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12 Mar 2013

'We'll see' - Exciting €25m striker who rejected Rafa hints at June exit. Bid...?

Serbia coach Sinisa Mihajlovic recently claimed that Stevan Jovetic could leave Fiorentina this summer, and over the last week, both Jovetic himself and Viola Director Daniele Prade have suggested that the 23-year's time at the club could be coming to an end.

Jovetic has constantly been linked with a move to Anfield over the last few years. Indeed, In 2012, Italian Newspaper Corriere dello Sport reported that Liverpool put in a €22m bid for Jovetic, and all recent evidence suggests a move away is on the cards:

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia last night, Jovetic said:

"The transfer market? It has been talked about my contract and my future since the beginning of the season. In June we'll see. Right now, I'm focused to score as many goals as possible and to make lots of assists for team-mates."

* Last week, Fiorentina Director Daniele Prade told Corriere dello Sport:

"A decision on his [Jovetic's] future will be taken in June together with the player. Andrea Della Valle made him a promise last year and he's not one to break his promises. If we do sell, we prefer him to go abroad, though".

* In February, Mihajlovic - who managed Jovetic for a year between 2010 and 2011 - told Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport:

"I consider Jovetic to be one of the best players in Serie A, but right now he is not playing at his level. I am no longer in Florence, so I cannot say for sure what the problem is, but it’s evident he is suffering because of something and if things don’t change I think he could leave at the end of the season"

* At the end of 2012, Viola general manager Sandro Mencucci confirmed that Jovetic will leave at the end of this season. He told reporters:

"He [Jovetic] will leave, but the club has worked out a deal: Stay another year so we can plan for your departure at the end of the season"

In September 2012, Fiorentina Technical Director Eduardo Macia - who worked as Chief Scout at Liverpool between 2006 and 2010 - conceded that keeping 20m-rated Jovetic at Fiorentina would be 'very difficult', and hailed the striker's massive influence on the club:

"Jovetic? He is a fantastic player, who eventually will play for another club. To us his contribution on the field is similar to that of Steven Gerrard at Liverpool. This summer we decided that Jovetic was not to be put on the market and he understood this perfectly, despite the offer of Juventus."

In November 2012, Rafa Benitez admitted that he tried to sign Jovetic in the summer of 2009, claiming the striker would've helped the Reds 'build on the previous year's title challenge'.

Liverpool look at their most effective with Luis Suarez playing off a dedicated frontman, but what happens if Sturridge is injured/out of form etc? The recent West Brom and Zenit games showed how ineffective the team can be without that structure in place, so the Reds arguably need another striker to provide depth and competition.

If €25m-rated Jovetic does become available, shouldn't Liverpool, at the very least, put in a bid? A three-pronged attack of Suarez, Sturridge and Jovetic? It's the stuff dreams are made of.

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  1. 23 years old, he might be a little too old for the people in power at LFC right now. Their phillosphy is similar to that of a US Corporation, why pay for experience, when you can get a 14 year old foreigner for cheap.

  2. Niall O'Reilly9:02 pm, March 12, 2013

    What if we actually got him in the summer of 09 and the H&G crap that followed didnt happen,perhaps we would have won the title,but I digress :( .......and if we signed this lad I'd have a slight mess in my trousers :D He IS the level of player we need to get us to the next level,The real question is can we sign those players with the position we are currently in?

  3. I sense a lot of sarcasm in your comment, but FSG have bought British amd foreign and some 23 and older players. I think their policy makes sense, if it all goes wrong-we can sell the player as they will have a sell on value. And if it goes right, we can still sell on as theyre value will have soared and again they will be young enough for a sell-on value.

  4. Cash + Borini, Simples

  5. Name one fourteen year old foreigner. After the experience with Hicks and Gillett l can't find much wrong with the "people in power at LFC right now". Liverpool are moving in the right direction without any unnecessary involvement ....... Patience !

  6. I believe he was using Sarcasm.

  7. I wonder if Carroll would like a move to italy? could he be used in some kind of deal which could help him find some kind of form and escape that price tag on his back.

     Seems like WHU are not convinced, fiorentina might be though, you never know what might happen, they may see carroll as there cup of expresso!

  8. Well, Barcelona signed Messi when he was 11, so, sometimes, that's not a bad philosophy ;-)

  9. I think this is the only way this move would go ahead.
    Unlikely but its the most realistic

  10. IF available i think you have to make a move for him even if hes unsuccessful.
    As someone said earlier maybe Borini + Cash ould be a possibility.
    I dont see it happening but it would be a pleasant suprise

  11. Direct swap for Carroll would be nice piece of business. Ah well. just wishful thinking. 

  12. I think we should keep Simples, because he is one of the top youngsters in Europe and very versatile.

    I see him becoming a big part of the team next season.

    Johnny Cash is dead, so we wont miss him, so I agree with selling him.

    I'm not familiar with Borini (it's Italian for Barista, I think?).

  13. Borini, and most likely a lot more money than they want to spend. It would be nice though Jovetic would be an incredible addition to the squad.I really hope he comes here!

    By the way, was listening to Talksport this afternoon, and the topic of Rooney leaving Manchester came up again, there was a joke about him going to Liverpool. It would never happen in a million years, but I'm curious to know if anyone on here would want Rooney on the pitch here. Part of me says yes, if money wasn't an option and we could play him against U. Part of me looks at how he goes into slumps... and also that he's always going to be one of them, and hopes he ends up a QPR or something. Just curious, like I said, it will never happen. But if it could, would you want him now?

  14. My first reaction to that question was a no so im gonna stick with it.
    No thank you

  15. Off topic but we are being linked with Feghouli alot recently which makes me think its a better chance of getting him then jovetic.
    I mean we Valencia are being ruin by the government right now arent they? so i'd assume a cheaper price on players.

  16.  Messi was 4

  17. Man the number of attackers we are linked with is just insane. I will take Eriksen as top choice while Ben Arfa is excellent too. We need a new centre back pls and maybe someone to seriously challenge Lucas. I totally agree Jovetic is also excellent and these are the type of players we should be linked with...like BR said quality and not quantity. Lets see if his quality means WC or potential to be WC kind of players.

    Anyway, lets not get too excited and hope we can finish this season properly. Anything below where we were last season i will consider a failed season for BR, for me the jury is still out for him.

  18. not a chance, he'll goto another italian side.

  19. Mr. Point Of View7:31 am, March 13, 2013

    i still believe at the moment is other player choosing LFC or not...

  20. Liverpool can attract top quality if they secure a champion league which is a remote possibility but you never know..we'll loose our for champion league football if we loose or draw any further match because both arsenal and totteham don't any difficult fixtures left

  21. Why would he want to come to Liverpool ?
    Better of at united !

  22. Would be better of going to Man U than here , least he will win something IMO

  23. Would love Jovetic at the club. Classy player who has an eye for goal. Would suit the set up perfectly.

  24. If we want to exploit Valencia's ill fortune, before Feghouli, we should target Soldado, Banega, Cissokho or Rami. 

  25. I feel the Champion's League is a a bit over used excasue for us, not getting top players.  OK, for players like RVP, Bale or Suarez it might be, but still there are many quality players available & many of them are not in CL clubs. 

    I think, main reason for our previous failure had been non existance of a scouting team & a series of incompetent Managers in the form of Woy & KK.  I am seriously in doubt that, our previous Scouting unit did anything but watching Championship or PL relegation battles.  After the new regime, at least we are hearing the names of global talents, but previously, I felt Club Football is played only in England & Scotland. 

    Yes, we can't bring Neymar, Falco, Bale or CR (mainly for their price) without CL, but Suarez is staying with us, so did SG at his prime & I am sure quality players like Ben Arfa, Eriksson, Sakho, Extiveria, Ma' Villa, Emeneke, Bony or Benteke, CL is essential - still enough quality for a top 4 inish.

  26. Yeh cos he'll get loads of games there! He'd be first choice mos weeks here not guaranteed to be the case at united..

  27. Pretty sure he never rejected Rafa And it was down to H & G not giving him the funds to complete the deal that he'd agreed on