12 Nov 2012

'I've heard the rumours' - LFC 'on the trail' of €4m-a-year Milan star. Too old...?

Liverpool's defensive frailty reared its ugly head again against Chelsea at the weekend, and this time, it was Daniel Agger with a Martin Skrtel-esque lapse of concentration, which led to John Terry scoring for the Blues. Most goals conceded by the Reds this season have come as a result of defensive errors from senior players, and although Skrtel and Agger have both signed new deals recently, Liverpool continue to be linked with moves for new central defenders.

According to reports in Italy, Liverpool are 'on the trail' of AC Milan star Philippe Mexès, whose contract expires in 2015.

Liverpool were linked with Mexes several times during the Gerard Houllier era, and prior to the Frenchman's move to Milan, he was rumoured to be on Roy Hodgson's wanted list.

Due to a persistent knee injury, the 30-year old defender has made only 30 appearances for Milan since signing in the Summer of 2011, and in a recent interview, he made it clear he doesn't want to leave the San Siro. He said:

"It wasn't easy being here training twice a day and hearing all the transfer market rumours. I never asked to leave the club. Now I'm back and I want to show the fans that I'm here to stay. I never thought about leaving Milan. My present and my future is here."

Mexes joined Milan on a free transfer, but his salary is reportedly €4m a year, which could be a stumbling block for any interested club.

In any event, it's doubtful that FSG would sanction a move for a 30-year old defender, so I doubt there's any merit to this rumour.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Not too old, great player. but if he isn't in starting 11, he'll go crazy and fcuk up our cohesion...

  2. not going to happen like you say to old and to expensive

  3. Remember Poulsen? If you do then you know what u should do.

  4. 1. too old for us and FSG
    2. £4 mill too expensive
    3. Would want first team football to move from Milan, we cnt guarantee Carragher that so why would Mexes be any different.
    4. I believe the Reading central defender is already being mooted and is cheaper and younger.
    5. The Bilbao defender is also an option

  5. Although personally i think he is overrated i think FSG need to realise the importance of replacing the experience we will be losing in the coming seasons IS as important as buying every promising kid in the world as they seem to want to do, i am all for bringing in players who potentially will become great players but if there is nobody to guide them then they will never reach their potential, so FSG should rethink their policy and be prepared to bring in older players as long as they are the right players.

    Everyone knows true loyalty is hard to find in this game these days and you can be sure 99% of these young players will soon jump ship if the club are not challenging for silverware when teams who are genuine challengers come knocking at their door, i mean does anybody (including BR and FSG) truly believe if we lost Suarez and Gerrard the likes of Sterling and Suso would hang about? the answer is NO! and why should they as we lose 2 great experienced players and replace them with 2nd rate players as they are under 27 or whatever the age the policy requires them to be under..

    FSG need to realise that even if the older players have no re-sale value its irrelevant as what they could teach the younger players due to their experience in invaluable, and it would also mean that were not relying on kids to make us competitive as thats just to much both physically and mentally when they are still learning the game!

  6. i personally think that Mexes's better years where with Roma. He was ofcourse in his prime then. He is now at the point that defenders get to where they play with their hands more than their feet. Due to the fact that they can no longer keep up physically with younger players they tend to commit more fouls in other to stop attackers. Mexes having been bloodied for many seasons in the Serie A is not a stranger to rough physical play that is almost necessary to play in the Serie A. IMO Mexes has a tendancy to get into foul trouble due to his passion for the game. I would encourage Liverpool to proceed cautiously on this one. There is no doubt that his experience would be invaluable at Anfield with Carragher possibly on his way out at the end of his current contract. Being no spring chicken the Frenchman already has one count against him due to his age and the fact that FSG would like to build a super team of talented hot young players (at least it is the fantasy in the mind of John Henry anyway.)

  7. Mexes is shite.

    He was great in champ about 12 years ago, that's about it. Pitiful amount of international caps also if he was "great"

  8. Brendan Rogers needs to tell these tight ass yanks that if they wana compete for top players especially against the big spending Man City’s, Chelsea’s, Man Utd’s in the premiership, never mind the Russian, and Spanish teams, then they need to use the January window to do so. Chelsea spent £80m on just 3 top class players in the summer. LFC can’t compete with that or the wages Man City pay.

    But here are 9 players costing £87.5m in January that could boost Liverpool’s team and get us into the top 4 and champions’ league football next year. BR has to convince the American owners that this is our only way of competing or ………

    £7m Al Habsi (30), (Goalkeeper) - Wigan
    £9m Fernando Amorebieta (27), (Defender) - Athletic Bilbao
    £5m Simon Kjaer (23), (Defender) - Wolfsburg
    £9.5m Wesley Sneijder (28), (Midfield Playmaker) - Inter Milan
    £4m Filip Djuricic (20), (Attacking Midfielder) - Heerenveen
    £10m Theo Walcott (23), (Striker/Winger) - Arsenal
    £20m Fernando Llorente (27), (Striker) - Athletic Bilbao
    £15m Jackson Martinez (26), (Striker) - FC Porto
    £8m Demba Ba (27), (Striker) - Newcastle Utd
    Just my opinion,
    YNWA JFT96

  9. Plenty of decent players didn't get many caps. He has more caps than Fowler for a start.

    I do appreciate that you say Champ instead of Footy Manager though!

  10. Amusing choice of song for the video aside, this wont happen. He's a perennial would-be Liverpool player.