keeper we have sh1tter.*

  22. Ability aside, the jump up to the Premier League is a huge one. Even De Gea needed a lot of time to adjust to the speed and pace of the league and change his decision making accordingly.

    This guy isn't going to save us....but they could always loan him out (like Courtois) to a better league to build his way up.

    The best case scenario would be technically sound but error prone few months.

  23. Yea I noticed that the other night and he's obviously a lot more comfortable with that, as were the defence

  24. I can't wait to see him defend the Anfield fame

  25. I'd I'm not wrong Ryan played Aussie rules too. It's like with Given and his GAA experience. They may not be 6ft4 but they just jump higher and are fearless.

  26. I don't see how being error prone for the first few months would be the best case scenario...

  27. United with their big name manager and their super expensive squad are proper struggling against Cambridge...

  28. Laughable aint it - 83% possess SH and can't score !

  29. Have better hand eye co ordination overhead an aussie rules football is more of a challenge to catch also yes high grabs are part of Australian rules.

  30. I think he would make a great 2nd keeper cheap young so can only improve and likely happy to play 2nd fiddle.
    The main point is he is a better keeper than Jones in almost every facet.

  31. Great defending Great goal keeping - LVG sick as a parrot

  32. Your stats are incorrect, Jaimie, his stats for CMM are one goal every .95 games.

    Watched him for live at the Aus v China game and he looked very sharp. Really good distribution, much better than Migs in that Department.

  33. Isn't it a bit telling of our trust in him when we're starting to accept a hoof from Mig as the better option ... my balloon-knot squeaks every time the ball goes back to him

  34. You're not wrong, but as the ad men say, every little helps!

  35. I was there too and he saved us a couple of times as well

  36. I'm not saying it should deter us, just that it's something to keep in mind. From what I've seen, it shouldn't be a problem at all. :D

  37. Haha yea mine too but I must admit I was a lot less twitchy with him just hoofing at than playing some hospital pass to Skrtel or attempting a Cruyff turn

  38. Never heard of Mathew Ryan, and seems like no other big club wants him. Maybe we should go for Ter Stegen since he's frustrated at Barca.

  39. I really liked a few of his passes that found outfield players, very like what Reina used to do. He also looks to get the ball out quickly, he's got a good up-tempo attitude about him. Did you see the corner where he grabbed the near post defender and shoved him into position? That's what we need in a keeper. Obviously a big step from there to doing it in the PL but he seems to have the right basic ingredients.

  40. I wouldn't have a problem with him coming into the squad. He's not an obvious first choice replacement but if he came in and trained well, maybe send him on loan to a championship club for a few months to see how he goes on the physical side of things. He does show some good basic qualities and has a good amount of aggression and intent in what he does.

  41. He will come in as a second keeper to replace Jones and dont see us getting Ter Stegen.

  42. I think it is fair to say that to have an idea on a goalkeeper, you need to see him play. All these goalkeeping stats just don't mean a thing, although I like this one :-)

  43. I've watched Ryan in the A - league and for Australia and the guy is for his age an exceptional talent. Yes he's not the biggest but he's a fantastic shot stopper and has a great leap on him. For those arguing about challenging leagues, he played against the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Arjen Robben, Robin Van Persie and David Villa at the world cup and did very well. Australia has a history of producing good keepers and he should be another one. I would be perfectly happy if we signed him with a view of easing him into the starting position in a year or two.

  44. no need to waste another money for goalkeeper i think, just be patient with mignolet, and make the defensive tactics and strategy better and we can make it trough this season, and come strong and solid next season (hope)......

  45. I wonder why we don't buy a feeder club in Portugal to get Brazilian players work permits?