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9 Dec 2014

'Cause havoc': Worried Aldo urges BR not to 'restrict' incredible LFC star vs. Basel

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As usual, on the eve of an important European game, the hype is all about Liverpool's 'talisman', Steven Gerrard, and how he is seemingly the only player capable of pushing LFC through to the next round of the competition. This, of course, is cliched nonsense, but one thing's for sure: to help the team, Brendan Rodgers must deploy Gerrard in his most effective role, and according to Anfield legend John Aldridge, the captain has to play in one specific position.

In his weekend column for Sunday World, Aldo warned that qualification for the last-16 of the Champions league is 'vital to revive the season', and made the following plea to Rodgers:

"I am encouraging Brendan Rodgers to deploy Stevie in an advanced role and let him cause havoc at the right end of the field, rather than restrict him from making an impact in the game in the deep lying role".

Aldo's a bit late to the party on this one (!) Ever since he took over, Liverpool fans have been calling for Rodgers to consistently play Gerrard further forward, but it's only in the last couple of weeks that he's actually seen the light.

For me, it's an absolute no-brainer: Gerrard should play an advanced role, or not at all. The proof is in the pudding: He played further up the field against Leicester and scored, and against Sunderland, LFC's attacking play improved once Gerrard replaced Coutinho in the second half.

The 'Gerrard as DM' experiment worked (somewhat) last season, but it needs to be be permanently abandoned now, and hopefully, Rodgers will follow Aldo's advice and utilise Gerrard in the right way against Basel.



  1. Just realised we are still in the champions league, albeit hanging by a thread, but still in it. And we are only a few points off fourth place.........
    And thats while we've been playing the most drab, crappy sleepworthy football I've seen since the last bit of Benitez and all of Hodgson.

    So, plenty to be cheerful about, surely it can only get better?

  2. We're really 7 points off- 7 points off United, our main top 4 competitors...too much for my liking. West Ham's run surely won't last the whole season. 10 points if we lose to United this Sunday.

  3. Or 4 points if we win....way to early to rule us out of top four, but we have to improve quickly. Hopefully a win tonight will give us that boost to get through the busy december/new year fixture schedule with a healthy return of points. I'll take being four points off fourth and still in champs league in Jan.

  4. Gerrard was excellent against Leicester I thought. Like it or not, his influence on the team (when played in an advanced attacking role) is still abundantly clear. Despite all the criticism of late, he remains the only player in the squad who seems to be capable of taking the game by the scruff of the neck, an issue that needs addressing. Of course, he's utter donkey sh*t as a defensive midfielder, but BR was seemingly the last man on planet Earth to realise it. Better late than never I suppose.

  5. Was hoping to avoid that tiny bit of detail!
    More seriously though, I think utd have played pretty ok till now without any distraction and as jaimie carragher said last night they are back to the old utd - lucky utd!
    so that means they are winning by good fortune and some good play.
    We on the other hand are just shit - last year evrytime I got on and illegal site to watch a 3pm match or took time out from deadlines, it was soooo worth it.
    This season its just a thankless painful experience, not only do we play horrible football but I lose valuable progress time in the process - by the end of every game I'm depressed and shaking my head forlornly.
    So - when?!? we start getting our act together - possibly after tonight by qualifying, and after a jan transfer window where we either buy a striker, scare balo into producing by threatening to buy a striker, or getting studge back fit - then I believe we will close that gap with mancs quite quickly and with momentum, steam past them and on!
    Oh yes, I'm a half glass full man!

  6. Agree, Gerrard still our go to player in these big games. Needs someone like Sterling/Lallana/Coutinho to step up and become that player who consistently can turn a game. When fit Sturridge can be relied upon to change a draw into a win, lets hope his back firing in Jan along with a new striker.

  7. Donkey shit - thats funny:-)

  8. But in the last 5 games United have mainly been just very shit and lucky. When United were lucky in the older days, at least they had around 10 shots in the whole game. Against Arsenal and Southampton, they had a combined figure of around 7! They've been ordinary, and the only reason they are ahead of us is because they have a fit striker who is capable and we don't.

  9. I know mate, it's just incredibly frustrating.

  10. Yep, and thats the team in fourth who we have to catch up to!
    'I'm looking up to the heavens for an answer as I write this'

  11. Even we advance but how far can we go? Let put those flop and pressure them !

  12. We will have months to prepare and we will have one window. We can go far, we are Liverpool.

  13. I don't think Gerrard is useless as DM, but he's not incredible there and he relies on movement ahead of him to make the best use of what he can bring to that role.
    Sturridge and Suarez provided that movement and helped to press from the front generally meaning Gerrard had more time to cover the ground/make a pass/make an interception.
    Without that kind of movement and pressing we're left far too exposed when Gerrard plays as a DM.
    I'm still very surprised we didn't go for Song, especially when he made it clear he'd like to come to us.

  14. Whenever we get into champs league, we've done really well, no matter our position or form in premier table.
    Something in the blood methinks and also something to feel positive about especially tonight

  15. at europa i will be more optimistic

  16. Erm...., I love steven too, but seriously, he's not really any kind of defensive midfielder.
    Look at Matic and obi mikel who play for the master of contradiction himself.
    They are both defensive both expertly trained in same role have always played there but the gulf in quality is there for all to see - especially so at newcastle.
    so if that is the case with professionals trained to stick position and subconsciously protect the ball by playing default hold, then imagine a player like Steven who has always looked to create and inject impetus, momentum and pace - looking to surprise and try a risky ball.
    Not his fault, just the way it is.

  17. You won't because we are not going there.

  18. Four points after the weekend!??

  19. He has given us something yes but I was very annoyed by him being subbed on against Sunderland. I literally shouted p3ssy at Rodgers for nit trying something and someone else. Lambert needed taking off and we needed a change of tact but Brod went for the easiest and most obvious solution. We will need more than Gerrard tonight.

  20. Gerrard never played as a DM, he played as a deep-lying play maker with no defensive responsibility, suited for teams like Barca, Madrid, Munich.

  21. ....and a forward thinking defensive midfielder.....

    .....ooh, ooh, and a spring roll.......

  22. Could Can be out Matic?

  23. We won't. It will be a high scoring farce with Lambert scoring the winner and roaring with red scouse pride on doing so. And in the ensuing glee at beating our perennial rivals, most of us will forget how rubbish we played and the fact that we have been knocked out of the Chumpions League by a team with the same name as a Fawlty Towers character.

  24. Four points behind united. But I doubted myself by the end si added some question marks.

  25. Can looks like he tries to play more like Yaya Toure, as in box-to-box, than as a disciplined defensive midfielder. Has a goal and a feint in him. He'd do well in a 'double-pivot' with a Matic/Lucas-type next to him, though.

  26. Good points. I see a good future for him. Just afraid we simply bought to many players to fit them all on so they can develope