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7 Dec 2012

'I'm leaving' - £29m 30-goal LFC target confirms departure. Next stop Anfield...?

Last month, Basque public television channel Euskal Telebista (ETB), announced that Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente had 'informed the club's Directors' of his intention to leave. Since that annoucement, Llorente has denied constant reports about his plans to leave the club, but now, the Spaniard has given-in and admitted that he's definitely leaving in the summer.

Speaking to Reporters, Llorente - who recently revealed that he sought advice from ex-Liverpool stars Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres over a potential move to the Premier League - blasted the Press for creating 'bad feeling' between him and the club's fans, adding:

"Yes, I'm leaving on June 30. I want to try other things. The press has not really helped my renewal. It is one of the reasons that bad feeling has been generated towards me on the field [from the fans], and that's what has prompted me to not renew. That, along with many other things".

The Spaniard is having a tough time this season; he's made only five starts in 4 months (only one in La Liga), and he admits that he's struggling for confidence:

"Currently, the fact that I am not playing continually means I am perhaps lacking the confidence to put some goals away."

He insisted, however, that money is not an issue in his decision to leave the club. He explained:

"Let it be clearly stated - it is not an economic issue," he added. "Athletic's offer was irresistible"

Llorente's current deal contains a €36m (£29m), and given the striker's obvious value, it seems unthinkable that Bilbao will let him leave for nothing next summer. What kind of financial sense would that make?

As such, despite Bilbao manager Marco Bielsa's insistence yesterday that Llorente 'will not leave in January', if a decent offer comes in for the player, surely they'd have to take it?

On the other hand, Llorente's announcement could convince clubs to just wait till the summer so they save a shedload of money.

It's no secret that the Reds are long-term admirers of the Spanish star, and Llorente himself confirmed earlier in the year that representatives from Anfield 'came to Bilbao' to negotiate a possible transfer.

Llorente got 30 goals for Bilbao last season, and despite making only 5 starts this season, he's still managed to grab two goals and two assists.

If Liverpool can finish in the top four this season, which I personally feel is definitely possible, then Llorente could be a very viable target, especially if he's free.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. u going to get one right one day

  2. It's not about getting it 'right'. I don't post articles saying 'LFC will sign player X' - I post transfer news that has a good foundation (quotes/source), and give a opinion.

    Llorente says he is going to leave. That is news. I didn't say we would sign him.

    Why don't you open your eyes and see things how they really are instead of sniping?

  3. Jaimie,

    We are not going to finish in the Top Four this season.
    I don't share your optimism, because given how we have played against the top sides, we simply have not won against any of them.
    This also includes Tottenham who have a stronger squad than we do.
    Based on that Lorente will not come to LFC.
    That having been said, I don't really want Lorente, Hunttnlear, etc because of there age more.

    Not sure what the solution is but unless these guys come cheap why waste money on players that will only have maybe 2 top flight seasons in them before they deteriorate

  4. If you get this one right can i have lotto resultsIan ayre wont sign 4 players for 29 mil why Llorenti


  6. Next stop Anfield? Hope so.

  7. RAFASdaysWEREtheGLORYdays2:10 pm, December 07, 2012

    What LFC have to offer a stiker above any other club at the moment is an ideal opportunity to score goals.Everyone else at LFC is trying and failing apart from Suarez .Strikers live to score, surely the selling point of LFC to llorente will be we will make chance after chance after chance just for you in every game and alls you have to do is what you do best,do what noone else can do at LFC except Suarez who imo would be better supplying a striker like llorente.Llorente should realise he would have a field day at LFC because this guy is a fantastic all round player and would fit in perfect with LFC and overnight take us from nowhere to somewhere,theres no way we will get 4th this year unless he signs on 1st jan then we have a chance.

  8. Every top team we've played this year, bar Arsenal, we have taken it to them...

    Top four, while a distant target, IS possible... believe it! String of good results from now till January will have us firmly placed in the top 4 or just a hair's breadth off it...

    7 points is nothing at this stage of the season mate...
    Striker in January of good worth that can make an impact will have us competing.

  9. Llorente would be a fantastic signing for us.
    The guy is a genuine world class striker with a fantastic all-round game.

    If FSG are serious about getting us into the top 4, and we can get him for a reasonable fee, this is the guy we need.

    However... wer're gonna need some luck to land him.
    If Chelsea or City or any other cash rich club come in for him, I doubt we could match their wages.

    In short, if a bidding war erupts, we wont be able to compete for his signature.

  10. Fernando Llorente?He will much better joining LFC but transfer fee is the big problem.Too expensive to get fishing him.

  11. Players from Bilbao understand situation in their club(only Basq players policy) and almost never leave the club without replacement in line and they always sign long term deals even when they want to leave so the club never loses a player without compensation.

    Problem with Llorente is they became over reliable on him without the replacement and he passed the age in which they usually leave the nest but he still is a loyal player that loves to play in front of good supporters that understand football so I think he finds us suitable next destination.

    If we qualify for cl next season and if we are really interested- he is ours, and even if we don't we have a good chance.

    ps: Thank you Lucas Leiva.

  12. he is free in the summer.

  13. What, now Ian Ayre is the new Rick Parry who gets blamed for things when your championship manager dreams don't come true? I guess he's the one that signed Borini as well isn't he? If at all possible we should also blame him for the players Kenny signed right? Kenny only signed Suarez. And possibly Enrique.

  14. You also said Gylfi Sigurdsson is a done deal.

  15. And Ayre was one of the three people that rid us of Gillet and Hicks so show some respect for crying out loud. All LFC supporters worldwide owe a big thank you to him, Broughton and Purslow for doing what was right for the club after Moores sold us all out.

  16. No I didn't. Post the proof. I suggested based on his comments that there was a strong possibility of Sigurdsson joining LFC. I did not say it was a 'done deal' ever, so stop making things up.

  17. Yep, free in the summer.

    But if we leave it till then, I doubt he'll be coming to LFC because summer is when most clubs will be looking to bring in players for the start of the new season.
    And Llorente on a free is a no brainer, there'll me masive competeion for his signature at that time.

    Our best bet is to pick him up in January for a nominal fee, and hope none of the big clubs are interested in strengthening mid-season.

  18. You never know?.....

  19. sooner the better, of course. and read my post above about our chances in summer if you want

  20. not old, please stop sayin that...

  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if his contract expires in the summer then we could tie him down on a pre-contract in Jan right? Essentially guaranteeing him at anfield next season

  22. On a seperate note: I watch reserve team games every now and then and I'm shocked we haven't given Dani Pacheco a chance to show his worth. He has been doing exceptionally well in the reserves since he moved over but we have not seen a manager put confidence in him. Wouldn't mind him leading the line against West Ham this weekend!

  23. No, I won't post proof. I don't feel it necessary to justify you, besides you can delete any comments...its your own site.

  24. You sound like quite the optimist!

    Well, a guarentee of first team football playing alongside the most exciting forward in the BPL who, if you believe opta, is creating more chances for other players than anyone else in the BPL (which would equal more chances to score for Llorient) would sound pretty good if I was warming the bench. Those prospects combined with a nice wage might be enough to convince him to go to anfield..but then again, he could also go to Chelsea or City and warm benches in a different league right Jay?

  25. joke site lmao

  26. Chirag - I've warned you about this before: do not make up rubbish about what I supposedly state. If you say that I said something and I didn't, then expect to be challenged. Again: post the proof I said that. If you can't, it means you just made it up.

  27. good player scores lots of goals with head no not llorente. carroll . not a chance br want quick mobile players.

  28. He is quick and mobile. And what's wrong with scoring headers-we lack that...

  29. llorente is better than carroll, but still not the type of player that would fit into the way br wants us to play. i've got a feeling that big lads are going to be a thing of the past and smaller, quick, agile players, a la barca, will be playing for us in time.

  30. By the way last season he scored 13 by foot and 14 headers, plus 2 penalties...

  31. Childish. More like, you can't find proof or can't be bothered. If you are going to accuse someone of something, at least back it up. Otherwise, your just talking sh*t. You don't have to justify Kanwar, you should justify what you have said. If you can't, than you shouldn't be saying without being able to back it up. I could accuse you of batting for both sides but I won't, as I don't have anything to back it up. Its a basic rule, if you are going to say person X said or did this, you back it up.

  32. I haven't watched Bilbao this season (irrelevant anyway to a certain extent in relation to this context as Llorente hasn't played a lot) but last season, they played the kind of football that has quite a few common traits with Rodger's style, with the pressing and emphasis on short passing. Not every single player has to be small or quick to fit into our style. The key thing is technique and awareness. He has great technique and very good hold up play to bring in other players into the game, like he did last season. He has a good chance of fitting in with our style, considering how he fitted into Bielsa's style last season. If anything Bilbao played at a more quicker tempo with the same emphasis on short passing, unless it goes to the full backs on the overlap in the last third than they crossed it in and that is where Llorente literally uses his head. They wouldn't go long to Llorente much from central areas, unless trying to execute a counter attack. So I don't think he is not far off a ideal forward for us.