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7 Dec 2012

Exciting news? LFC meet with €13m striker's reps to discuss possible transfer...

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Luis Suarez is in good goalscoring form this season, but he hasn't scored in the last five games for Liverpool, which once again highlight's the club's desperate need to sign another striker to help relieve the burden. Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen, but there are plenty of options out there, and it looks like Lyon striker Bafetimbi Gomis is becoming a viable January options.

The Reds have reportedly scouted Gomis recently with a view to negotiating a January deal, and according to the Daily Mail, Liverpool are pursuing their interest in the France International. The report states:

"Spurs and Liverpool have stepped up their hunt for Bafetimbi Gomis after the player's representatives flew to London for a meeting last week. His representatives saw both Spurs and Liverpool [Reps]"

Gomis - nicknamed the 'Baby Drogba' - grabbed a hat-trick last on Wednesday against Marseille, and last season, he scored a stunning 7-minute hat-trick in the Champions League against Dinamo Zagreb, the fastest treble ever recorded in the competition.

The 27-year was on the scoresheet yet again at the weekend, banging-in the winning goal against Montpelier, a victory that put Lyon 5 points ahead of PSG at the top of the league table.

Gomis - who is second only to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Ligue One goalscoring charts - is delighted with his form so far this season. He told Lyon's official website:

"Is it my best start to a season? Yes. The fact I became a dad has a lot to do with it. I'm full of the joys of spring, and it helps my football. I've always tried to stay positive. I say to myself that there are worse things in life when it's not going well."

Gomis cost Lyon €13m in 2009, and his current contract expires in 2014, which puts him in a strong bargaining position, especially as he's integral to Lyon's success.

One plus point is that Gomis chose to play for France instead of Senegal, which means if Liverpool signed him, the African Cup of Nations would not be a problem. However, it seems unlikely that the Lyon would let him leave in January. After all, why sell your top goalscorer when you're top of the league?

Worth a bid if he's available?

A great hat-trick, and 7 minutes is impressive, but it's not enough to top Robbie Fowler's 4 and a half minute hat-trick against Arsenal :-)

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Yes, yes, yes.
    Amazing player, whenever ball goes to him it's a goalscoring chance. Already having one that fits that description even better think that 2 goals scored per game would be minimum...

  2. I hate Gomis he consistently rips me to shreds on Fifa even when i do play 3/5 at the back to adapt to him

  3. why do all the people hate him?
    i think he could be a great goalscorer for us

  4. getting to the stage now, where a crisis point is here, as in the lack of striker(s) will really show. we must, get at least two in, loans will be fine until the summer.

  5. fellas please i need info is it possible for fans to put up cash for the club to buy players?

  6. Please no. And please no to Sturridge

    Cardozo, Milevsky or Shane Long please

  7. They hate him coz they are racist. haha.

  8. Luis Suarez is surely giving you nightmares, Jaimie. You just can't get enough of him.

  9. 13 million for a 27 year old who as the odd good game but we cannot go in for a young player like rhodes whos banged goals in over the last few seasons for fun and was only 6million ,rodgers his scouts and the club all need to look at themselves and remode the scouting operation because its not working ,cannot remember the last good young player we signed who already had a fair bit of experience in the lower leagues,just because there not world class at 15 dose not mean they will not come good,beardsley,ian wright but to name two

  10. 6 thousand and 66 people like Liverpool Kop on fb.
    Jamie, you little devil...

  11. Lyon need to raise money as they have the financial weight of the new stadium on their shoulders, as well as being financially hit by not being in CL. Their chairman confirmed there will be players leaving, looking to sell two in January. So who knows, top scorer or not, he may well be sold in January.

  12. so LS7 will hate him too ;) ?

  13. i agree and i think they are already introducing a lot more youngsters this season perhaps knowing they will be selling a star or two. benzia and lacazette are two good young forwards for them and they still have lopez and briand as well. gomis would be great but maybe we can look at their youngsters as well, especially benzia.

  14. I like their two young midfielders, Grenier and Fofana, and Montpellier's Cabella.

    Lyon are more likely to sell their more established stars as they would be on much higher wages than youngsters like Benzia and Fofana. They already sold quite a few big earners last summer such as Cissokho, Kallstrom, etc.

    Grenier has been really good in Gourcuff's absence. If Gourcuff continues to flop when he returns from injury, most likely he will leave as he hasn't done well at Lyon since arriving there.

  15. We need a striker yesterday. Gomis looks like a future prospect for now.
    Come May

  16. Jaimie? Seriously? U believe the s**t from lol.com and Daily Fail? -_-

  17. i think we need someone who can fit perfectly...not someone weare now comming to teach....go to SOUTH AMERICA AND BRING QUALITY PLAYERS....WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BRENDAN RODGERS AND SCOUTS