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14 Nov 2014

Yes Please: €30m star Mourinho called 'best in the world' can leave for £19m. Sign?

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Over the summer, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher urged his old club to sign Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane, and at the time, that seemed like a fanciful notion, but according to reports this week, Los Blancos are willing to let Varane go for a knockdown price. Could this be a potential solution to LFC's defensive woes?

When asked in July about which centre-backs he'd like to see Liverpool sign, Carra tweeted:

"I would love to see [Liverpool sign] Raphael Varane from Madrid”

Well, it appears that Varane may be availble at some point soon. Reports in Spain today claim that:

* Real Madrid have slapped a £19m price-tag Varane.
* Carlo Ancelotti wants to sell as he prefers Ramos and Pepe in defence.
* Chelsea and Man Utd are interested in the 21-year old defender.

I have a hard-time believing that there's any substance to this 'story'. Why would Madrid sell for Varane such a low fee, especially when he has a €30m release clause in his contract? Granted, Varane is struggling for starts this season, but Pepe is 31, and he's not getting any younger.

According to Chelsea manager, Varane is the 'best young defender in the world', and he showed that undoubted talent during Liverpool's recent 1-0 Champions League defeat to Madrid, during which he easily kept Balotelli et al at bay.

With the Reds defence seemingly regressing with each passing week, Varane is (theoretically) an excellent transfer target, and if he really is available, then perhaps Liverpool should make an attempt to sign him? France boss Didier Deschamps is a huge fan of Varane, and in a recent interview, he raved:

"He [Varane] is an extraordinary player. There are players who are 30 and don't have the maturity he possesses. He is calm, serene and comfortable on the ball, and it is agreeable for a defender too to be able to do something other than defend."

As an aside, it's interesting to compare Varane's development to that of Tiago Ilori. Both are 21, but Varane plays regularly for Real Madrid, and has done since the age of 18. Conversely, Ilori couldn't get a game at Anfield, and is currently on his second loan-spell in two seasons.

If Ilori is so good, why are Liverpool not taking the same approach as Madrid? Instead of signing Sakho last summer, why didn't the Reds just put the Portuguese youngster straight into the first-team squad and let him try and establish himself? It's worked for Madrid, and it could've worked for LFC.

Should LFC try and sign Varane?



  1. If it worked so well for Real why are they selling at 19 years old, way before his peak? Aside from that he would be a quality signing and has player well with France in partnership with Sakho. Can't see why Real would want to sell him to be honest.

  2. lol I'm sorry but much as I would LOVE to see us sign this lad the chances of him chosing us over Chelski, Utd, PSG etc etc is absolute ZERO.

  3. Can anyone give us a update on Ilori please. I haven't seen any of him and would be great to see how he is doing on loan.

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:03 pm, November 14, 2014

    While we are at it why don't we sign ronaldo ,messi,modric,muller,silva,mascherano,kompany,lahm,neur,azeliculeta


    we will win the league and ucl

    now lets get back to reality none of them players will ever sign for liverpool

  5. I don't watch yhe french league but hear he has suffered with injuries Nd hasn't played much. Seems a worrying trait of his to ne honest.

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:05 pm, November 14, 2014

    he is at spurs
    and is one of the best goalkeepers in the world
    way too good for spuds

  7. Looks like we may not see him at LFC then 😒

  8. Currently injured.

  9. Kolo scored a goal for Ivory Coast

  10. Here's another one- Schurle to LFC for 25m

  11. Go home youre drunk

  12. He's brilliant.... I'd love that to happen but it's never going to be

  13. http://youtu.be/Q6fYI5tbGW0

  14. a pre requisite of Liverpool signing a defender is that he must miss 70% if the season through injury .....its strange we have this stringent medical which weeds out players like remy but nearly every player we sign is a croc

  15. a feature or lack of feature this year has been our terrible transition from defense to attack

  16. I find it hard to believe we'd get nothing.

    It's not like we're Man City or PSG who purposefully circumvented the rules by trying to deceive through allocation of funds.

  17. heres an update... he will never play at anfield

  18. Varane is pure quality but I can't see this happening.
    Off topic, Jaimie as a fellow scot what's your opinion on McGeady playing for Ireland? He was born and bred in Glasgow as were his parents. He has an Irish grandfather so he's eligible to play for them but I just can't understand why he would play for Ireland other than taking being a Celtic fan too seriously. That would be fine if he hadn't ditched them as soon as the russian money was on the table.
    Sorry for the rant but McGeady and McCarthy playing for Ireland infuriates just about everyone I know

  19. Cheer up it might have been England -)

  20. Haha perish the thought :-)

  21. You're thinking of Lloris dude

  22. Seriously???? This confirms you have no idea what you're talking about...

  23. is that what confirmed it ? and not one of his deep rants ?

  24. 4eva LFC. LFC 4eva8:43 am, November 15, 2014

    Well said JK why? why did LFC not give Tiago a chance and just play him he would have been ready by now and owning the defence, but no loan him out for a couple of years until we get desperate and then say he isn't the defender we need and sell him, that's what BR will do, that's what we have done for a while now, we have players who have hardly been on the pitch long enough to adapt and then sold because they can't adapt in the time frame required, for me this is bad management.

  25. I don't see that it would solve any problems. A young defender in the centre of a defence that is subject to moments of total meltdown? After 5-6 games he'd have made the same mistakes we've seen from all Liverpool defenders and we'd be again questioning the club's spending patterns and bemoaning another waste of money.

  26. If Ilori was good enough then he'd be playing wouldn't he? Why do you think he's gone on loan? It's not some magic formula where you just throw players on the pitch and then after a few months they're top class. Ilori had 6 months training with Liverpool. If he can't impress at Melwood then there is no chance he's good enough to play actual competitive games. Liverpool were one result away from a title last season - there was no chance to just hand our starts to random players in the hope that they will do the job.

  27. Hey, I agree 100%. McGeady is a turncoat, and should be playing for Scotland. McCarthy too. I reckon they chose Ireland because there's more chance of playing in a major tournament. Let's be honest, it's 'aint happening with Scotland anytime soon (!)

  28. Hopefully it comes back to haunt them. We're on the up and they're on the slide I reckon