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Molby urges BR to sign 'top-class' Christian Eriksen

In June 2012, Liverpool legend Jan Molby argued that Ajax star Christian Eriksen 'is nowhere near the finished article', and warned his old club to ignore the hype over the talented youngster. The Reds have been persistently linked with a move for the Danish maestro recently, and Molby now believes the time is right for Liverpool to make a move for the player.

Speaking to reports last year, Molby warned:

"There is a lot of hype about Christian.

"All the top clubs have been looking at him because he has clearly got all the ­ingredients to one day become a top, top player.

"He is nowhere near being the finished article yet though, and I don’t think he is anywhere near ready to move to one of the elite European clubs".

In an interview last week, Ajax director of football Mark Overmars told De Telegraaf:

"We've seen the list of foreign scouts who visited our games and Liverpool was often present"

Fellow Dane Molby has now changed his mind about Eriksen, and in his column for the Liverpool Echo today, he argued that the 21-year old is 'at the stage now where he needs to take the next step', and urged the Reds to make a serious move to sign him this summer:

"Eriksen’s development has been sharp, and he is growing with every game he plays. I’d love to see him at Liverpool, and he is exactly the type of player Liverpool should be looking at.

"He’s a classy player. An old-fashioned number 10 in many ways. He has two great feet, he sees passes and has added goals to his game in recent weeks. He has all of the tools in his locker to be a real top class player".

The Eriksen transfer saga has been rumbling along for more than a year now; the £20m-rated Dane made countless public statements on his future, and his latest comments are typically non-committal:

"I don’t know if I will be an Ajax player after the summer - we will see what happens. I don’t exclude anything. I haven’t received a detailed offer of a contract extension yet, but my agent has had talks with the club regarding that matter.”

Fellow Dane Daniel Agger is a big fan of Eriksen, and in May 2012, he told Ekstra Bladet:

"Eriksen has the potential to become world-class. There are no boundaries to what he can achieve. He really is a weapon for us [Denmark]. He adds creativity, and always wants the ball. He's also capable of taking set pieces with both feet. The way he kicks the ball is truly unique".

Have a word, Jan and Dan! Get him to sign for LFC :-)

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rubyrm said...

Get him. He is the gem we have been missing. With PC we have the potential to be at the top.

DerBaumMann said...

Tream Transfer

Jason Carr said...

yes we want him must be the tenth time we have talked about him;-)

Alanable said...

It will be tough to convince him to come to Anfield. I would imagine there would be a few Champions League teams going for him in the summer and unless we throw loads of cash at him he will probably opt for them. Hope I'm wrong though!

billy said...

Hopefully Agger could have a big part to play in this. Also talk that Ajax want Assasidi and he will be used in the deal??

Eric said...

There is also the fact of playing regularly that may work for us. What's the point in ending your career at 21 to sit on the bench at the Bernabeu or Della Alpi?

Eric said...

Idle speculation, Ajax were interested last year but they know about his attitude problems and wouldn't value him too highly. I mean, we bought him for 3 million, even Dutch clubs can put up that much money so that's not the reason they didn't end up signing him last summer.

Funkdoc said...

Agree Billy let's make the most of our Danish connection, someone have a word with Molby too! By the way how we're treating Assaidi is horrible! Is he that bad?
Eriksen looks very confident, just hope we're not ripped off!

rhn said...

I thought this website would always remain 'ad-free'? More bullshit, like when you said AVB was definitely going to be the new manager.

gilstrap said...

Jan may literally have to have a word as rogers doesn't speak to players he signs irwt

Alanable said...

Yeah! Hopefully that works in our favour. Unfortunately a lot of young players think they can conquer the world when they make these moves, Nuri Sahin for example. Liverpool would be a great place for him to continue his development while making a step up.

Eric said...

Royston Drenthe too. Patrick Kluivert. Didn't quite work out for them did it? One can only hope people have been paying attention. But even if we don't sign him, there are others like him. He's not that unique.

VermHat said...

I don't understand what point you are making. Drenthe has had a decent career, though nothing special whereas Kluivert had a great career, he just burned out a bit young. He still managed to become the all-time top scorer for Holland, score 4 in a single game in the Euros and be top scorer in the competition, win La Liga and win the European Cup.

VermHat said...

I think you mean Dream Dransfer.

Zanatos said...

would love him to come to us. Another option to the list and a good player.

john3454 said...

He'll go to a CL side

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