12 Nov 2014

Top Transfer? LFC favourites to sign Brazil's €20m 'crown jewel' attacker. Markovic beware?

Liverpool are reportedly considering a January move for 25-year old Cruzeiro midfielder Everton Ribeiro, who is also being pursued by arch-rivals Manchester United.

According to the Daily Express:

"Liverpool are locked in a battle to sign Cruzeiro midfielder Everton Ribeiro.

"Louis Van Gaal and Brendan Rodgers are leading the race for his signature".

When asked on Tuesday about Premier League interest, Ribeiro's Agent confirmed that he is waiting for a 'concrete offer' from one of Europe's top clubs, and revealed the Brazilian attacker's transfer fee. He told TMW:

"Italian teams cannot afford Everton. He is one of Brazil's crown jewels, and he will cost 20 million Euros"

Liverpool were last linked with Ribeiro in March, and at the time, the skillfull attacker dismissed speculation about his future. He told reporters:

"The time for speculation is over. I am now focusing on my games and improving so everything works out..

Then, in December, Ribeiro changed his tune somewhat, and indicated that he's ready for a move away. He told reporters:

"I feel I am ready to play in any part of the world. If you play for Cruzeiro, you can play in any place. I would fit in any part of the midfield. I would do well as a playmaker to support the attack"

Some info about Ribeiro:

* 2013: Names Brazil's player of the year.
* 3 apps for the Brazil national team.
* 11 goals/20 assists in 67 apps for Cruzeiro.
* Career Total: 26 goals/27 assists in 175 apps.
* Averages 10 yellow cards per season.

To be honest, Ribeiro's creative output is not that great. For Cruzeiro, he averages a goal or an assist ever two games, but over his career, it's one goal/assist every 3.3 games. In my view, for €20m, LFC should sign a more prolific attacker.

It may all be moot anyway - Ribeiro clearly has a preference for Manchester United. In a recent interview, he admitted that he 'prefers' a move to Old Trafford, adding:

"United have Kagawa, Rooney, De Gea is the goalkeeper. I know them very well because I play with them a lot in video games as they are a great team. You play it one day after the other and know the players even better".

I say let the Mancs have him.



  1. You say for €20m Liverpool should sign a more prolific attacker.. when are you going to realise we rarely get value for money mate, and also no doubt the fee would go upto €30m if we did sign him, just to make sure we at least show consistency in been ripped off

  2. We're reverse Robin Hooding ourselves.

  3. he knows them well because he plays with them on video games.....using that rational i can repel alien invaders with a space ship just after i have won the British grand prix

  4. Origi just scored a great goal for Belgium

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:42 pm, November 12, 2014


    why do we keep bieng linked with attacking midfielders we have sterling,coutinho,lallana

    but we ahve no strikers

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:43 pm, November 12, 2014

    Because he plays as a center forward
    i thought jaimie using his stats to undermine his potential was unfair
    as lille for a stupid reason keep playing him as a winger

    he is a striker like henry was a striker

  7. Yeah Jaimie does tend to be a little misleading with his stats at times...

  8. So Sturridge, Balotelli, Borini and Lambert aren't strikers? Interesting.

  9. He's called Everton... It's a non starter.

  10. Martinez not available til next summer

  11. but he is a midfielder not a striker...we do not need another midfielder...

  12. John Henry will allocate £10 million in January TOPS - He gave us money throughout the summer so lets stop whinging

  13. Well 3 out of 4 are NOT stikers Gaz

  14. How lovely... he knows them well because he plays with them on video games..well hello ma man Cristiano let's get a beer pal!

  15. Please fucking blindly go in for Roberto Firmino before we lose him to a rival, figure out he was a bargain and bitch about it later in the future. Or worse, spend triple the money a few years down the line to bring him to Liverpool.

  16. As long as it says Ribeiro on the back of his jersey and Rodgers won't be the one bringing him in I'm fine with this. Don't know the first thing about the actual player to be honest.

  17. Imagine Everton lighting up anfield

  18. Yea Everton scores and yet we are leading

  19. BR is Shit..Liverpool team should be like that..Just a look guys..:Gk Perrin(Genoa)- Xhaka(fc Bale)-Godin(Alt Madrid)-Lovren(Lfc)-Moreno(Lfc)-Alonso/Carvalho(Fc Bayern/Sporting lb)-Sterling(Lfc)-Firminio(Hoffeineim)-Volland(Hoffeineim)-Sturbridge(Lfc)-Martinez(Porto..Subs:Mignolet(Lfc)-Coutihno(Lfc)-Gerrard(Lfc)-Skrtel(Lfc)-Lacazette(Lyon)Flanagan(Lfc)-Herrera(Porto)......wat do u thinks...give your opinion.. THANKS..