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21 Aug 2014

Done Deal: LFC to sign 'wonderful' €20m star. Agent at Anfield right now. Shirt number to be 45

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Mario Balotelli to Liverpool? A couple of weeks ago, it seemed highly unlikely, but speculation has intensified this week, and the latest developments suggest that the transfer is practically done.

Yesterday, Italian journalist Nicolรฒ Schira (who hosts Italian football show 'SportItalia') claimed:

* Liverpool are in negotiations to sign Balotelli.

* The club has offered the Italian striker a deal worth €6m a year.

* AC Milan are holding out for a €25m transfer fee.

Developments over the last 24 hours:

* When asked last night about the LFC rumours, Milan’s vice-president Adriano Galliani told reporters: “At this time we have not received any offer from Liverpool for Balotelli. Therefore, there is no negotiation. We will see as the transfer market ends on 1 September.”

* Sky Sports Italy claimed that Balotelli's agent has traveled to England to 'determinate the level of interest amongst Premier League clubs, including Liverpool.

* SSI further claimed that Liverpool are only interested in a loan with option to buy, but Balotelli will only leave Milan on a permanent deal.

* Meanwhile, the Daily Star asserts that LFC's bid to sign Balotelli has 'collapsed due to AC Milan refusing to agree to a 'good behaviour' clause in the deal (This aspect of the story feels made-up, opportunist BS, inspired by similar stories last month about Luis Suarez).

* Earlier this afternoon, the BBC reported: "Liverpool have agreed a £16m fee with AC Milan to sign Mario Balotelli. Negotiations are still taking place to agree terms with the player"

* A statement on Milan's website also confirms the striker's departure: "Mario Balotelli left Milanello's sporting centre at 13:30 local time, after saying goodbye to his team-mates".

* Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato reports that: the transfer fee is €20m; Balotelli's Agent is at Anfield right now negotiating the final stages of the deal; the striker will wear his favoured number 45 shirt.

I personally don't have a problem with Liverpool signing Balotelli; most of the guff about his off-pitch antics is just tabloid sensationalism, and to be fair, what has he ever done that's so bad? What matters is that Balotelli represents the Reds with distinction *on the field*, and if he wants let off some fireworks in his own time, or roam around Merseyside in his flash car handing out free cash, then let him get on with it.

Compared to Suarez, Balotelli is a lamb, and the odd yellow/red card for dissent aside, I doubt he'll cause the club any embarrassment on the field, or sully Liverpool's reputation with disgraceful acts of pseudo-cannibalistic barbarism.

If the fee is correct, €20m is an amazing bargain. At 24, Balotelli's value will probably increase over the next few years, but even if it doesn't, it's unlikely that the club will make any significant loss later down the line.

That said, given the timing, this transfer feels like a bit of a panic-buy. I sincerely doubt that Liverpool have chased Balotelli all summer, and if the Reds had sealed the Remy deal, this probably wouldn't be happening.

I also can't help feeling there's an element of hubris at play here; Rodgers has a bit of an ego on him, and I'm sure he probably believes he can succeed where Mourinho and Mancini failed.

Ultimately, Liverpool will (potentially) have one of the world's best strikers at the club, and if Rodgers works his magic on Balotelli, the sky's the limit.

Of course, Balotelli should be held to the same standards as Suarez, or indeed any other LFC player. I don't have favourites, and if he sullies the club's name with damaging on-field antics, I will highlight it.



  1. I support him 100% because he is now a Liverpool player, and that's what we do! Regardless of how I felt before hand (which was a little iffy) .
    I hope he sets the PL of fire!

  2. Who cares if it's a panic buy, because at the end of the day, it's a better buy than Remy (IMO), with all due respect to him (you're still great Remy!) Remy failing his medical could prove to be a blessing in disguise for Liverpool.

  3. Great signing IMO and at 24 there is a chance he will get better in terms of mentality/temperament.

  4. Well said. We have to support this guy because he's clearly a player who needs support!

    We shouldn't expect too much. I'm already very happy because if Borini goes to Sunderland we paid only 2m to upgrade our forward to better one. 10-15 goals in PL would be great imo and few important ones in cup games too.

  5. So from what I heard, Liverpool are offering Milan €20m (approx £16m) and are offering Balotelli €110k a week (approx 90k) and if we can get the paperwork ready by Friday his first match will be against a chorus boos at the Etihad stadium

  6. Balotelli's "bad behavior" is much different from Suarez. Really the only "offenses" he has committed are being a bit lazy or angry on the pitch and being an immature party boy off of it. If we can get him motivated during matches, he has amazing potential. BR is just the guy to do that too. If he performs good for LFC, I could care less about what he does with his own time, as long as it doesn't affect the attitude in the lockerroom, or is illegal of course. Most footballers his age are forced to grow up and mature quickly, and Balo just hasn't realized this yet. Really the only difference I see between him and some average bone-headed college kid is that he's rich and has press swarming him at every turn.

  7. His 1 assist in 54 games for City raised my eyebrows.

  8. My initial reaction was WTF! But then the idea starts to grow on me. In fact, am quite excited. Stroke of genius!

  9. Sigh...me too. Nobody's bigger than the club...not even a wary, gadfly fan.

  10. If you want to compare prices to other signings this window Balotelli is a very cheap signing
    Ulloa (a player with no prem experience) to Leicester £8m
    Ross Mccormack to Fulham £11m
    Costa to Chelsea £31,999,999.99 (Athletico asked Chelsea to pay a penny less to avoid tax)
    Shane Long to Southampton £12m
    Lukaku to Everton £28m
    James to Madrid £71m

  11. That was on my birthday


  12. Today is shaping up to be an odd Christmas of sorts. We're 'even money favorites' to sign Milner next (10/11, SkyBet)

  13. lfc will make money on his lfc shirt sales

  14. It is actually the other way around. Warrior pay LFC the sponsorship and in return Warrior make the money back on shirt sales...

  15. I reckon he is fantastic and as i have said before less likely to cop a lifetime ban as Suarez and will give the club plenty.
    Love his press conference refusing to answer questions from our least favourite publication saying they had been mean to him.

  16. Has he actually signed? If he has I bet Sky have Josey on, can't wait to he the sh*t that comes out of his mouth.

  17. Im F@@king excited:
    Nicked this tweet:
    Sturridge 12m
    Coutinho 8m
    Balotelli 16m
    Sterling 4m
    Can 10m
    our attack cost one Fernando Torres

  18. Saw that also Sturridge Sterling and Balotelli for 1 Luke Shaw i had a good chuckle.

  19. Moreno £12m - Shaw £27m...............LOL.

  20. Seen that too. keep em coming lads. Loving these new mathematical equations.

  21. "What Has He Done So Bad" Please remember this if ever you begin to slate him. If he doesn't fight with the manager or his team-mates I'm fine with it. And of course, no biting.

  22. I don't think it's a panic buy, but I do think thst perhaps an opportunity presented itself when the tabloids were running the "Rodgers loves Balotelli" stories, perhaps Balotelli's head was turned and Rodgers took advantage.
    At this moment in time I think he is a better player than Remy, fitter than Falcao and has more experience at the highest level - including Premier League seasons - than Cavani.
    I also disagree that Rodgers signed him because he believes himself a better man-manager than Mancini or Mourinho. There's no way we could know this to be fact, no way to prove or disprove this assertion.
    I am very happy that he's coming to Liverpool, and I can't wait to see him and Daniel tearing up defences :)


  24. So the more shirt sales the bigger the new deal?

  25. If the shirt sells explode surely the deal with Warrior is renegotiated => Liverpool make money from the Balotelli sells :-)

  26. See where he sits on the list:


    No question, he's not first choice, but I wouldn't call it quite a "panic buy". He's a risky prospect but I prefer the club did something a little risky than go with a safe but uninspired option. Rodgers will fancy his chances of being the one who turns around Mario's career and I'd back him to succeed. Balotelli is the same age as Suarez was when he first came to the club, fresh from a biting controversy at Ajax and still a somewhat unproven player. The difference is that Balotelli already has significant top flight experience and there will be very little time needed to adjust. He should be fit and ready to go, so long as he's enthusiastic and willing to work I'm not going to assume the worst.

    He's an immensely talented player. He's big, has a brilliant first touch, is plenty strong, likes to take on defenders and often draws two or three players to him. He's quick, can play on the counter and is comfortable on both flanks as well as through the middle. He can pass the ball and create for others. He can score from distance and is a ready made replacement for Suarez in terms of free kicks in range. It will probably take some work to get him producing every single week, maybe it's not quite possible, but I'm excited to see us try.

  27. Well it looks like it is happening. Still against this signing but hopefully the club can iron out his immature behavior.

    Did I not say that we were not going to sign Bony? :-)

  28. Fabio Borini to Sunderland for 14 mil... Great deals by the board. I am impressed.

  29. It is a brave signing but at that price who wouldn't? "Who Dares Wins" comes to mind when I think about it.
    I think now that he is 24 he would have matured since his youthful antics at City. He should now be ready to take the next step to being a consistent top striker and at Liverpool he has the perfect environment to make it happen, over to you Mario!

  30. You have hit the nail on the head for me................. He needs support. People forget the good things he did in the community off his own back and only focus on the trouble he brings.
    If he can feel the love off the Kop i'm convinced this guy is going to be some player.
    He'll still do really stupid things but it's what he's gonna do on the pitch that gives me goose bumps for the season ahead.

  31. Started a bit slow but am over the paying too much for Lallana now theyve made up for it greatly.

  32. Too much like Lambert, it was never going to happen.

  33. Yes...you did...about 200 times...which was only about 50 times less than my diatribes against this signing...but like Will says...as soon as he puts on the shirt, I'm in.

  34. And that 1 assist was on the premier league winning goal to kun aguero.

  35. But, we all know he is better than Benzema, Bony and Remy...

  36. "Liverpool will not sign Ballotelli.  I will be proven right"

    Better hope he fails his medical, eh?

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  37. Totally agree. Balotelli is a guy who is juvenile and needs to be nurtured to get his best and I think Brendo can definitely do that.

  38. 6 last year for Milan. Best in the team.

  39. Who is going to be first to congratulate Ian Ayre?

  40. He would not get booed by city fans they quite liked him.

  41. I love adamant Logan always tries to be...

  42. Wasn't fancying this signing but as it's happening might as well get behind the player. I just hope BR works his magic and manages to make him understand football is a team sport and that he can achieve a lot if he bears that in mind while playing on the pitch.
    He has immense talent, he surely has to use it some time right? Lets hope it's with Liverpool !

  43. Children having kids is alright for you?!? And he already went to court couple of times. And his mum said she wanted him out of London, because he was an outstanding kid setting an example?

  44. ⚽️MelWain⚽️5:46 pm, August 22, 2014

    Good Signing๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  45. ⚽️MelWain⚽️5:47 pm, August 22, 2014

    We just need Falcao now!

  46. Nonsense, he could have demanded the same wages to stay and would've got it but he ALWAYS wanted Barca, not loyal to us at all.... Ever. Great player though!

  47. What's that got to do with loyalty to the club? That's called being a professional and doing what you're paid (very well!) to do. Nobody disputes he was brilliant for us but this is about loyalty to club and on that basis he scores very low indeed.

  48. His sort? You mean we don't need a brilliant player, proven goalscorer and experienced EPL for a cut-price £16m? On the pitch the guy is a real handful. He is only 24 and has his best years ahead of him. He is now under the control of one of the best managers around. Give him a break and your support and this time next year you'll be crowing about what a brilliant but he was.... And no doubt claiming you always thought he would be LOL