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3/31/2013 08:15:00 pm

LFC chase 'formidable' €10m star with same strike-rate as Ibrahimovic. Summer bid...?

Liverpool have been linked with PSG striker Kevin Gameiro several times over the last six months, and reports in France this weekend suggest that Carlo Ancelotti is willing to let him go in the summer.

According to french newspaper Le Parisien:

"Gameiro's agent has established solid contact with three clubs: Aston Villa, Liverpool and Valencia, but they will have to pay the €10m requested by PSG"

In December, The Guardian claimed:

"Liverpool will try to secure Kevin Gameiro on an initial six-month loan from Paris St-Germain should the [Sturridge] deal collapse".

Then, in January, The Telegraph stated:

"Liverpool are pressing ahead with a loan bid for Paris St-Germain striker Kevin Gameiro, despite the imminent arrival of Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea"

The arrivals of Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ezequiel Lavezzi have relegated Gameiro to the sidelines at PSG, and with only fives starts for the club this season, the 25-year old would probably welcome a move in a bid to get first team football.

Despite his lack of pitch time, Gameiro - who cost PSG €11m in the summer of 2011 - has grabbed 6 goals in 5 starts for PSG this season, and his stats for the last three completed seasons are good, but not great:

* 51 goals/12 assists in 114 appearances.
* Goal every 2.2 games
* Goal/assist every 1.8 games

In January, PSG coach Antoine Kombouare outlined Gamiero's qualities:

"Gameiro is mentally strong, and has great self-belief. He is able to make space for himself, but he is, above all, a formidable goalscorer, and is in the right place at the right time"

Gameiro came off the bench on Friday to score the winning goal against Montpelier, prompting praise from PSG boss Carlo Ancelotti:

"Gameiro showed he has high levels of concentration. Maybe I should give him more game time as he scored an important goal, and this is not the first time"

Gameiro may only be a bit-part player for PSG this season, but he has the same strike rate as Zlatan Ibrahimovic: one goal every 94 minutes, which is vastly superior to Lavezzi, who is also often preferred to Gameiro.

I'm sure most fans would concede that any team challenging for honours needs at least three class strikers, and although SAS has promise, another striker is definitely needed to compete with them.

Should it be Gameiro, though? If Gameiro is struggling for first-team football at PSG, would he be a regular starter ahead of SAS at Liverpool?

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11 August 2014

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trutherts said...

yes would be a great signing and will definatley add depth which is what we are missing at the moment along with some consistency

liverpool4life565 said...

If I'm honest I rather go after bentekke, sign him,Ericsson (put in assaidi part of the deal) a physical midfielder(wanyama) an 3 new centre backs, sell skrtel. Il be happy with that.

kunle said...

would pick him over borini anyday

gbole said...

if we could trick them into taking borini that would be great

VermHat said...

Could be a good option, but not a priority. Important, but not essential.
Side note: I don't like the acronym SAS for Suarez and Sturridge.

billy said...

He is a good player....I would prefer Benteke.

billy said...

I woul like these signings....

Skrtel 10m - Williams 10m
Coates 5m - Stephan De Vrij 10m
Shelvey8m - Eriksen 15m

Spearing1m - Wanyama 10m

CArroll 10m - Benteke.15m

These are the positions thats need filling with players that need to leave liverpool. I personally would send shelvey out on loan, with sterling and Suso. We obviously need comp for enrique/reina but we can't do everything this summer.

Brian said...

Am i reading this wrong or are you selling and loaning out Shelvey?

Patrick Ó Fearghasa said...

Assaidi in the Eriksen deal is a good idea because they do want him but would only be about £2m off..

Gano1 said...

Swap Carroll for Benteke????

billy said...

haha. Our midfield would be very crowded. I have always prefered Shelvey over Hendo but Hendo has stepped up recently. I still think Shelvey will turn into the better player...I rather not sell either of them and get rid of allen.

liverpool4life565 said...

More than 2 million, we signed him for 3(with only a year on his contract) he was excellent in the Dutch league, he should be rated 6-8 million...and he only young... Good bargaining chip to have

gilstrap said...

if we are clearing the decks these are the players who should go...borini, allen, assaidi, coates,skirtel,carroll,spearing,......would love all the players billy lists except williams ....trust me this guy is to slow for top 4 level

gilstrap said...

also add rogers to my list and bring in a proper coach ...who doesn't favor injured out of form players to pander his ego

gilstrap said...

houdini coudnt trick them into taking borini

gilstrap said...

id pick my mam over borini

gilstrap said...

thats the logical solution so it wont happen at anfield

gilstrap said...

jaimie on a side note gerrard played well todat but to hear rogers speaking about him you would think he turned water into wine.....this almost sycophantic gushing about one player in a team game cant be healthy...rogers is giving him god like status its bordering on ridiculous ..perhaps if hes as good as you say rogers we should sack you and make stevie g manager

Niall O'Reilly said...

Jamie I remember you said you watch Ligue 1 (I think you did lol) Whats your take on him?

Niall O'Reilly said...

Why dont you go support someone who is 'logical' then

liverpool4life565 said...

Gerrard deserved praise, Rodgers also praised Suarez,hendo,and coutinho your point is? Your getting abit like Jason....

Jaimie K said...

Good technique; a predator in front of goal, but not prolific enough. However, he has great mental strength; one of these players with single-minded determination on the field, and total confidence in his ability.

DerBaumMann said...

Sometimes I have to agree with girlstrap eventho I still believe he's the second account of Jason ;)

DerBaumMann said...

Said the same a few posts above ;)

DerBaumMann said...

Benteke can't be happy at his club, he's scoring regularly but the rest of the team is just not good/consistent enough for the premier league. If they go down we should definitely join the bid to get him. He's the player we would have expected Carroll to be. Still feel sorry for Carroll but that's another story!
Back to the point - I don't think benteke could resist joining a club on the top 10 of the premier league + he's the player type we have been looking for for years.
Another one of those types would be lukaku. Well he will score for Chelsea soon (expect him to be a regular starter next year or at lest to partner with ba) so I can't see a chance of getting him.
Would still love us to go for bony! A powerful goal machine!!

Zanatos said...

he wouldn`t be my first choice but i would still be happy if we signed him. We do need three top strikers competing for the two spots. I know this makes it harder for the youth to get through but they should be deamed as extras not apart of the top players lists. There is enough games for the youth get a chance to play and if impress get more games.

How much we have to spend will make the real difference on what players we should go for however keeping it realistic and in order I would like these positions filled

CB - Has to be top priority. 1 will do for now all this talk of signing 3 is to out there for me. Keep Skrtel as we need a back up defender and he is ok for that.

DM - Lucas is good and we have Allen as back up but I still think we need someone better someone more powerful to protect that back line more.

Striker - Suarez and DS are both great but DS seems to be out a lot.

AM - Gerrard plays deeper now so a new AM would be good.

I have no problem keeping Reina even though he has made some errors as he still performs ok.

We will need to sell some mids as we are overloaded in that area and even though I like the guy Shelvey would be the one I would sell as I think Hendo will turn out to be a really good player. If we got a new DM I would also then sell Allen as I can`t see him being good enough to get into the other mid spots either.

4 players isn`t too many to get in.

Carroll, Spearing, Shelvey, Coates and Assaidi to be sold.

Downing has been playing well so cant see the point in selling him and Borini hasnt really had a chance so would give one more season even though I don`t think he will make the grade, which is a shame. Assaidi may not have played much at all but has been fit so this tells me he isn`t up to it in training. Coates just looks out of place when he has played. I know he is young but something just doesn`t look right with him.

I can`t see us getting much for them five players, maybe 23mil in total but if we are given 20mil to spend thats still 43mil to get four players and doable

CB - Not sure on who yet.
DM -Wanyama 10mil

Striker - Gamerio - 8mil
AM - Erisken - 15mil

Leaving 10mil for the new defender. I think our team would be a lot stronger and look a lot better but still need a bit of work. The options up front would be amazing, with players able to play out left of in AM role or as striker. A nice choice between Lucas and Wanyama in the DM role. We could raise more selling Allen too but I think once you make to many changes it becomes a bit fantasy football as that just don`t happen in one season.

-----Johnson---Agger--New CB---Enrique---


Loads of other players who can come into too like Allen etc as one team can`t play all season and Lucas might start some not Wanyama and Hendo may start some etc but we would still look strong even when switching the team round, which has to happen as you just cant play the same players every single week. Loads of youth players too like Wisdom etc, just didn`t see the need to name everyone.

Zanatos said...

its worth noting he wouldnt be first choice either so a good player to have to cover when people are banned or injuried

Niall O'Reilly said...

Haha well it'd make sense alright :D

Niall O'Reilly said...

So he'd get your seal of approval?

Niall O'Reilly said...

Honestly though I think theres some real bargains to be had in some of the lower teams providing certain teams get relegated,ie Taarabt and Benteke,Those two are good players who'd be useful additions in their respective clubs go down...(But I think 'arry will keep QPR up though)

Jason Carr said...

i only have one account m8 iam here to be shot at i do not hide under aliases like some other posters lol;-)

rubyrm said...

Benteke is a beast. This guy is a menace. You could see the panic in our defenders every time he gets the ball.
Gameiro no thanks

Jaimie K said...

I wouldn't mind him signing, but not for €10m. €5m max, spend the money elsewhere.

simz said...

swap d folowin playrs -
benteke 4 carol
ince 4 downing
diame 4 spearing
williams 4 skrtl

gilstrap said...

id miss the ramblings of fools to much

Kay said...

€10 mill for Kevin gamerio is a steal. He is such a clinical finisher, he's out of the squad because of lavezzi and ibra but his striker rate is pretty clinical. He would add to our attack. I see a lot of people calling for benteke but I see him costing far to much especially if villa stay up. If villa wanted Carroll then yes that can be a deal with some additional money on our part.

gilstrap said...

not in the same way he praises gerrard ....its a team game .....

rowanb said...

sturridge would be the one loosing out if KG comes in. DS is lazy and inconsistent. he offers very little half of the time.

dont underestimate this guy, he is waiting to explode onto the scene if played regularly.

Zanatos said...

thats some statement after he scored 5 goals in 7 games for us, while tracking back loads.

rowanb said...

did you wantch the last 2 games he played, or for that matter 3/4 of his chelski career? did you hear rodgers kick up the ass in the last press conference? sturridge has a lot to prove. this is his last shot at a decent size club. otherwise its back to bolton where he can be the star

Stevo said...

Did you see Hendo's display V's Villa? what a game he had, he gets better and better with every game!

Charles said...

Player I Would Like:
Budget = 30-40 million
Reina 10-15 million Vorm 5 million-10 million
Carroll 15-20 million Eriksen 15 million-20 million
Shelvey 3- 5 million Xabi Alonso 8.5 million-15 million
Spering Free-2 million Dede 10 million - 15 million
Skrtel 5 - 7.5 million Ashley Williams 6.5 - 10 million
Downing Free - 5 million Gameiro (Loan)

That what i want to happen probably won't though

Niall O'Reilly said...

I suppose you're the almighty wise one and the rest of us are mere mortals who peril in your infinite wisdom...

kopite96 said...

we need Alonso sakho eriksen and ben arfa

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