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19 May 2012

Confirmed: €15m LFC playmaker target 'definitely' available. Gazump Man Utd...?

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Speculation surrounding the future of unsettled Borussia Dortmund star Shinji Kagawa continues to grow, and last week, the midfielder publicly attacked one of his team-mates, an act of bridge-burning defiance that surely moved the him one step closer to the exit. That little outburst seems to have done the trick, because Dortmund Sporting Director Michael Zorc confirmed this week that Kagawa is definitely leaving in the summer.

Liverpool have been linked with the goalscoring midfielder many times over the last year, and Zorc recently told Bild that the 23-year-old had 'flirted with clubs in England and Spain'.

In a statement on Monday, Zorc finally confirmed football's worst kept secret: Kagawa is definitely leaving Dortmund this summer. He said:

"I had a meeting on Monday morning with his agent, and Shinji Kagawa told him that he definitely will not extend his contract with us. Should offers come now for Kagawa, we will deal with them and negotiate."

The €15m-rated attacking midfielder - dubiously dubbed the 'Asian Messi' by some - has grabbed 16 goals and 7 assists for Dortmund this season, improving on his tally of 12 goals last season.

Having said that, in an interview yesterday, Kagawa confirmed that he'd met with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson:

"[Sir Alex] Ferguson gave me good words. Several clubs contacted me but I can not say which is the best. I want to choose the club where I can challenge. It would be good to play in the Premier League."

Like FC Twente's Luuk De Jong, Kagawa he is a realistic target, and he's definitely within Liverpool's price range. Hopefully, the club is watching his situation, and for once, it would be great to beat Man United to a top class signing.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Last summer two of our first choice targets, Phil Jones and Ashley Young, turned us down the moment they were aware of Man United's interest. Have a feeling of Deja Vu.

  2. ha ha, dream on.  Swansea are a bigger team than Liverpool nowadays.  Just ask Brendon Rodgers

  3. Actually the two you mention had both already been in talks with man ure before we put bids in but I can understand where your coming from. No player will be coming to liverpool until the manager situation is sorted

  4. Surprised your still "CONFIRMING" Steve Clarke is going nowhere! Anyway... surly a player who publicly attacks a fellow player should not be courted...... remember the crusade to rid LFC of nasty people. :)) ps. so much for those "MAJOR NEWS PROVIDERS" (1) The Independent (2) The Guardian  (3) The BBC.  LOL


  6. Jamie something tells me Shinji Kagawa moving from Borrusia Dortmund , assured of  Champions League football next season.
    Will not want to play in the Europa league for Liverpool .
    Concentrate on hoping to find a decent manager , after the hillarious sacking of a once was Liverpool club icon.
    The best  and most appropriate  name I have seen linked to Liverpool as the leader of a rudder - less  vessel , Ken Dodd.
    Liverpool just keep giving , the ultimate comedy club.

  7. errm do you really think he turned us down cause he thinks swansea are bigger than liverpool? its so stupid it doesnt even need a comeback..

  8. You will only be able to gazump United if you somehow get filthy money like Shitty did!!!! And you all Looserpool supporters know that that is not going to happen any time soon!!!!

  9. yup...the power of titles n CL

  10. youu can't can't even loser.it has one o in it.
    well done.
    you should be proud of yourself.

  11. get this i actaully want AVB , i think he will prove alot of people wrong and with a team that wants to help the club not add a few more years on their own luctrative contracts, i think he can build a fast attacking team with liverpool

  12. Go away back to your own site.. (trophyless).

  13. have u been thrown out of all the other websites u are so stupid its not even funny

  14. Brendan Rogers Knows his own level and is happy where he is. Now go back to your own shit tip where you belong tit head. 

  15. Go back and play in your manure heap you manc shit. 

  16. we can do it for 85 million and he.ll def kum

  17. Jaimie Kanwar 

    I worry about you at times.  

    Who is going to make an offer for Shinji Kagawa? Our manager? Oh we ain't got one of them. Our assistant manager?  Na not got one of them either. Our Director of Football?  Don't think he's around any more.  Ah director of communications?  Sorry JH sacked him too. We could try the chief executive but sadly F.S.G. didn't get around to that appointment yet . Is the kitman still available?  Not sure, but I have just spotted the tea lady.  

  18. who actually at Liverpool is following him Henry and Werner wont be as they dont know a football from a rugby ball
    There is no Manager No Director of Football and everyone appears to have been sacked in the non coaching management side.
    No one can be linked to Liverpool until such time as the new manager whomever that may be is appointed. In the meantime other clubs will be snapping up players that are now on the market.
    The previous American owners were bad enough but their replacements dont offer me any confidence for the short term future. I dont think Americans can get to grips with the way football is run which is totally different to the silly games the Yanks play over there.

  19. Akash_superstarfc7:33 pm, May 19, 2012

    PLEASE NO TO.....
    Roberto Martinez
    Rafa Benitez
    Brendan Rodgers
    Fabio Capello
    Andre Villas-Boas
    Pep Guardiola
    Didier Deschamps
    Jurgen Klopp
    Michael Laudrup

    FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football.

    If liverpool appoint middle class manager, only middle class player will join liverpool.

    BUT if liverpool appoint SUPERP manager, sure all the SUPERP and fantastic players will join liverpool.

    Before this, liverpool already try managers from:
    FRANCE (Gerard Houllier).
    SPAIN: (Rafa Benitez).
    ENGLANG: (Roy Hodgson).
    SCOTLAND: Kenny Dalglish.

    So now go for Holland Management… because Holland always got talen, that is Frank Rijkaard who bring Barcelona to the Top & also Luis Van Gaal that win 2 La Liga title in 3 season with Barcelona.

    Both also like to play Attacking Game. So i hope liverpool will appoint FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football.

    And Give Them Money To SIGN:
    Higuain (Striker)
    Ibrahim Affaley (Right Winger)
    Eden Hazard (Playmaker)
    Kagawa (Left Winger)
    Lucas Biglia (Defensive Midfielder)

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  21. LFC have been target  players not really wanted by most top club since Torres. Unlike Arsenal we always target real gems. Your biggest rival is yourself.

  22. Firstly.. It was a shame to see Kenny go but if I were about to give out another £100m for new players, I would find it very difficult to trust his judgement. The fooball he was trying to play was great (pass n move) but the players were substandard and unfortunately he bought them. People talk about the hitting the woodwork and most shots stats, lack of conversion proves my point on quality of player.

    Secondly.. Martinez hasn't got the credentials to manage our club. He's a progressive thinking manager but he hasn't got the management experiance needed for dealing with a certain level of professional player, that skill is definitely needed for managing our club unless we decide to continue to sign the kind of players we've been buying. Mid table manager for mid table players.

    Lastly.. If we could get Capello it would be a coup but it's also a big if. Capello's a winner and would require a big transfer budget to sort out our current situation.
    So in my opinion that leaves Rafa. Rafa was able to get a lot from his players (ask our ex no.9 who struggles to hit a barn door now), his attention to detail was 2nd to none, the level of commitment he expects from his players is 'nothing comes before your duty to the club' and unlike some I trust him in the transfer market. Name a better and more realistic candidate.

  23. We haven't got a chance. Not just because we have no manager, DoF, etc. He is worthy of CL football and he'll get it, as he isn't expensive.

  24. Or it could mean that he really does not care maybe like he said he want's a challenge, maybe that challenge will be to help us get back to the CL (wishful thinking).

  25. I really think that the owners really need to sort out this manager situation before it goes on too long. Surely they must only have 3-4 real contenders so why wouldn't they make that top priority. We can forget about Pep, Klopp and Lambert, Rodgers not good enough to attract good foreign players if we are to go that way, Martinez maybe could and could do well don't know if he would be able to coupe with the pressure of coaching such a big club with high expectations (hope he can).
    AVB would be good Rafa would be also but i don't think they would want him, Capello in my opinion no, Hinddink, Rijkarrd, are also good options for us, i would want AVB because he has seen the ego's at Chelsea and has learnt from them, then got dumped by Roman so he would have a point to prove, he is a good manager with the contacts (that's just my opinion) does not matter in the end it is up to the club and we need to get behind the new manager but it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

  26. davewestausregularguest5:01 am, May 20, 2012

    Rafa is still the man for LFC,he set the club up for the future with the academy the way it is now,and made other improvements.With better backing than he had he would bring success to LFC again! HE KNOWS HOW THE CLUB TICKS! The biggest problem now is that the club has lost continuity. Who,left at the club now on the football side is actually from Liverpool! There is'n't any ex players either that love the club! ONLY MEDIA PUNDITS (who don't help.)!  Biggest problem is,If they created a new bootroom,who would be part of it ??? 
    Rafa Benitez tried to get it going again by bringing back Kenny Dalglish!
    But RB was stabbed in the back! Benitez has a lot of vision but sadly he was pushed out by people who have no idea about creating a successful football('soccer' team to those who are uneducated!) team.

  27. Rafa actually ruined the academy, Steve Heighway who ran it walked out. Only since Rafa have youngsters been given a chance.
    It is a well known fact here in Liverpool amongst people about what happened at the academy.

  28. he probably turned it down after what he saw happened to Hodgson.

  29. wondering where my comment from yesterday disappeared to, any idea, and why?

  30. You really want Rafa back after the way he handled Xabi Alonso's departure?

  31. we need to stop looking back and move forward have any of the top four re appionted a previous manager in recent times no because everyone apart from liverpool football club knows that it never works out even after the kenny situation 

  32. davewestausregularguest1:49 pm, May 20, 2012

    It was not all the fault of Benitez - and yes I would have him back immediately!   and to boot - 75% of LFC fans would have him back tomorrow. Now then - I wonder why all that many fans would have him back - oh ???  it must be because he has all the qualities required for the job ... what,hey !!!

  33. Titi_Cant_Talk2:58 pm, May 20, 2012

    You can't even correctly form a sentence. It needs to have a verb.

    Well done.
    You should be proud of yourself.
    (If you're going to be childish and try and insult someone over their use of spelling and grammar, make sure you get it correct yourself)

  34. janicedysart613:08 pm, May 20, 2012

    it's happening again ???

  35. Yiz can fucking have ashley young! Useless!

  36. Stop sniping and your comments will stay live.

  37. janicedysart614:50 pm, May 20, 2012

    Can you explain what you mean by sniping,i aim to remain within the rules you lay down and am unaware of breaking any.

  38. what a joker atleast you have some money n not in a billion pound of debt like manure...next season you ain't even gonna make top four you silly little joker.

  39. Brian -Ormskirk10:04 pm, May 20, 2012

    Once we have a new manager on board, I  hope that one of his first priorities would be to sign Kagawa. He is a class act, and, as far as FSG are concerned, he would bring in mega bucks from the Far East fan base.

  40. I don't think Kagawa will sign for liverpool. hope fully he will be man united player for next year.

  41. kagawa will not leave Dortmund to go to a club who aren't in the CL..fact!

  42. Liverpool for relegation 2013

  43. So are you on their message boards too?

  44. Yes, keep giving trophies to our trophy room!!

  45. I'm guessing you're about 8. Did mummy help you write this?

  46. Aren't you a City feeder club?

  47. hahaha. Rafa tore it down and built it up again. Even Kenny was amazed at its progress. You haven't got a clue. 

  48. Kenny was out of the game for 14- years. Rafa has been away for 1.

  49. lads comon liverpool are on 8 place in the premier league thats bad for them.stewart downing ,henderson have been terrible why would kagawa come?

  50. he ruined it no one come through when he was there, Heighway quit because of his interference and there became an us and them culture in the academy between local lads and the mainly Spanish contingent he brought in, I know for a fact as I have been there and seen it.

  51. This is all wishful thinking, liverpool can be as intrested as they want in kagawa but the fact is that he will not come or even give you an opportunity to waste his time with discussions. lets face it, what would attract him to liverpool??? the club is a mess, the city is shit.....

  52. davewestausregularguest1:42 pm, June 03, 2012