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12 Nov 2014

Transfer Boost: €15m star who's 'like Iniesta' & loves LFC to sign-in at Liverpool in December for a one-week trial

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In October, Liverpool target Odegaard confirmed that he'd be making transfer 'visits' to several clubs this season in a bid to decide who to sign for 'in the future'. Brendan Rodgers is a fan of the 15-year old prodigy, and reports this week claim that Anfield is on his list of possible destinations.

Last month, €15m-rated Odegaard told reporters:

"There might be some club visits at the end of the season. I want to be sure about [my] choice in the future. You've got to visit them [possible clubs] and get a feeling about them".

It seems like the timetable has move forward, as the Daily Mail reports that:

* Odegaard will undergo a one-week trial with Liverpool before Christmas.
* He has already had a trial with Real Madrid and has offers from Ajax and Man Utd.

Rodgers has already acknowledged the speculation, and when asked in his post-Madrid press conference about Liverpool's alleged interest in Odegaard, Rodgers told reporters:

"He [Odegaard] is a great talent, but that's all I'm going to say about player at another club"

Odegaard is a self-confessed Liverpool fan, and when asked recently about speculation linking him with a move to Anfield, he told Dagbladet:

“Liverpool is my favourite club. That is not to say that I dream to play for them. I’m thriving at Stromsgodset and feel that I can develop myself right here.”

Some info about Odegaard:

* Trained with Man United and Bayern Munich last year.
* Current contract expires in 2015.
* 5 goals/3 assists in 20 apps for Stromsgodset.
* Turns 16 in December.
* Real Madrid reportedly made a €15m bid over the summer.

* 2014: Broke 104-year old record to become the youngster player to ever feature for the Norway national team (15 years and 253 days).

* Broke another record recently when he became the youngest player to ever feature in a European Championship game.

Last month, Scandinavian football expert and scout Fabrizio Bertuzzi made the following bold claim about the Odegaard's ability:

"He is like Xavi and Andres Iniesta, and features a mix of both players. Despite being an adolescent he is almost a semi-god of football."

Odegaard is possibly Europe's most coveted young player right now, but he's not letting all the interest go to his head. Earlier this week, he mused:

"If you get carried away now, you won't get far in 10 years. I'm supposed to be at my best then, not now. That I know"

In theory, Liverpool should have an advantage when it comes to transfer negotiations, but in practice, personal allegiance rarely plays a part in a player's final decision. Additionally, Odegaard recently hailed Bayern Munich as 'the best club in the world', which suggests the German giants are his preferred destination.

That said, Liverpool have a great opportunity here to sell the club to Odegaard, but in my view, Ajax is probably his best option. The Dutch club's academy is inarguably one of the best in the world, and there's no better place to get a thorough grounding in the art of football.


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  1. Probably buy him and leave him where he is for 2 years- we have enough young players for now

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:23 pm, November 12, 2014

    Sign a striker first
    sign higuain , martinez and cabaye

    This would be a dream team

  3. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:24 pm, November 12, 2014

    Odegaard,roberts,delle alli,hughes

    all young lfc fans

    ..................................delle alli

    sign them all we might win title in 5 years

  4. It's been 20 odd years already what's another 5

  5. Whatever happened to the Will Hughes rumors...

    Seemed like it was a done deal last year, and have heard nothing since.


  6. How about buy him now and loan him to Ajax for a couple of yesrs

  7. he had stated that the fact that liverpool are his favourite club will not affect his decision to join the club and that liverpool may not necessarily be the best place for him to develop as a youngster. smart in that aspect.

  8. lets but him for a crazy fee loan him out for 3 years then sell him for a pepper corn fee its a tries and trusted formula

  9. Might I request a Jaimie K book review of the upcoming Luis Suarez autobiography...

    I think this would be the post of the decade.

    Any other supporters of this idea?!?

  10. I doubt Jaimie will read it. Suarez probably cheated by having a ghost writer do all the work.

  11. No if we get him, then get him here now and send several of our current midfield to them for 2 years, we need all the help we can get

  12. Not sure a 15 yr old will be much help - don't think he can legally play- can he?

  13. He's a full international....

  14. Then let's sign this semi-god

  15. I am actually looking the age rules up as I am unsure lol

  16. Apparently Rodgers said to Suarez 'it's not difficult to play the ball out from the back you know' and then dumped Reina-nice work!

  17. He will be 16 on Dec 17

  18. I don't know how old chubs was when he made his debut for them bitter ones, but he would have been around there yes

  19. 3 of them players are established so wouldn't want to move to Merseyside, if you don't believe me ask Rodgers

  20. The kid is a boss!

  21. Arsenal planned so much for the future and were balancing repayment for the Emirates, by targeting youth they neglected the present.FSG are looking to replicate their good business model, forgetting it's a poor formula for on field success.
    How many years did we hear Arsenal fans and media talk about the future looking bright "In a few years they'll be challenging for everything" when they went through their decade long trophy drought.
    Arsene Wenger created a football nursery and it was down to excellent management that they've qualified for the Champions League every season under him.Especially when you factor in Arsenal's peanut net spend compared to rivals.
    With the stadium now paid off, Arsenal during the last two summers are trying to keep up with the Jones' by splashing cash and buying a better standard of player.It hasn't worked so far, but they're on the right track of mixing outstanding youth with quality proven players.
    Liverpool are playing with our CL status we fought hard to get back.Brendan Rodgers said the other day we need to work harder to bring in marquee players.Surely the first player we bring in after his statement of frustration/excuse making isn't another expensive kid...

  22. Don't think he'll learn much in Norway. And anyway, Fabregas was 16 when he first played for Arsenal. Sterling was 17 for us. So why should this guy not be able to play first team football after a couple of months of work? 15, 16, 17, it's all relative.

  23. Cos we are Liverpool and we don't do things the easy way

  24. Liverpools academy is good enough to educate the lad but no way i would pay the kind of money being asked i bet Ajax would not either.