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13 Nov 2012

'El Niño Maravilla' to LFC? BR sends scouts to assess €26m Barcelona star...

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In mid-October, several prominent sources in Spain (including Marca) linked Liverpool with a January move for Barcelona star Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean International is also on Juventus's radar, but Barca boss Tito Villanova has ruled out the possibility of a move in the near future.

Speaking to ESPN Espana last night, Villanova was asked whether Sanchez still figured in his plans, and whether the 23-year old could potentially move on in January. He responded:

“The boy is fine, and he still has a long contract with us.

"I hope that he continues to play here at the Nou Camp for a long time.”

Villanova has not emphatically ruled out a move here; his comments are pretty standard stuff, and it's not like he would publicly say anything else.

Liverpool were linked with Sanchez in March 2011, and around that time, Udinese Chairman Franco Soldati made the following statement:

“Sanchez is of interest to both English and Italian teams. A team has already offered a figure close to 30-35 million euros but I cannot say where it came from"

It was speculated that Liverpool had made the bid, and considering the club went on to spend over £50m during the catastrophic summer of 2011, it's definitely possible.

This rumour always lacked credibility anyway IMO. Why would Barca sell such an expensive player 18 months after signing him?

Trying to get rid of a player so quickly would have a negative impact on valuation; after all, you don't scrap a €26m player so soon unless there's a serious problem, and clubs are not going to pay through the nose for a player with issues.

From what I've seen of Sanchez, he would be a good fit out wide in Rodgers' formation, but after Villanova's comments, the possibility of any January deal is probably nil.

Barcelona signed Sanchez €26m 2011, and so far, he's grabbed 16 goals in 56 appearances.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. so what is the point of the post you have said yourself the chances are nil and i agree with you zero chance i wish some of the more expensive transfers we are linked to would materalise but alas under fsg these rumours are pipedreams

  2. Alexis is the Chilean Suarez including the diving

  3. this is going to be hard for many Liverpool faithful to take but i will go ahead and say it. Liverpool does not have the drawing power it use to have. Fans will have to go threw a painful period of seeing their team unable to compete for big name talent until the teams performance gets much better. The fact that we are even attempting to sign a player like Hunterlaar is due to the fact that at 29 he is not valued the same as a 23 year old Alexis Sanchez and so therefore represents a possible successful transfer option. We won't compete with the likes of United, Chelsea or City for a while to come now.

  4. this rumor didnt make sense at all...
    Lets go for Bony in january, dont take zaha i think hes kinda overrated.
    Mertens would be an great addition too

    I know ppl want players like cavani comming in, but this aint gonna happen till our team gets better themself, so others want to join us the fact is were a traditions club, and were not like mancity, so dont blame FSG for not putting the same than the arabians in the club, they know what they do...

  5. Isn't it obvious? It is blatant attempt to draw traffic to the site for advertising revenue. Most of the stuff here is just fluff. I can't recall the last time there was a worthwhile article.

    The less said about the constant trailing 'Bid?' nonsense, the better.

  6. While they probably won't put in their own money I think it is wrong to say that under FSG big money signings are pipedreams. They sanctioned the 35m signing of Carroll, 20m for Downing and 16m for Henderson, just to give a few examples.

  7. LOL its not hard for any one. Everyone knows that. I guess you just realized it.

  8. Exactly the reason why they won't section ever again. LOL

  9. your right

  10. He's not for sale. Neither he or the club want him to leave.

  11. They may well have learnt a lesson or two about that. Don't know whether or not they are so stubborn as to never sanction big money moves again.

  12. This is rumour-spreading of the very worst kind in an Italian paper called Calciomercato They reckon that Suarez is a loner in Liverpool and even some fans of the club have turned against him and say that he should be an idol amongst supporters, but he isn't.
    Here is a couple of extracts...
    'Suarez despite his play, his quality and his importance is now isolated in the city of the Beatles. Alone against all, almost even against their fans.'
    'The attacker is completely isolated from the group and the demonstration came directly from Stamford Bridge. After scoring to make it 1-1... there is no need to say more, Suarez leaped alone, ignored by team mates in a unusual scene.'
    The gist of the whole thing is that fans throughout the Premier League, including some Liverpool supporters, have turned against Suarez and his team mates have done the same. They say he's in 'exile', 'isolated' and that the 'situation is also critical in the dressing room', it really is remarkable stuff.
    Then at the end they point out that Juventus are prepared to rescue him. That's good of them.

  13. why write romour that make no sence. my friend find aonther work to do

  14. I still can't believe we signed Carroll, Downing, Henderson and Adam for like 80m. Where could be we be right now if KK hadn't literally spunked that up the wall. Will it go down as the biggest transfer window in the history of any club in world football. I believe the answer is yes... ;)

  15. The reason Barca are considering selling because they want to bring in Neymar next summer and they needs the funds.

  16. Don't want another diver...Suarez has started to stay on his feet, and if Sanchez comes, we ll be branded as the diving club..

  17. Dude, sanchez doesnt dive, you just need some glasses

  18. Too injury prone. Also too expensive...and let's face it- too good.

  19. Whole Barca dives, dude.