21 Aug 2014

You're Out: BR wants to get rid of 5 LFC stars worth £43m in next 2 weeks

Last season, Brendan Rodgers repeatedly complained about the lack of depth in Liverpool's squad, and after signing 8 players (so far) in the current window, that issue appears to be on the way to being addressed. However, the raft of new signings inevitably makes some players surplus to requirements, and Rodgers is reportedly desperate to prune his squad before the transfer window slams shut.

According to the Liverpool Echo today:

* Rodgers is planning to scrap at least five players before September 2nd.

* The list of players on the chopping block are the usual suspects: Agger (£15m-rated); Assaidi (£7m-rated); Coates (Cost £7m); Robinson, and Borini (£14m-rated). Combined worth: £43m.

For all intents and purposes, Rodgers has basically replaced all five of the above players this summer:

* Agger (Lovren)
* Assaidi (Markovic)
* Coates (Lovren - Two birds with one stone!)
* Robinson (Moreno/Manquillo)
* Borini (Lambert, and/or incoming new striker)

All the players brought in are clear upgrades, and it's fair to say that Liverpool's forward progress will not be stunted if Agger et al leave Anfield this summer. I still find it hard to believe that Stoke and Sunderland will pay £21m for Assaidi and Borini respectively, but it will be a major coup if the Reds can con those clubs into handing over such grossly inflated fees.

Of the five players allegedly on the kill-list, Borini is possibly most likely to get a stay of execution. The Italian has reportedly been informed that he’s likely to be 'fourth choice striker' next season, but he's also been assured that, if he stays, he'll be given the chance to 'force his way back into Rodgers’ plans'.

That's fair enough. Borini clearly wants to stay at Liverpool, and if nothing else, his loyalty is admirable. Plus, as the old saying goes, football is a funny old game, and given his desire to succeed, Borini may just be capable of turning his career around and making an impact for the club.



  1. Staying and fighting for a place worked well for Henderson 2 seasons ago.

  2. Pablo Von Mooneyo1:11 am, August 21, 2014

    Borini is absolutely dross, if I was the LFC board I'd have taken your arm off for that 14M. IMO it's almost gross negligence not to take that money, I'm 100% certain there won't be another like it in the future! ditto Assaidi. I'd like to see Lucas moved on too, we hav a real need for a mobile, pressing DMF and Lucas just doesn't cut the mustard. He's a grafter but he is painfully slow and makes terrible decisions that lead to set-pieces, that lead to goals. If we aren't getting Song we should be looking for someone similar, I feel in away games against top 5 rivals in particular we need to set up to use our pace and play on the break with a proper DMF shielding our back 4.

  3. We don't want to lost too many players or we will look weak again. We have 4 cups to play for.

  4. Have LFC yet added real depth to the squad? I appreciate that there is a clear improvement in the depth of quality, but in term's of depth of numbers that are available for this season we've brought in Lovren, Can, Markovic, Lallana, Moreno, Manquillo and Lambert (7), whilst Moses, Apas, Alberto, Cissokho, Suarez and (potentially) Agger, and with other rumoured candidates (Kolo/Lucas) potentially on the way out as well- The depth of numbers isn't all that different between this season and last.

    When the fixture list became congested over Christmas we became somewhat thin on the ground through injury (Rossiter and Smith on the bench against Chelsea, anyone?!) and as we could potentially face an entire season of high fixture congestion with European football, I'm somewhat concerned that this could prove to be a future issue...

  5. Spirit of the Shadows2:54 am, August 21, 2014

    Actually I think we can get more than 7 mil for assaidi, he was pretty good for stoke everytime he played, pacey and direct. I expected some club like west ham or Swansea to come for him .

  6. Agger - 12m and 80k a week off the books
    Johnson - 10m and 120k a week off the books
    Lucas - 8m and 80k a week off the books
    Borini - 12m and 45k a week off the books
    Assaidi - 5m and 25k a week off the books
    Coates - 5m and 20k a week off the books

    That's like 45m in player sales and 370k a week saved. Xabi Alonso would b a good buy, at least for 2 seasons where he and Gerrard can rotate while Can and Allen could learn from two pass-masters. Another good buy would b Andre Ayew, a 10m goal scoring box-to-box player player to back up Henderson.

  7. I don't think Coates is in the list. Agger could out so Coates, Sakho, Lovren, Skrtel are our 4 CBs. Toure is not good enough. Others have been gone for loan or sell (Kelly, Wisdom, Ilori).

  8. Send Lucas out for free.

  9. Have you seriously just rated Johnson at 10 million?? lol

  10. I have been a big fan of Borini as most know, but even for me 14m was too much to turn down, but as JK said cant blame a player for showing loyalty and ambition.
    I think however BR will settle for a loan deal back to italy and once again we will be messed about with the buy fee ala aquilani style.

    1. Glen Johnson 2. Kolo Toure 3. Daniel Agger 4. O. Assaidi 5. Lucas Levia 6. Brad Jones

    1. Romero (GK) 2. Ogenyi Onazi (Lazio) 3. Mario Balotelli/ Luis Muriel/ Mauro Icardi

  12. I am amazed Lucas is no on the list along with Johnson and possibly Toure......

  13. Stoke agreed a fee for Assaidi, but the salary was too much apparently.

  14. Exactly , in no way shape or form was it loyalty! He knew it would be a massive downward step if he left. We actually could have bought Bony for 12 mill instead of Borini.

  15. Easily the most balanced article you've ever written.

  16. As long as these players are given the slightest hope of staying in the squad then they will dig their heels in. Why wouldn't they? They get paid top dollar at a top club with a chance to play CL football, albeit a slim one. They have over inflated opinions of themselves and see no reason to go. Toure and Borini are suffering this. Agger at least seems to be saying he wants to go, so it's a matter of a club coming in for him, probably on the last day with a crap offer.

    BR simply needs to tell the players he no longer wants them, they will not be in the squad and will need to leave if they want to play football this season. It's harsh, but it's the only way they will get the message.

  17. Good and spot on list on Sales just one missing also: F Borini(23)

    D Agger(29) should be swapped in deal for T Alderwield(26) Of A Madrid

    But the people to bring in differs from you:

    1: M Reus(25) Of B Dortmund for £23-£28M RW ./ RWF

    2: E Capoue(26) Of Tottenham or C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle for £6-£14M DM

    3: W Bony(25) Of Swansea or L Muriel(24) Of Udinese for £10-£16M

    4: Romero(27) Of Sampdoria Or A Mccarthy(24) Of Reading for £2-£5M GK

  18. Agger(29) should be swapped for T Alderwield(26) and £5 M Cash from A Madrid

    G Johnson(29) should be sold to QPR for £5M

    L Leiva(27) should be sold to Napoli for £10-£12M

    F Borini(23) should be personally driven to Sunderland for £14M

    Assaidi(25) should be put in the reserves as he is greedy and his wages and need to get pay off from club is what stopped stoke move.

    Coates(24) Should be sold to any italian side or side that comes in for him for £5-£6M

    B Jones(32) should just be shipped out as he offers S Mignolet(26) No competition for his place at all, no matter how poor mignolet is our if he makes which costs us goal or game or both this season. As B Jones(32) is no competition , S Mignolet(26) will be back in goal.

  19. The DM needed is : E Capoue(26) Of Tottenham Or C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle, Two mobile physical tough tackling enforcers

    For the price of £7-£16M

  20. S Gerrard(34) is an amazing, class, great player, servant to club but he is not a DM and against better young mobile teams he gets found out. B Rodgers needs to use S Gerrard(34) wisely from the bench.

    Can(21), Henderson(24) and Coutinho(22) should be our front three against Man City

    With the front three of Sterling(19), Sturridge(24) and Markovic(20)

    And when B Rodgers brings in Tough tackling DM then Allen, Can and Henderson can compete for the CM Position next to the DM as S Gerrard(34) may be on his last season.

  21. Johnson is as bad Alves but then again, both could easily fit into Pep and van gaal's 3-4-3 / 3-5-2 formations seamlessly. But i would probably give take 6m if any club is willing to get his 120k per week wages off the books.

  22. Agger for 5m + Alderweireld? Forget it, just take the 12m, liverpool still has wisdom and ilori returning next season, taking another young CB makes no sense with Sakho, Skrtel, Lovren and Toure all playing a part. Alderweireld would fit Man Utd and Bayern more since they're playing 3-5-2 and 3-4-3. They need more CBs.

    Napoli has already signed Jon de Guzman for 7m euros. And lucas is no where near £10-£12m. £6-£8m and any of us would personally fly or drive him to that club w/o charges.

    Agree with you 1000% on borini. if you're driving, i'll b the luggage boy.

    Assaidi? forget £7m, i'd take £4m-£5m on the spot.

    As for Coates, £2m + romero and it's a deal with Sampdoria.

    Brad jones is a great 3rd choice keeper.

  23. i agree with you after lucas's performance against southampton he should go and dont start me on glen johnson useless cannot defend always turns into trouble and takes way too long on the ball

  24. Getting in Song would be my priority to be honest. Its fine Gerrard played there last season but that only happened because Lucas and Allen were injured....again.....he did a job there als he would wherever you'd put him but that doesnt make him a DM. Song and à striker and we're set. And a new world class goalkeeper in January.

  25. We have added depth because our bench looks much better now than year ago.

    Last year our attacking option on the bench were: Aspas, Alberto and Moses (lol)

    Now we could possibly have: Lallana, Markovic, Lambert, Suso and the new striker coming (Balotelli?)

    Also if Gerrard and Henderson starts there are Can, Allen and Lucas to choose from for midfield.

    In defense we have 4 CB's and 5 FB's.

    So we have squad of 23-25 players the same size that anyone else and every position has good options on the bench so yes we have added depth no doubt about it.

  26. I think those two leave next summer. Johnson because his contract ends and Lucas because we will find better player for his place. Atm selling Johnson for peanuts would be a bit risky because it would leave us with 3 youngsters and one player just having had a very bad injury. I think if we can find replacement for Lucas already in this transfer window he could go but I doubt we have the time needed.

    Rodgers wanted to keep Toure. He is okay 4th CB. Won't play too much so don't worry. Coates wants to play more, Toure is fine with sitting in bench.

  27. Tony BarrettVerified account‏@TonyBarretTimes
    Talks between Liverpool and AC Milan over Balotelli are progressing well and are set to resume today.

  28. Twistadee11 for as long as I can remember we've being crying out for an athletic enforcer. What do you think of Geoffrey Kondogbia of Monaco. He's a young DM who can play CD or LB. I think we need him way more than Falcoa & get Bony instead. Our CM will be destroyed by Citeh (Yaya, Fernando, Fernandinho) & Chelsea (Matic = Incredible Hulk). Geoffrey Kondogbia would be cheaper too! Let me know what you think!

  29. It is not as simple as telling players you do not want them. That will not always make them leave.

    Reina was unwilling to drop his wage demands to when Napoli wanted to take him on a permanent contract. What do you want Rodgers to do in a situation like that, demand that Napoli pay ridiculous wages?

  30. Agreed with your view on Gerrard!

  31. Question is Balotelli or Falcao?

    My pref would be Falcao - but not sure we will be able to close the deal.

    Both would be a bonus :-)

  32. Still think Balotelli would be a huge mistake if we are signing him. If we do sign him then hopefully Rodgers has a 16 pound sledge hammer available. Smashing it on Baloteli's head may just be the medicine he needs to finally make him start listening and get some sense into his head.

  33. If I had the choice to pick anyone in the Milan team I'd rather take El Sharaawy, even though he has been sleeping for a while now. Who wouldn't in such a mediocre team...

  34. You're right, it's not that simple. But the players he no longer want should be clearly told they are surplus to requirements, it's only fair and gives them the opportunity to consider their future, it's their choice then. They can stay and try to change the gaffer's mind (risky but gutsy), stay and see out their contract whilst rotting or leave and take a punt at another club who want them, either loan or permanent.

    Reina is a good example. He knew he had a snowball's chance in hell to play for Liverpool again, Jones would have been ahead of him in Rodgers's eyes. So he took the Bayern offer even though it will mean he rarely plays, but will be second choice, not no choice. He knew the Barca boat had sailed.

    Johnson should have grabbed the QPR chance if it was true, Borini really should have gone to Sunderland where he will thrive, we all know he has no real chance at Liverpool. Agger wants to leave and will if a decent club comes in for him. Toure will probably simply run down his contact. Assaidi, well, never given a chance with us, and never will, so should have gone to Stoke. Aspas will be next year.

    Just saying they need to be snapped out of their delusion and encouraged to see reality, and move on.

    Yeah, it's not simple.

  35. We're going for both. TRUST ME. Not saying BOTH will come through the door, but that's what Liverpool intend.

  36. Balotelli just admitted he's leaving Milan. But as I said in the Balotelli article, LFC want Balotelli AND Falcao. Rodgers particularly wants Falcao. Rodgers is going to talk with Falcao, Ayre is handling Balotelli, while the transfer committee is scouring Europe for a mid or two.

  37. I think you're right. Over 40 million views on this page. Surely that includes European clubs :P

  38. Stoke pretty much confirmed they won't buy Assaidi because he wouldn't agree personal terms, even though they matched LFC's asking price.

  39. Not really sad to any see any of them go unfortunately. Maybe Agger. If Borini stays he'll make a good 4th striker...

  40. I think Balotelli would become a major tourist attraction for Liverpool. Except, not any normal one. You would need to go on a safari to find him doing whatever he's up to next...

  41. I agree, don't want Balotelli. He's too lazy and undisciplined on and off the pitch. I remember he came on as a sub against LFC and then got subbed off later on in the match after a pathetic performance. I'd much rather have Borini run around for us than name Balotelli on the team sheet and just sit there and hope something comes of it. Borini is just an example, but the minimum output from that type of character would be desire and fight, something you will not see from Balotelli. JK referenced Suarez in an article a couple days ago, there's no comparison IMO though. Having Balotelli as back up striker is fantastic squad depth, but the overall effort is not worth it. Unlike Suarez, he's not going to be the difference maker on the pitch or the dressing room. I argue the opposite.

  42. It is not like we were holding Reina against his wishes when he had the chance to go to Napoli and I doubt we are doing the same with Assaidi and Coates or Robinson who are without a doubt all surplus to requirements.

    It is like trying to sign a player that does not want to join your club. Just because we want the player does not mean you are going to get him.

  43. are we trying to land both balo and falcao ? man this is good.

  44. Yeah. Don't get your hopes up yet about *both* of them, but I know that this is what Liverpool are attempting to do. It seems that Rodgers has been listening to Jaimie about the issue of dragging himself to the negotiating table...

  45. I have no doubt that there will be an Ox/Gibbs type of moment with Balotelli and Sakho...

  46. “But I can categorically tell you that he will not be coming to Liverpool."

    BR's words re Balotelli a short while back . Surely we are not so desperate for a striker that he is doing a complete about face . Balo for all his skill is a flawed character on and off the pitch and not the right fit for LFC . We have had enough problems with all the Suarez business and just about come out of it all with our dignity intact . It has been said many times both by Brendan and others that no one player is bigger than our great club and with Balotelli it would be very much out of the frying pan into the fire ..... I feel that we have lost some respect from the neutrals around the world recently but are earning it back with our style of play and influx of new exciting players who fit with BR's ethos of what it means to put on a Reds shirt . Don't now let's throw it away with what appears to be desperation and running scared tactics to tolerate this type of player . We currently have the skill and character in the team to 'step up ' and fill the void left by Luis till the right player is found. YNWA

  47. What? Dropping one of our best players. Ridiculous.

  48. Super Mario will score more goals than Alexis Sanchez, for HALF the price .. only 24 .. unbelievable ability .. BARGAIN ..

  49. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:33 pm, August 21, 2014


  50. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:35 pm, August 21, 2014

    Balotelli and sturridge will be perfect up front in diamond

    like he does for italy with gerrard spraying balls



  51. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:36 pm, August 21, 2014

    most excited transfer so far this summer

  52. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:44 pm, August 21, 2014

    balotelli will be awesome in that diamond formation

    him and sturridge will give defenders nightmares

    coutinho recently said rodgers wants him to be a number 8 like modric from deep and sterling said he wants to play number 10 more , this seems perfect

  53. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:45 pm, August 21, 2014

    never been this excited since torres transfer

    when suarez came the former left so took the gloss of it

  54. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:52 pm, August 21, 2014

    unbelievable fifa stats for balotelloi

    89 Ball Control

    67 Crossing

    77 Curve

    85 Dribbling

    84 Finishing

    77 Free Kick Accuracy

    73 Heading Accuracy

    55 Long Passing

    78 Long Shots

    25 Marking

    95 Penalties

    75 Short Passing

    86 Shot Power

    25 Sliding Tackle

    25 Standing Tackle

    83 Volleys


    85 Acceleration

    76 Agility

    49 Balance

    71 Jumping

    75 Reactions

    83 Sprint Speed

    73 Stamina

    84 Strength


    75 Aggression

    84 Positioning

    34 Interceptions

    75 Vision


    441 Total Stats

  55. Zulu read Twistadee11 post "S Gerrard(34) is an amazing, class, great player, servant to club but he is not a DM and against better young mobile teams he gets found out. B Rodgers needs to use S Gerrard(34) wisely from the bench."

    I can't disagree with that. The warning signs were there against Southampton, how much more against the top 4 teams. Gerrard comes into his own against teams who will sit back & give us room to build from the back.

  56. Can't really argue with the list of outs. If Borini wants to stay I'd be happy to give him his chance as long as he understands his place at the club. I'm sure he'll have looked at Hendo and is thinking if he's taken the move to Fulham he'd be I'm the championship by now instead of one of our most vital players. Leaving would be the easy option for him so if he decides to stay and fight for his place then fair play to him and I wish him all the best

  57. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:55 pm, August 21, 2014

    if we get 14m for borini and sign balotelli for 16m

    ian ayre is a genius

  58. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:03 pm, August 21, 2014

    no risk in the balotelli transfer
    he will cost 16m which is not a lot in todays market with his age we acn recoup most of it

    plus if he is a flop origi can take over

  59. Excellent news! Cheers

  60. Loan or permanent deal?

  61. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:04 pm, August 21, 2014

    16m permanent
    milan don't want a laon

  62. Get on to BR, he needs to start work on his Slide Tackle, Standing Tackle and Marking immediately! :)

  63. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:07 pm, August 21, 2014

    dont know how much you can look into it
    when etherington in 12 was 82
    and rooney getting 90 every year same as messi and ronaldo

  64. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:08 pm, August 21, 2014

    he will need to run alot more no more standing around

  65. My heart and head hurt...hope this works out...not expecting it to.

  66. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:14 pm, August 21, 2014

    be more optimistic

    this is the age when we signed torres from his boyhood club

  67. No. Other wise it would be a done deal.

  68. Who cares if Balotelli lives up to his potential we could get the title finally some type of replacement for Suarez.

  69. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:16 pm, August 21, 2014

    we are replacing the most controversial figure in football with the second

    i said two weeks ago we need a character and they don't get bigger then balotelli

  70. Yes, we've sold a nut and bought a direct replacement. Don't care about that much. I'm excited about the news.

  71. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:17 pm, August 21, 2014

    sterling can up his game and replace his creativity

    while balotelli can score the goals

  72. Yes we have but this nut is not as likely to get a lifetime ban as the last one we sold.

  73. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:18 pm, August 21, 2014

    get him now i want to see him come on at the ethihad
    at the 75th minute with city having a 2-1 lead
    then balotelli scores two and we get the three points

  74. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:19 pm, August 21, 2014

    hopefully he stays away from fireworks

  75. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:22 pm, August 21, 2014

    we will now be as good as last season if balotelli gets over the line
    sturridge,sterling,coutinho and hendo will improve
    defense has also improved with lovren and moreno

    even though we have more cl we have a lot more depth

  76. Rather he scores 3 in the first half game over cant handle some of close ones.

  77. I was being optimistic.

  78. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:26 pm, August 21, 2014

    a bit of drama does not do any harm
    we can win 6-0 vs spurs don't worry!

  79. These are the options for the team next season.

    ----------------------------------------Migs / Jones--------------------------------------

    ------------Skrtel / Toure/ Coates------------Lovren / Sahko/ Agger--------------
    Manquillo / Johnson / Flanagan---------------------------------Moreno / Enrique

    -------------Henderson / Lucas / Allen-----------Gerrard / Can--------------------

    -----------------------------------Sterling / Coutihno-----------------------------------
    Lallana / Ibe------------------------------------------------------Ballotelli / Markovic

    -----------------------------Sturridge / Ballotelli/ Lambert----------------------------

    There are a lot of options and possible formations there. Another keeper and DM would be ideal, maybe a winger if Ibe goes on loan, but even if this is our transfer business done, it has been a good summer, with now some seemingly solid options in each position.
    Now all that's left is to get them to play together (the easy part)...

  80. Well Pete lets see what BR can do with him first maybe he has learnt a few lessons many would have had similar sentiments with 1 Suarez character.
    Yes he got into trouble too much on field rubbish old Luis but he was a match winner.
    The thing is Pete there is very little out there in the way of quality strikers and this is a low risk investment.
    Seriously 50 mill for Cavani or Falcao is just too much of a risk and its doubtful they would want to stay anyway.

  81. Last thing i need at 3 am is to go pacing around and carrying on like a mad man who needs heart tablets.

  82. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:35 pm, August 21, 2014

    we could also sometimes play 352 ,diamond mostly
    a formation baloteli excels in
    ..............................henderson ...............lallana/gerrard

  83. Been a lot of changes the next few years windows will pale in comparison numbers wise expect to see 1 big signing a year and a couple for the future from now on.

  84. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:36 pm, August 21, 2014

    like arsenal after that year when fabregas,clichy and nasri left

  85. Exactly, of our most likely starting 11, Gerrard,Skrtel and Hendo will be the only players left from pre-Rodgers eras, with Sterling being brought up full time by him. Even most of the back-up 11 will have been signed by him. It is a Rodgers team, now lets see how they perform.

  86. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:49 pm, August 21, 2014

    gano is saying lfc are trying to sign eto as well

    anyone know anything about it?

  87. I read his post, "use Gerrard wisely from the bench". So drop him then? Why people are calling for our captain to be dropped after the season he had last time is absolutely beyond me. Who exactly are we gonna replace him with? There's nobody in our squad who can give us what Gerrard gives us. The Southampton game was one game, Coutinho was poor too so do we drop him as well?

  88. Nicolas Chamberlain1:50 pm, August 21, 2014

    I'm very excited. 16M is almost a steal. McCormack went for 11M and Shane Long cost Southampton 12M and the mancs payed double this amount for a LB. Let's hope he is willing to fulfill his limitless potential.

  89. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:52 pm, August 21, 2014

    balotelli vs germany euro 2012

    is the one you will see every week when br starts working with him

  90. Looks like a done deal. Mario is coming to Liverpool and he's bringing all his bags with him. I don't know if I'm supposed to be excited or scared. This could work out really really well or ... not.

  91. Nicolas Chamberlain1:55 pm, August 21, 2014

    Koptalk is stating this as well. In case of Borini leaving we will sign an extra striker. Lambert will be our 4th choice striker. Not too bad.

  92. The blueprint to beat LFC: Press high man-mark Gerrard & overwhelm the midfield with pace & skill!

  93. You've taken it upon yourself!

    While I disagree with your point of view, I understand why you feel the way you do, and I admire your passion.

    I just hope your passion remains as high in a positive way when he scores 15 goals for us this year :)

  94. Will someone please make a Liverpool version of the "Why Always Me?" t-shirt?

  95. Maybe married life will be the key to settlling him down...he's married to an international fashion model...look what marriage to an IFM did to that wild man Gerrard!

  96. I think Borini could be a valuable contributor for us in some of the domestic tournaments when we want to give Sturridge a rest.

    Though if we sold him, I wouldn't mind giving some of the younger players a chance to develop in those games as well.

  97. They go through the roof if he gets a magic mushroom, flower - and is indestructible if he gets a shiny star.

  98. All this hyperventaliting over Balotelli's arrival makes me think of yet another potential problem...what is Sturridge thinking about all this hype over yet another side-show Bob taking the spotlight off his performances?

  99. Why do we need another MF at all? We have to enlarge the bench just to seat them all now!

  100. "I will no longer be stuck in isolation like I was against Southampton last weekend and it will in turn help me get more goals and assists which will make me more money when I reach the incentives in my contract"

    - Unconfirmed Daniel Sturridge Stream of Consciousness Thoughts This Morning

  101. My point was ACM want nothing more to do with him.

  102. did you watch the game on sunday?... he ran his socks off made a number of defensive clearences, tackles and interceptions. his ability to look up and spot the runner from deep is second to none. i dont even have to mention his range and passing ability.

  103. Could be some friction - but there has to be competition, it would have to be up to Sturridge to steal the spotlight. Otherwise can't see anything wrong with Balotelli coming in - he's good at freekicks, long shots, headers, and adds quality to the sqaud.

  104. I love your enthusiasm mate. Long May it continue!

  105. he just made 2 tackles and maybe 1 interception and wanyama made 10 tackles and 3 interception

  106. fair call.. but usually we have the runners in hendo and now we have can putting in defensive efforts too. I still wouldn't want to sacrifice his long range passing. its too essential to our play style.

  107. Did he have a problem with Suarez? I'd suggest he was happy the press were not after him. It's not nice being a football player in front of the English media, I guess any footballing nation's press. In all the time that Suarez was under scrutiny did anyone ever talk about anything else except Sturridge's on-field achievements? Not that you'd wish to have some lunatic in your team who constantly gets himself negative attention, but I can't imagine Sturridge was ever crying himself to sleep wondering why the press didn't write more articles about him. He's properly recognised for what he does, he's now an automatic pick for England and at the absolute peak of his career. If Balotelli helps Liverpool be a successful football team then that's a good thing for Sturridge. I'm not sure he cares if the gossip mags write about his eccentricities.

    At least most people posting here are still a bit speculative about how it will all work out. You're the only one thoroughly convinced it's a bad idea and having a proper sulk about it. Even JK doesn't mind him. Seriously! JK is more positive about this than you are!

  108. The whole liability thing is over-hyped IMO. My theory is that as big as player's egos are, owners/managers egos can eclipse those of the biggest egomaniacs.
    Take City, they not only had issues with Ballo, but also Tevez (that would have been the perfect signing), and Toure, and who knows who else.
    AC Milan, owned by the Berlusconis - Bunga Bunga Parties, etc. - They welcomed the "little black boy" to the family, have gone through several managers, might not be the greatest place to develope.
    And there are others too - look at Napoli, and their exodus - Lavezzi, Cavani, Walter Mazzari(manager), De Sanctis - all key members, left even though they were adored by local fans, and had decent finishes in the Serie A - the owner is a total douche - something tells me this has something to do with it.
    Dude is now 24, is getting married, and is at a point where he needs to prove his worth in order to play at the highest level, and command the wages he wants. Think it's a shrewd signing if it comes off.

  109. Buddy, IMO a quality DM signing definitely wouldn't hurt. Gerrard can do a job there, but there's better out there.

  110. This is the biggest gamble since Cantona to Man U.
    It has similar potential, both for on field performances and off field problems (drop kick spectator anybody?)
    Not my choice, but if he becomes an LFC player then he has my support.
    Think of it as Borini + £2m and it begins to make more sense. Would you rather have £2m (+the difference in wages) and Borini come on if Sturridge was injured or we needed a goal?

  111. Given the likelihood of Balotelli coming, do you still think Borini would stay? Obviously they know each other but how many games could Borini expect to get realistically? Surely he'd rather play regular for Sunderland than a couple of league cup games for us? I admire loyalty but is that what he's showing or a cross between stupidity, lack of ambition and a mercenary desire to get the highest wage packet whether he plays or not?

  112. Funk Doc we have been crying out for an athletic enforcer since 2008, when J Mascherano(30) left the club, he was 23/24 at the time.

    Geoffrey Kondogbia(21) is a class, quality player but Monaco brought him from Seville last year and signed him on 5 year deal.

    We could not sign him for no less than £20-£30M

    But B Rodgers should bring in E Capoue(26) Of Tottenham or C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle for £6-£16M

  113. And why do you think they man mark him? Obviously because he's one of our best players and he makes us tick. So why would we drop him?

  114. Yeah Adam i do mean Mourinho(51) and Mancini(49), thanks for that

  115. Can shoud get the job and we already have him.

  116. No i mean't A Madrid pay us £5M plus T Alderwield(26) for D Agger(29) as he desperately wants out.

    And then we can ship out the two poor terrible centre backs of S Coates(24) and K Toure(33) two accidents always waiting to happen.

    L Leiva(27) R Benitez has wanted for the last two seasons, but he will try to get him on the cheap skate thing. ( Loan) B Rodgers should only accept a permanent deal of £8-£12M

    So then he can add £4-£6M and bring in either E Capoue(26) Of Tottenham or C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle for £7-£16M to come and protect out back 4 and bring the player we have been screaming out for since 2008 ( When J Mascherano was sold)

  117. You mean city?

  118. Really exciting times. I do hope we shift Agger, Assaidi and Coates most. These are players who are either big earners, or who should really have made their mark in the team on a regular basis and at least give us something to argue about - they haven't. I loved Agger as much as anyone, but that is one expensive medical patient! Can't be doing with it, and he no longer has that physical prowess and has been long overdue a 25 yard screamer.

    Now Balotelli is in the bag, I don't think Eto'o would be a bad addition. Chelsea weren't the biggest threat going forward last season and we'll create more chances that need tapping in - he could do that off the bench. If this happens, at the very least Borini needs to go out on loan. This is also his chance to fight his way back into the squad. The guy has a great attitude, seems well-liked and has a cracking shot - just needs to cool his head and read the game better. You can't do that coming off the bench with 15 minutes to prove yourself.

    However, scenario-A would be to recoup that money. How much have we spent, little over £100m, with close to £30m still in the bank inc. the Suarez money...? Add £43m on to that £30m and there's your world class January tweaker right there, should we need it. Who knows what the Reus situation will be like then, and how appealing LFC will be to any world class player.

    We might still just better our league position from last season - f&%#ing moist!!! YNWA

  119. Yeah, just taking the mick!

  120. Again, I agree. Back then I knew Lucas would never be the answer but as time has passed & his pace has dwindled it's more obvious now! Tiote would be a good option, I'd even take Steve N'zonzi for what he offers.

  121. An athletic enforcer is harder to mark as they could beat the marker with pace, skill or brute force or all of the above. Gerrard's pace has gone, has never been blessed with skill, has strength but wouldn't say it dominates players. Look at all the players mentioned by myself or twistsdee11 they all will do a better job at protecting the back 4 than SG. It's not disrespectful but harsh reality!

  122. Its absurd how many of us fans becomes these militant accountants hungry for transfer fees like its our own money. I personally don't give too much of a toss whether the books are being balanced all the time. So many examples of players staying and becoming huge, if for only a season or two. Yeah we should move players on, for good fees, but I think we can all take a chill pill in getting so excited about players needing to be pushed out the door. We are better than that.

    In my opinion, no one needs to go, but in all likelihood some may go for their own good. 12 months ago we all would have been so hurt had World Class Dagger left for city, or Barca. he showed decent loyalty and we are so quick to turn on him. I like how Borini wants to make a go of it. He has been injured way too often for us to really know what kind of player Borini is. He may prove valuable if he stays. The point is, if players want to leave then by all means there is the door, but while they wear the crest there is always hope these guys can turn it around.

    I do know that BR is ruthless. More so, I feel from time to time, than even The Rafa was. So fear not the Kop Army, we will see some sales soon enough I am sure.

  123. Yes I did but I also know he's no spring chicken and we have 60 odd games coming up which is too much to ask of him. So at any given time Lucas or Allen will have to come in and that is just not good enough. Gerrard can pass from whatever position. He can do that playing in the Xavi role as well. Feck he'd probably be able to do it from CB. And will probably even be a better one than Sakho too.

  124. We have Can? Where was Can? Did you see Can play? Do you want Can as the only backup to Gerrard?

  125. Yeah the other lad mentioned Capoue and Tiote, I thought he was joking. Nobody in their right mind would replace Gerrard with either of those two. To call them average is being generous.

  126. People forget how BR struggled to sign players when he first came in. We were lucky Borini signed. Even Sigurdsson didn't rate us. Bony wasn't signed because it was evident that without UCL, Suarez and Sturridge were going to start the majority of the games and that the club preferred to buy Sturridge ahead of Bony.My opinion, BR doesn't rate Bony that highly, because if he moves for Balotelli, or even Eto'o, that alone speaks volumes.

  127. Great strategy; There's always a formula to beat even the best, but realistically, how many can do that?

  128. Exactly. 2 years ago we were trying (unsuccessfully, thank heavens) to sign Dempsey from Fulham. We managed only Assaidi who nobody had heard of.
    This week we've been after Falcao, Cavani, and now Balotelli. Maybe even Reus.
    Now THAT'S progress..

  129. Name me at least 3 players with the attributes that you've mentioned that are not playing for a high caliber team and are available for transfer at a reasonable fee?

  130. Protecting the back 4 yes, but we also need a distributor from the back to stop teams isolating players like Skrtyl and letting him have the ball and try to pass into midfield as often happens. We need that midfield range that SG gives us

  131. Song has no pace. More often than not, plays the Henderson role.

  132. Exactly. Even Masch was not that hot re distribution

  133. Masch could only do that side of things and needed Xabi alongside him to distribute and dictate. Who does that in your team?

  134. For the last time: Tiote is just a ball chasing thug and nowhere near LFC quality.
    Capoue is better, but hasn't done anything at Spurs to prove he can take up such an important position- he just hasn't settled into the PL consistently
    Still, it's your right to rate them if you want. I don't.

  135. Distribution is important, I agree & IMO Hendo will help in this area. To address fix70 Villa & Saints are just two examples of mid table teams whose midfield could potentially overwhelm ours. That's not the point, look at our top 4 rivals especially City & Chelsea they have an excellent balance of brawn & skill, they've had this for years yet we've never addressed this problem.
    fix70 the following players could do play that enforcer role: Wanyama, Yusuf Mulumbu, Diame, Tiote, Capoue, Steve N'zonzi, M 'villa that's off the top of my head & they wouldn't break the bank. We wouldn't need them to distribute but to just break up play! Last Sunday Wanyama physically dominated the middle & we were very lucky. You would either have to drop Lucas or SG, playing the two would be detrimental.
    Twistadee is right about never really replacing Masch or Momo. I like Can as he has the physical attributes but I'd doubt he'd just want to sit in front of the back 4! I believe this is the last area to tweak before we have a real chance of winning the league.

  136. Disagree we had two opportunities to sign Bony, during Benitez's reign & just before he signed for Swansea. He was also available for less than Borini with a better pedigree. Having 2 great strikers & 1 very good one may have been the difference last season. Hope you're not suggesting we couldn't compete with Swansea? Borini was never the player we needed, a waste! I feel sorry for him as I feel he's wasting his time, no hindsight was needed to tell you he'll never make the grade. BR has learnt from his mistake & quite rightly looking for any opportunity to flog him !

  137. Lucas has never ever had or pace, S Gerrard 6 years ago did, but no longer has the legs, mobility or pace to play in a mobile young pacey quick side.
    E Capoue(26) Of Tottenham Or C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle should be brought to club, both are better Defensively than A Song(26) and they are both better DM than A Song(26).
    B Rodgers should bring E Capoue(26) to the club for £6-£9M this summer

  138. The person who will and should take over from S Gerrard(34) is P Coutinho(22).
    B Rodgers should build the side around Coutinho(22) and for the next 7-10 years we will see this little Magician show case his talents and get better and better
    J Henderson(24) is always improving but he needs to improve offensively on creating and scoring more goals a season.
    P Coutinho(22) is the person B Rodgers needs to build side around

  139. I can understand Rodgers decisions about Borini (we have a good offer for him), Robinson (he seems like he cannot do the big breakthrough) and Assaidi (it was never meant to be). But I think that he has to take care about a fourth CB option (please for God, not Kolo Toure). Coates is a young lad and he had a decent preseason cup, so maybe he has a future in LFC. Dagger is a terrific player but he will not accept to stay out of first eleven (so maybe he has to leave and I'm sad about it). For me the list is not complete because I think that Rodgers wants Lucas out as well, but that remains to be seen...

  140. I think a class quality GK is needed to keep S Mignolet on his toes and challenging for his place week in week out is needed.
    An Athletic mobile tough tackling Defensive Enforcer / Midfielder is desperately needed at club to protect back four and with way we play with Attacking full backs, we need that insurance.
    And hopefully M Balotelli(24) and M Reus(25) are the last parts needed in attacking jigsaw

  141. Greg, A Song(26) is better Offensively than he is defensively just at Barcelona and Arsenal the centre midfielders he was and is up against are much better than him technically and offensively so he played the DM Position

  142. S Gerrard(34) has been an amazing great loyal servant but he does not have the energy legs, mobility or pace that he had 8 seasons ago to play the DM Role well and protect back four.
    Mourinho has got rid of most of his golden oldies: A Cole, F Lampard and now it looks like Cech is on way out.
    B Rodgers needs to be the same with S Gerrard(34) but play him from bench, don't ship him out as the premiership is getting younger fitter players in league year after year and getting quicker and S Gerrard(34) and L Leiva(27) do not have the energy, legs, mobility or pace to cope anymore in the centre of park as DM

  143. The season just started let Stevie warm up first he did make the pfa top 6 last year.

  144. Pirate of da East12:49 am, August 22, 2014

    No disrespect to Captain fantastic but 45 minutes should be what he get from now on forward.

  145. gee you talk some rubbish

  146. not pace you look for its work rate and he has a high one of those.

  147. TWIST,
    You and I agree on nearly everything, including SG. BR is facing a nearly impossible task given a declining yet iconic hero like Stevie. He can still pass better than most players in the league and is stone cold lethal on free kicks. I advocated using SG like Man U did with Scholes and Giggs but it sure won't be easy for BR or anyone to handle that....

  148. No i mean't A Madrid pay us £5M plus T Alderwield(26) for D Agger(29) as he desperately wants out.

    Agger (29), Sakho (24), Lovren (25), Skrtel (29) and Toure (33) with Ilori and Wisdom both 21 out on loan. Now, if you swap Agger + 5m for Alderweireld (25), do you expect Alderweireld to be 4th choice replacing Agger? He is 25 and is in need of first team. Toure is a good 4th choice because he is not expected to play alot of games. And when his contract expires, Ilori and Wisdom returns, which also means, Skrtel could be shipped out next summer. Alderweireld is actually better off at Man Utd, Spurs and even Everton. At Arsenal and City, he'll b 3rd choice, which is not too bad either. The best deal for Liverpool is selling Agger for 10m + one season's loan for Alderweireld. But that would not do much justice to the player should he b on the bench most of the time.

  149. If that he should start from the bench always.

  150. Definately Bro, S Gerrard(34) has been an amazing, world class , great servant and player to the club but no longer has the energy, legs, mobility or pace/speed to play in a young pacey quick side, in the quickest league in the world.

    Which year in year out is bringing in younger, fitter and quicker players to the league.

    S Gerrard(34) should be eased into games from 65mins on he may make a difference with a set piece, but B Rodgers should give the youngsters the chance. As S Gerrrard(34) has been a consistant performer for the last 10-14 years.

    And now needs to slowly be eased out of side, he should start taking up his coaching badges.

  151. D Agger(29) desperately wants out and A Madrid are interested. T Alderwield(26) wants out of A Madrid, so doesn't it make sense that we do a swap deal for T Alderwield(26) and get £5M Cash also

    As K Toure(33) and S Coates(24) are simply not good enough for club and should both be shipped out,

    T Llori(20) and Wisdom(20) will both be loaned out again next season mark my words,

    The future centre back partnership for next four years if fully fit injury free and suspension free will be Lovren(24) and Sakho(24)

    M Skrtel(29) has maybe two seasons of top class quality football left in him.

    And T Alderwield(26) would bring more class, quality than K Toure(33) and S Coates(24) together.

    So it should be a NO Brainer, T Alderwield(26) should be signed permanently or on loan this summer and as he can play RB aswell we can definately off load and ship out the abyzmal, diabolical G Johnson(29) who for last two seasons has been shocking to say the least.

  152. Personally, with the outlay that has been so far, I think giving those players a chance to fight for their place might bring out the best in them, as was the case, I believe with Skrtel, who knuckled down and displayed improvement. Either they do likewise and prove themselves to Rodgers, or throw in the towel, an depart without whinging. We'll have to see who is which.

  153. Think you need to read my posts again pal, I'm dead against dropping Gerrard. I think the people calling for him to be dropped don't really understand the game. They seem to think just putting an athletic muscular player in there will solve our problems, if that's the case why don't we just put a cheeky bid in for Usain Bolt. In reality the defensive midfield position is all about positioning and reading of the game. Makele who was the master of this position wasn't a giant but he read the game, plugging the gaps and getting his toe in when needed. Different names have been mentioned such as Tiote or Capoue who in reality are average footballers who would not get into our team. Gerrard does so much more for us than just playing defensive midfield, he's our playmaker too. He sprays the ball around, setting off attacks with his diagonal long balls which is vital for the way we play. I think in the long run Henderson or Can will take his place as I see a bit of Gerrard in both of them but not yet, Stevie still has a few miles left in the legs yet.

  154. Drop the guy who scored 13 goals and assisted 13 more. While we're at it why don't we drop Sturridge cos he scored 25 last year didn't he? And Sterling is looking pretty good, let's drop him too. This is not FIFA pal, in reality you play your best players because they are the ones that win games.

  155. Zulu, S Gerrard is 34 not 24. He is coming to the end of his tether, he cannot go on forever.

    Chelsea have Matic, Ramires and Obi Mikel who can protect back 4 well as DM.

    Man City have Fernando and Fernandinho

    Do you think it was a coincidence that Chelsea and Man City have the best defensive records in the league?

    Because they have awesome defence and some serious mobile tough tackling Barriers in front of their defence also

  156. Did Ramires, Mikel or Matic score 13 goals and 13 assists? No they didn't, Gerrard out performed them all last season.

  157. S Gerrrard(34) is the DM, The DM role is not there to create or score goals here is there to protect back four, stop attacks and top the oppositions best players dictating play.

    Did Mascherano, Sissoko or Makele ever score 13 goals ever in a season? No but on their days the were the best at protecting back four and making it hard for teams to get through defence without battle.

  158. So the amount of goals we conceded was all Gerrards fault? You keep going on about Gerrards age but that is just a number, if he's still doing the business, which he is what does it matter how old he is. You also mentioned a whole host of players who should replace him and not one of them is good enough to play for us. You also mention mobility and physicality when that has absolutely nothing to do with playing Dm, in reality it's all about positioning and reading the game. One of the best defensive midfielders I've ever seen was Hamann. Was he quick and mobile? No infact he was as slow as anything I've seen but he read the game and got his tackles in and that's what made him effective. If Gerrard was left out of our team, the team will be significantly weakened because he is still one of the best midfielders around .

  159. Gerrard(34) and Lucas(27) are now the DM's in the squad.

    Define the word Defensive midfielder

    And what there main roles are:

    And we conceded 50 goals last season and looked slack against Southampton, so that position needs desperately being addressed.