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12 Nov 2012

'LFC want him!' - Reds chasing £10m 'African Hulk', rejected by Rafa in 2007...

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In his post-Chelsea press conference last night, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers reiterated again that he plans to bring in 'one or two' player during the January transfer window, and most fans hope that it will be two strikers who arrive at Anfield. The club has been linked with plenty of goalscorers over the last few months, and the latest name to enter the fray is Vitesse Arnhem striker Wilfred Bony.

According to a report in respected Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf:

"Wilfried Bony wants to leave the Eredivisie to play in the English Premier League, and this has alerted scouts and coaches across Europe.

"Foreign clubs were at the Gelredome over the weekend to watch the league's top scorer at work.

"Liverpool scouts (they had the heaviest delegation) came to watch Bony. They want him, and Everton, Olympique Marseille, Bordeaux and Wigan also scouting him".

Bony is already well-known at Anfield; he came for trial in 2007, but Rafa Benitez decided not to give him a contract.

The Ivory Coast international is in scintillating form this season, and so far, he's grabbed 12 goals and 2 assists in 12 games for Vitesse, which is a fantastic return. Some more stats:

* Last season: 17 goals/8 assists in 32 league games.
* Goal/Assist every 108 minutes.
* This season: Goal/assist every 73 minutes.

Chelsea and Newcastle are also interested in the £10m-rated striker, whose current contract expires in 2015.

Bony's goal record may be good, but as we've seen with Dirk Kuyt, Mateja Kezman, Luis Suarez and other players who came from Holland, scoring a shedload of goals in the Eredivisie doesn't always mean the same will automatically happen in the Premier League.

Worth a bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. its said that goals scored in holland can be cut by 2 thirds on arrival in the prem. there's always a risk of the player flopping..just as , as jamie says, there is always a risk of picking up a bargain.
    i am tired of us paying over the odds for english or fashionable nations players and loosing loads of cash.

  2. Chelsea are also interested in him

  3. Cracking name, if you want a laugh read this website

  4. Sometimes I think being a trained kindergarten teacher would be a useful qualification when attempting to moderate a comments section. :-)

  5. We might even find another Sean Dundee.

    Proven goalscorers from the top leagues will cost 20m each, unless they are almost our of contract. And for a goalscorer to be proven he might be in his late 20ies too, so I am not to sure whether or not our owners would sanction such a move.

    One of my dream signings !
    Not really expensive, young, powerfull, fast, technically very stong, looks like the new drogba, go bid for him LFC !!

  7. Fantastico-Galactico8:59 pm, November 12, 2012

    Ant - Your views seem to bring the best in other users lol

    I understand JK stand point on his views and some articles.. It's a business to him.

    What's your excuse?

  8. Jaimie ? i always stand behind you, but: as weve seen with luis suarez, scoring a shedload of goals in the E. doesnt always mean the same will happen in PL ?? are you kidding us ? Hes carring our whole team at the moment, and dirk kuyt maybe didnt scored the most goals, but he was absolutelly effective and his work on the pitch was outstanding. i think this guy could score many many goals for us

  9. Fantastico-Galactico9:11 pm, November 12, 2012

    JK I can recall this dude being an option the wasn't taken by Rafa and rightly so. Back then a player of his quality wouldn't be considered for a team like ours
    I'm sure we were looking at players like Villa back then wasn't we?
    Now he may of developed into a decent player, but look at the teams looking at him?
    Rafa had us swimming with bigger fish back then... Now we are small fish with you getting what you wanted with Rafa getting the boot you do write ups about players of this level

  10. Jaime, Is there any Liverpool manager that you haven't disliked? The continually caustic snidey digs aren't very becoming. It's like picking the scab off a wound before it heals.

  11. right now suarez is scoring a shed load of goals

  12. Have to agree with him Jaimie. If we sign Bony for 10m, and he scores the same amount as Suarez, will be a bargain

  13. Dont forget this is a Suarez blasting site

  14. nononono! look what happened to Suarez when we switched to 4-3-3.
    goals scored in Holland=goals scored in EPL (if system is 4-3-3).

  15. What about Assaidi?

  16. Not whats needed! We need a top class striker to complement Suarez, not another "unproven need time to gel" player.

    Allen and Wisdom need to be dropped to the bench. Especially wisdom he is not ready! Personally Id send him back to the reserves for the past 3 games he has been really poor.

  17. Come on guys, Jamie is just being objective and balanced whenever he manages to have a dig at Suarez in every article he writes. Even the ones that aren't about Suarez...And anyway, Van Persie came from another premiership club and had nothing to do with the Eredivisie in his life. Neither did Bergkamp and Van Nistelrooy for that matter. As a matter of fact, the top scorer in the Premiership in the last fourteen years only started his career in the Eredivisie on four occasions. That's a mere 28% of the time. The other ten times it was France (7), Germany (1), Portugal (1) and oh...England...once....

  18. why is the defence in holland so bad!?

  19. He's boss get him... should be $12m-10m move... I think it's worth it

  20. He's no good to us with such a thin squad as he'll be off to play in the Africa cup of Nations, leaving us where we started. African players are good but not if we constantly lose them for weeks on end

  21. I think the article meant is, it takes these players time to adapt and get into scoring mode. what we need is an impact forward to come in and start plugging away. which is a big ask actually.

  22. nothing to do with a system, everything to do with a world class player.

  23. Jamie... I been hearing rumours that Liverpool have signed a pre-agreement with Lacina Traore. Any truth to this one or just an agent doing what agents do best?

  24. That is the thing with young players- sometimes they crush in bigger matches... I would play him vs Wigan and give Johnson a rest...

  25. I like Suarez in the "false 9" and Borini is a decent backup...

    I would like to see 2 wide goal scoring forwards, akin to Villa & Pedro at Barca.

    I think we could get Dries Mertens & Antoine Griezmann. If we have some serious cash Willian would be a great buy.

  26. load of crap! why would we sign a player in January for him to go to African cup of nations?

  27. I'm aware of that, but I think it's what needs to be done. This could certainly have been handled better in the summer and it would have been great if we never got into the position we're in, but this urgency has been brought on by their inability to set up a competitive squad before the season.

  28. I cannot see Bony as a get out of trouble this season signing but definitely a good one to buy in the summer.
    I can see he has ability but like most from Holland will take time to get used to the tempo.
    I do agree with some that say they need a proven scorer in January in higher leagues like Germany Spain or Italy.

  29. suarez is quality but who ever we sign we need them to hit the ground running as with fellow liverpool fans they have no patience i remember it took ages before crouch scored but when he did he couldn't stop but nowadays the player will never be granted that as seen with borini the guy didn't score in a few games being played outwide not even upfront and everyones on his back with bony he could ve a ruud vanistelrooy who also came from the dutch league whoever comes in we cant start moaning that there rubbish beacuse they never scored in 2 games

  30. the major problem is we are now in the same position as the likes of Newcastle, Everton, Spurs (who are prob just above us in the pecking order now) that we are not in the CL or have been for a little while. Yes we can trade on our name, but would have the likes of a Torres or Saurez have joined us now? I doubt it. We have to be more creative with our scouting and we will have to take risks in the 8 -10m bracket. It's paid off for Newcastle with the likes of Cisse, Ba, Toete and Cabaye ....

  31. Assaidi isn't a proven goalscorer, neither is he from any of the 4 leagues mentioned!

    On another note, Walcott has 8 goals already this season even though he's had limited game time, he'd cost a lot less than £20m (probably a fair bit less than £10m), can play on the wings or down the centre and he's an LFC fan...

  32. tastico, well, the comment you are commenting on made sense before the earlier comments were deleted. Stuff like 'c0ck$ucker' was written there. No, those comments weren't aimed at me. I just found it very funny that JK had to intervene just like I thought a kindergarten teacher would have to do. Sorry to confuse you now with my comment.

    Excuse? I need an excuse for having an opinion? Never ever heard that in my life before. Well, here is you 'excuse'. I support LFC and find it extremely hard to take that some people are trying to agitate against the manager and owners of the club, often without any reasonable argument. It doesn't help us in our current situation. Or do you think it would help to yet again change manager and back-room staff? Well, it would help to lose some more money on pay-offs. To continue my 'excuse', those, let's call them agitators, just sound like Everton supporters who come over on our boards because nothing happens on their own. Go to the Liverpool Echo and have a look what I mean.

    By the way, it is all well and good to think about past glories, past managers and past players, but I truly think that quite a few people should move on and join the rest of us in reality. Let's move forward without looking back all of the time.

  33. Chill out, Terrance. Bit over the top calling me a liar. What exactly is your problem?

    Now, I will explain my comment to you as it obviously has upset you quite a bit. OneFlow was talking about a proven goal-scorer from maybe Germany so I made a joke in naming Sean Dundee. Then I made the argument that a proven goal-scorer is likely to cost 20m or more and, to be proven, he must have had quite some time to prove himself, hence he would rather be in his late 20ies. It is well reported that our owners prefer to buy younger players. Therefore I pointed out that maybe our owners wouldn't want to buy a player in his late 20ies for 20m or more.

    What exactly Assaidi has to do with all this I don't know. I didn't mention him and he is rather a winger than a proven goal-scorer.

    Now I would like to ask you again what exactly your problem is.

  34. We weren't in the CL when Suarez joined us. Agree with you about the scouting though.