10/15/2012 12:20:00 pm

VIDEO: Suarez outclassed by amazing Messi goal as Argentina crush Uruguay...

Luis Suarez came up against Lionel Messi in Uruguay's World Cup qualifier with Argentina on Saturday, and the Liverpool striker could only watch on in admiration as the Barcelona star scored two great goals to help Argentina to a crushing 3-0 victory.

The victory is sweet revenge for Messi and Argentina, who were dumped out of the 2011 Copa America by Uruguay on penalties.

Messi has now scored 12 goals in his last seven international, and his second goal he on the night - a sublime free kick - is definitely one to remember.

You can view the highlights below, including Suarez in action for Uruguay:

With 28 goals in 54 appearances, Suarez has an excellent goalscoring record for his country, and I'm sure this minor setback will not stop Uruguay qualifying for the World Cup.

Suarez recently snapped back at Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce for labelling him a cheat, and today, Arsenal star Laurent Koscielny has jumped on the bandwagon. He told The Daily Mail:

"He is tiresome to defend against. He cheats. He pulls your shirt, giving small blows. You always want to give him a kick. He is a player who likes to dive as soon as there is contact. During a challenge we jostled a bit with each other and he fell. He started to talk to me in English, to say it was a penalty"

Jaimie Kanwar

11 August 2014

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Gimio Chin said...

If you are asking me,i would rather have both but i'm a realist i will stick with suarez :)

Will said...

Who would you rather have, the best player in the world, or not the best player in the world... Its a bit of a non contest really... Not that it would ever happen.
Also I bet Koschielny has never pulled anyones shirt before. /sarcasm.

Also how long ago was it Liverpool played Arsenal, like you said jumping on the band wagon indeed!

Jason Carr said...

anoter day another anti suarez post get a grip man most of us love suarez and your constant nit picking is not going to change that what a silly vote i for one will not bother voting its just another thing you will use against him in the future no doubt we could have another tomorrow who would you rather have suarez or owen think the result might be about the same

Chirag Vyas said...

Here he goes again. Apart from CR7 is there any other player in the world who can match Messi? NO...!! I am pretty sure that if it was Wales vs Argentina, author wouldn't have said the same thing about Joe Allen. I would love to see Joe Allen vs Messi voting. Sometimes he is just doing it purposely I feel to create some kind of attention. Suarez outclassed by Messi...really? Was that 1 on 1? Other 10 Uruguay players including rest of Argentinian players were outclassed by him. Comparing Suarez with Messi is really stupid in every way. Whatever Suarez is upto, author will find a way to criticize him. Apparently he prefers Darren Bent over Suarez.

I am sure my this post will be deleted/I will be banned on the account of "twisting words".

OriginalChan said...

No one going to accuse Koscielney of being a xenophobic Brit? Ah my bad, he isn't British but surely you must be British to criticise Suarez, non ;)

Jaimie K said...

Aw, diddums. Shall I retrieve our dummy for you from across the room? I watched the game, and in my opinion (you remember what that is, right?), Suarez was outclassed by Messi. Both are attacking players; both need to influence the game for their respective teams, and Messi outshone Suarez on the night.

If you can't handle people having different opinions to you then I suggest you don't engage in any kind of discussion, either online or off. Just talk to yourself in the mirror and you'll always be happy.

Jason Carr said...

jaimie hows sniping and bitching now its you who needs there dummy getting you replyed to chirag and have a pop at me if we used your contempt for you or other posters you would ban us fair play its your ball and were not allowed to play with it pathetic really

Jason Carr said...

and another thing jaimie why do you put comments up about people then when they reply take your post off seen it a number of times and it is very confusing to other posters as they do not know what the comments are about or his it to make some of your posters look silly if you write a comment and its passed it should stay on

Jason Carr said...

think theres something wrong with my laptop its like the twilight zone comments appearing ,disappearing then appearing again i wonder what its like to be god

Cecilia Martinez said...

Look who's talking about "extreme tunnel vision". I just about busted my gut when I read that.

cemf26 said...

The pathetic stream of anti-Suarez articles speaks more as to the character of those who plant these articles in the media and in blogs like this than as to Suarez himself.

Nav said...

How is it supposed to be your business what anyone does offline ? Or is it because you are jealous as you dont have an offline life yourself ?

bandit766 said...

Hahaha what a poll XD

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