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4 Sep 2014

'Il Timida' to LFC? BR wants to sign unhappy £24m maestro in January. Better than Lallana?

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Earlier this year, Liverpool and Manchester United were linked with a move for Lazio attacker Antonio Candreva, and after impressing during this summer's World Cup - including a scintillating display during Italy's victory over England - the Italian midfielder is now reportedly back on Brendan Rodgers' wishlist.

According to the Daily Express this week:

* Liverpool and Arsenal are planning to make a move for £24m-rated Candreva during the January transfer window.

* The 27 year old is 'frustrated' that Lazio have have reneged on an agreement to offer him a new contract.

During the January transfer window, the Daily Express claimed that Brendan Rodgers 'is an admirer' of Candreva, and soon after, The Mirror reported that Liverpool were planning a summer move for the midfielder.

Candreva - nicknamed 'Il Timida' (The Shy one) on account of his cautious style of play - clearly wants a move away, and when asked about his future recently, he told reporters:

“The ambitions of a player is to always do better and to play the Champions League. I hope to have a great World Cup campaign, then we’ll see what arrives after that.”

Some info about Candreva:

* Current deal expires in 2018.
* Can play as a winger, or a midfield playmaker.
* 5 different loan spells over the last 6 years.
* 18 appearances for Italy.

Candreva's stats over the last five years:

* 2009-10: 2 goals/6 assists in 39 apps.
* 2010-11: 3 goals/0 assists in 31 apps.
* 2011-12: 6 goals/4 assists in 37 apps.
* 2012-13: 7 goals/7 assists in 48 apps.
* 2013-14: 12 goals/6 assists in 37 apps.

* TOTALS: 30 goals/23 assists in 211 apps.
* Goal ever 6.7 games | Assist every 8.7 games
* Goal/Assist every 3.8 games.
* Goal/Assist every 4.2 games.

When it comes to consistent creative output, Candreva is clearly not prolific enough. He's 27 now, and last season is the first year he managed to reach double-figures for goals.

Purely on that basis, LFC should steer clear (IMO). Yes, I put a lot of stock in goals/assist stats, but an attacking midfielder's primary role is to create and score goals, so end product is massively important.

A couple of good games in the World Cup does not make Candreva a world-beater, and he's certainly not worth the ridiculous £24m fee being bandied about.

There's also the Serie A connection to consider; it's becoming a bit of a cliche now, but there's no escaping the fact that players from the Italian league rarely seem to settle at Anfield.

If a player is unhappy, then it offers prospective buyers an advantage, but Liverpool don't even need Candreva. The club has a whole mass of midfield/attacking options at the moment, and with Gerrard, Henderson, Allen, Sterling, Can, Lucas, Coutinho, Markovic, and Lallana already in the squad, it's hard to see where he'd fit in.



  1. hes good but Lallana better and PL man of the match performances proven. the one player we should not have signed and who doesn't really make sense is Lambert. hes good but hes 32. Balotelli is obviously the superior choice. instead Rodgers should have signed Remy for the £10M fee. he is a very good striker and would have been deadly against City. Sturridge, Balotelli and Remy is a balanced forward options, and we will win the league. Instead now Chelsea have Costa, Drogba and Remy and Stamford Bridge is going to be sh88ting goals.
    on the other hand, we have some pretty explosive players and once Balotelli and Lallana bed in properly we will have a 1st team that can compete at the highest level.
    and if we want to go all out

  2. Somehow LFC's attacking style and 'il timido' don't quite fit in my mind. When I saw the title I was hoping it was Mata that was being discussed.

  3. I think the next 2 players we should go for is Marcos Reus and Isco. 2 players who fit our profile perfectly and will come in and make us champions. we need to buy young goalscorers and young creative outlets. and there 2 of the best young players in the world. we should fork out £25M for Reus and £25M for Isco. then I think we should sign either Moussa Sissokho from Newcastle or make and even bigger statement for the next 7 years and sign Paul Pogba for £50M. a genuine world class young midfielder. with Gerrard soon hanging his boots a player like Pogba would be a instant replacement.

  4. Nicolas Chamberlain1:21 am, September 05, 2014

    Well, let's wait until we see Lallana actually play, before that it is nothing but speculation based on biased stats. The Serie A is a kind of a joke.
    I prefer Lallana any day without seeing him playing in red.

  5. Nicolas Chamberlain1:22 am, September 05, 2014

    Pogba and Isco as our two CDM? You can't wait until FIFA 15 is released. Get real.

  6. It's like we're trying to be a better version of Arsenal

  7. We don't necessarily need Mata. But in saying that, if the opportunity was there, I'd take him. Just like how Utd bought Falcao.

  8. I think with our team so strong, we'll be able to go after star players now instead of buying 5-6-7 good players. Basically what Chelsea did this summer and became title favourites..

  9. Sakho always looks a different player for France, makes me think he's just very nervous playing for Liverpool or the premier league pace doesn't really suit him.

  10. But it at least it tells us that the talent is certainly there. It's not impossible for him to adjust at all; humans are creatures of adaptation. If we give him patience, he'll come good. He hasn't been totally bad either, the weaknesses are just obvious indications of adjustment errors.

  11. Hey JK, just curious and I know this is OT, but what are your thoughts on the possibly impending purchase of Victor Valdes? Personally I think he has been consistently undervalued by anyone who doesnt watch Barcelona, who all seem to say 'well if you had Barcelona in front of you, you'd look pretty good'. As someone who watches 70-80% of their games either live or as soon as the replay is available, my opinion is that he has a range of skills that would be of so much benefit to our style of play, it would be crazy not to go for it.
    Barca's defence over the last 4-5 years has been woeful. They have always had defenders that are rated far higher than they should be, like Pique, an aging legend like Puyol who spent most of the last 3 seasons injured, defensive mids filling in like sMasche, Toure, Song & Busquets, and marauding full backs that leave the defense constantly exposed on the wings, like Alba, Alves & Adriano. He's been left with so many 1 on 1's, and had to play as a (pardon the overused expression) 'sweeper keeper', breaking up through balls and covering alot of area, as well as restarting attacks from deep. IMHO equal in terms of overall impact for their club with Casillas, as Casillas had a far more defensive side that used a strong double pivot (Xabi & Sami) in front of a very strong back four, that usually only had Marcelo bombing forward. The back line of Ramos, Pepe, Arbeloa, Varane is so solid and doesnt leave anywhere near as much for the keeper to do, whereas Valdes was left alone so often.
    As you can see, I'm all for it, both to have him as number 1, and to provide guidance and training for Miggles. Your thoughts?

  12. f**** f****...y did you have to bring that up?couldn't you have waited just till the transfer been confirmed?

  13. LFC have too many players in the wingers & SS position, and what we really need is a solid DMF who is able to distribute the balls, and whos willing to do the dirty work in front of our backline. At the moment, we only have Stevie, and he's getting slower by the days. I would be really happy if we can purchase someone similar to the likes of Thiago Motta / Veratti in the January window

  14. Emre Can should not be ignored, he was xlnt on Sunday when he came on.

  15. Yes seen that, he was awesome.

  16. Or the language is a barrier.

  17. Another Italian, I hope not, nothing to do with the 3 sitters Mario missed at the weekend, Aqua, Borini, Dossena, there is only so much I can take.

  18. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:33 am, September 05, 2014

    i agree with what someone else here said
    now lfc need to give sterling and sturridge new contracts

    but also in the next window with all the pieces there now we can focus on signing marquee players

    reus and pogba are good options

  19. I have searched every nook and cranny on earth to find any sense that you're trying to make, but I failed.

    nrajyv, this is a discussion blog. Discussing strengths and weaknesses of transfer targets is perfectly acceptable.

    Have a cold shower.

  20. Vidal just broke down injured with the same knee problem. Now I wish that United signed him...

  21. Mata would not be a success for us for the same reasons Suso won't make it and Mourinho jettisoned Mata. No pace, no willingness to track back and do the ugly stuff and quite possibly a more individual outlook than the majority of the squad.

  22. Absolute rubbish, BR changed his game, last year he was excellent in terms of attitude, behaviour etc, it was when he went to the world cup that it fell apart. BR and Steve Peters did a wonderful job to get him to the level of last season.

  23. Raheem Sterling! Suso has stood still, RS hasn't. Have been watching Suso a few years now and he's no better now than when he joined. It's one thing starring in the Academy, but he's way out of his depth in the first team.
    Regarding 'racism'... there was one of the Spanish Academy/reserve players got a huge bollocking about some stupid tweet he made during the Suarez/Evra 'incident...could be a recurring problem?

  24. The issues with us signing Remy is that do you really want us to spend 10.5 mil and pay 80k per week in wages for a player that will by and large sit on the bench?

    I remember a lot of Liverpool fans complaining that we didn#t sign Demba Ba and look what happened to him.

    With the way Chelsea play the same will happen to Remy.

  25. Maybe that is because the standard is incredibly high now, not just at Liverpool but at all the top clubs.

    How many players have broken though the ranks at Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City in the last few years?

  26. I love how you always up vote yourself lol

  27. Long time to go until next transfer window. Press has nothing to write during international break anyway. These rumors will die off by January, but they can survive with this garbage till that time.

  28. Unneccessary comment because completely different position; you could also say that keep Balotelli and sell Johnson

  29. Rodgers is making a BIG Mistake... I have been admiring his skills and he is a much better player than some of those that were bought this summer for +-R20m. An exceptional good attacking player. Cannot believe that this wealth of player is going to another club.

  30. your missing my point , what im saying is that manure dont have any centre halves

  31. It is very simple for me. Liverpool attempt way too many backpasses and that puts all defenders under pressure. No other team does that. Stop that and you see a new Sakho.

  32. What would be the right number of "backpasses", exactly?

  33. ... who has he impressed?

  34. Somewhat off topic but is anyone else concerned about how all the expectations , not to mention physical demands , placed on Sterling currently for the England team will impact on LFC . God forbid he sustains an injury as we will be relying on him so much this season !

  35. mercaneries both of them went to the highest bidders, you've pretty much bought two prostitutes that will fly the coup next year or in 2 to pastures new for another pay check

  36. lvg actually wanted to go to Liverpool before they took on rodgers

  37. Jaimie, now the transfer window is (finally) over maybe you could post more stories about our possible formations, comparing our defenders, midffielders or attackers with one another or with other top teams in EPL and Europe( yes, Europe!) instead new transfer rumors.. There are quite a few people here that have opinions worth hearing, including yours, of course.. Just a suggestion..

  38. Sturridge injured during England training.... GREAT!
    Well at least he got injured for a good reason such as the early international friendlies break... said nobody, anywhere, ever.

    This ridiculous break needs to be done away with.

  39. Sturridge's fitness is a main concern and not the International friendlies.

  40. Like:- Who has been the most impressive player so far for LFC? Sterling for me!
    Which team has impressed the most in EPL so far? Southampton has impressed me, mainly due to number of important players they lost, unhappy players they have, new manager and stuff. They are actually playing really well.
    Worst team so far? Man Utd. (easy)

  41. Nevergonnacrackthecode2:25 pm, September 05, 2014

    great sturridge is injured
    why do players keep playing for their national team what benefit do they get just get criticized
    luckily we now have balotelli

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode2:30 pm, September 05, 2014

    internationals are destroying lfc

    gerrard suffered so many england injuries
    fernando torres missed our best season because of an injury from spain
    now sturridge whose last 2 major injuries came from england

  43. The BBC says Studge 'felt' and injury and is having it scanned. I'm hoping he's 'feeling' like this international friendly stuff just isn't worth the risk.

  44. Borinii and Lambert are good enough against M'boro and Ludo and Balotelli can handle the other games. Good thing we have good attacking midfield if Sturridges injury is bad.

  45. I disagree, Sturridge fitness is always a concern. He is injury prone. We cannot change that, it can only be managed. And the first thing would be to move these pointless fixtures to a more appropriate time of the season, or scrap them altogether. He's not the only player to be injured in these particular round of fixtures.

  46. As 75m was the Suarez money then yeah i would expect around 40m in the kitty new time. Could be 20 in jan and 20 in summer though.

  47. over simplification... Who would you leave out? Markovic? Coutinho? Sterling? Sturridge?

  48. Just realised the match against Swiss is a qualifier, so they will do everything they can to get him on the pitch and risk agrevating it even further.
    These really are played at a ridiculous time of year. Players fighting for fitness as it is, being brought from their established routine, just adds up to disaster.
    Sooner they change it the better.

  49. I do not want to tell you I told you so but Sturridge getting injured was inevitable. What is the point of these friendlies. What is the point of beating Norway and Finland but getting thrashed against the big teams. We should just do what RedNose did and tell players to withdraw from the England squad due to 'injury'.

  50. Liverpool pass in their half way continuously and instead of playing it forward, they play it back. This should stop....

  51. I agree. What's the point of having all these terrific MFs if they can't get turned or ready to receive a pass that allows forward linkage? Having said that, Sakho's passing accuracy is pretty doggone good.

  52. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:36 pm, September 05, 2014

    look engalnd are killing lfc chances
    why are you acting so normal?

  53. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:37 pm, September 05, 2014

    what if he is injured for the whole season?

  54. Does Liverpool even have a reserve team to play?....i think not

  55. While this Sturridge injury is incredibly frustrating, I don't think its too serious. Getting scanned because you 'felt' something doesn't sound too bad. To me, he's trying to learn from last year when BR was annoyed that he carried on injured while in an international match.

  56. just read it... maybe it aint that bad... if he comes back for everton it is enough..

  57. What a statement to make ....... Do you really want our best striker out injured for the whole season ? Whilst I am against all these International friendlies how is the national coach ever going to form a team that is able to compete ? Recent results prove that we are not doing very well on that front at present ! I would also suggest that other national teams get to practice together more that is why they are better .....
    Sturridge is the best striker England have at the moment and I am sure both he and Brendan , knowing his ethos , has a sense of duty and is proud that he is representing his country . Injuries I am afraid go with the territory and I will always want to put my club before country but it is the price we have to pay for having so many good English players . The alternative is to have a team full of foreign players like Chelski & MC etc. Is that what you want ?

  58. Sorry, due to the volume of comments, sometimes I miss a few here and there. I agree with you, though - major reform is needed, especially to the timing of these stupid friendlies. Every season, the league is disrupted in September and October by international breaks. It kills momentum, disrupts preparation, and leads to damaging injuries.

  59. Sturridge shouldn't be playing the full 90, nor should Sterling. Especially in a friendly. Liverpool shouldn't suffer for having the best English players, or because Roy "managed" us once upon a time. Arsene needs to lend BRodgers his book on international injuries.

  60. Roy Hodgson strikes again!

  61. Clearly he needs to be taught a lesson

  62. You are a ridiculous, ridiculous man

  63. On the naughty step for a week

  64. Danny is injury prone and we have to get used to it .....
    Woy should have given Ricky more game time in this friendly . Now he will probably have his chance on Monday
    Liverpool to the rescue again ;-)

  65. Didn't look at it like that, haha. Come one the lambert!

  66. simple aim of pulling the oppo into your half to create space to allow am free runs and play key passes forward....

  67. Thanks JK. I was hoping you could invite comment on reform so that the issue takes on some momentum. 'Talk Sport' takes on the mantle of criticisers of all things wrong in our national game but when we dispose of their efforts at homespun humour I find little left that demand improvement from the 'powers that be'.

  68. That is all well and good but Liverpool makes too many passes in their own half inviting pressure and giving time for the opposition to intercept and this happens often..

  69. No, Suarez was still a liverpool player in Brazil and as such was a club representative when he dragged his club further through the gutter.
    If his behaviour at the tournament was not a reflection on liverpool then why did they feel obliged to sell him

  70. Yes not sure we need another shy one we already have Balotelli

  71. Yes they do and its better than Uniteds.

  72. United cherry picked Shaw and left that donkey Rodgers to scrape out the Southampton barrel. Moreno certainly is a good player but too much mediocrity with the other signings to be relevant in Europe and without Suarez the epl. As for balotelli, he is only an asset until his idiocy comes to the fore again and judging by his previous behaviour it's likely to be sooner rather then later.