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30 Apr 2012

LFC Legend hails 'incredible' Luis Suarez. Back to his best...?

Anfield legend Kevin Keegan believes that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is 'back to his best' after his brilliant hat-trick against Norwich City.

Summarising the game for ESPN, Keegan - who twice won the European Player of the Year award - enthused:

"I don't think any other player on the pitch could've scored that last goal. Maybe Gerrard.

"It was incredible. I think he's right back to his best, and the timing is great because Liverpool would love another cup".

Suarez's hat-trick takes his league tally to 11 for the season, which still isn't great for a striker of his ability, but at least it's double figures.

Unlike some other ex-LFC players, Keegan has always maintained that the league is the most important thing this season, and he reiterated that again:

"Two cups is not exactly what the fans want, but it's the next best thing".

The FA Cup is not in the bag yet though, and with Chelsea riding a wave of confidence at the moment, it will be tough to beat them on Saturday, especially with a resurgent Fernando Torres leading the line.

You just knew it would happen this way: Torres has struggled all season but he finds his form just before the FA Cup final with Liverpool!

I have a feeling that it's written in the stars that Torres will score on Saturday; he will definitely have a point to prove, but let's just hope it's a consolation goal and not the winning goal.

NB. Just to preempt the inevitable:

* My views on Suarez have not changed. Scoring a hat-trick does not change what's already happened this season.

* I've never denied Suarez's ability; the difference between me and many other fans is that I don't believe a player's ability is a 'get out of jail free' card for negative behaviour.

* I'm not suddenly going to change my view just because Suarez scored a hat-trick; that would be fickle. Suarez could score six hat-tricks but it wouldn't change the fact that he publicly stated an intention to cheat in a Liverpool shirt.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Suarez was superb on sat, 3 amazing goals. Is he consistent? Not enough...Still, the quality is there for everyone to see but does not change the negativity he brought to the club. And Jamie, sadly, these days a players ability and stature is a get out of jail free card I.E. Wayne rooneys international ban being reduced just because, well, his english, JT handshake incident etc...

    As long as the players are performing, fans will give a blind eye to it. Despicable if you ask me.

  2. Chi Bai lu, not with referees like Howard Webb around.

  3. if he is back to his best,great. we just need other players to get their game up to scratch.

  4. would have been good at the start of the season when we needed goals!!

  5. he didn't publicly admit he would "cheat" in  an LFC shirt - he said he wouldn't think twice about gaining an advantage. The fact that he handballed the ball in the WC on purpose doesn't mean he cheated. In the strictest sense he did i suppose, but there is a provision in the rule book that if you do hand ball on purpose then you get sent off - which is what happened and he got his just desserts by getting sent off. The fact is if Ghana had scored that penalty then the story would have disappeared all together - so they had a chance to score and failed and Uruguay went through. that is Ghana's fault, not Suarez's If a player did that for Spain or England - I wouldn't lose any sleep over it at all, although would be bitter mysefl if it happened the other way round! ahh, the hipocrisy of it all, eh!?

    Besides, sportmanship, diving, simulation etc is all part and parcel of the latino mind set when it comes to football so we hav to get on with it when looking at these players.

    I didn't like what happened with Patrice Evra and Suarez did pee me off a bit, but i have moved on from that and as long as he's learnt his lesson and doesn't have a repeat I am all for giving him a chance - he is a class act and I suppose that does have a bearing on my opinion of him and would lik him to stay at the Club.

  6. That kanwar is the mentality of a leader,by hook or by crook he's ready to sacrifice himself for the team,that speech will booze your spirit way better than redbull but too bad you'll never understand cos the way you comments on everything you sound like a righteous person but deep down i think you're a pathetic person with a poison pen cos you never stop condemning suarez and you're happy at every opportunity you have to do it,good god giv it a rest dude,NOTHING PERSONAL but i think is either you can't stand to see liverpool have a great player here or you hate this guy,I agree every human think and see differently but keeping it one sided is gonna make you go crazy so.. my advice is lettit go jamie.

  7.  Who are you to say anything about Suarez? nobody that's who.. He's
    brilliant and he doesn't cheat any more than any other premier league
    striker does..

  8. Only if KD didn't waste all that money on average players and got some decent players instead we would b much higher in the league. If FSG r reluctant to give him any more mone as suggested in some of the press than I really think they should think of geting a new mngr. Cos another season with those players and another year without CHL football than Suarez will b off as well. And who would blame him.

  9. Yes it was a good hatrick but no it doesn't get him out of jail, i just don't trust Luis tbh, wouldn't surprise me if he plays a stinker against Chelsea in the final...head down running into players again, not passing, not linking up, and skewing shots.....which is the story of his sorry season so far minus this hatrick....

    Hopefully he won't do that, but given the choice of who i'd like to be through on goal with the ball at his feet i'd prefer Carroll simply because i would know 100% that he would definitely want to score....

  10. Jamie...you're still a prick! Firstly, Suarez's hat trick was the most technically perfect I have ever seen. He is a brilliant striker. Secondly, I hope he soon scores six hat-tricks...starting this Saturday. Thirdly, please wipe your chin...the crap you talk is oozing out!

  11. you couldnt be so f..king right!

  12. can you imagine the uproar if in the last seconds of the FA cup final Luis pulls his arm out of the way of the ball to allow Torres to score the winner? It just doesn't happen Jaime, anyone would do what Luis did in the WC.
    If he did let Torres score at least Mitzsu could write another of his brilliant conspiracy theories, LOL

  13. I agree with Jamie. In fact if he scores the winner on Saturday, I say this summer is the perfect time to sell Suarez (maximize our return). LFC can sign Kanwar to take his place, and we will finally be assured of no cheating from our forwards (unless Carroll decides to start hand balling on our goal line, or calling Johnson a black man). 

  14. I would say less than Ashley Young. See how ineffective he is against City, when he doesn't dive.

  15. Young isn't a striker.

  16. Very good player who could turn out to be a top striker, though I doubt I'll ever seem him as the "hero" as some fans do as what he did and didn't do (made a mockery of KK) during the handshake debacle left a bad taste for me.

  17. you guys are dickheads, And Jamie, you suck a fat one

  18. Tarwikmakamure7:50 pm, May 02, 2012

    guys saurez is the best striker we have at te moment and considerin he is not an out and out striker and we dont hv any midfielders to give him the balls to score i say he the best we have and just need sm1 to compliment his effort.of all the players he plays wt passion and i like a player who takes 1 for the team.why not tok abt carroll who has done virtual nothing for the club he the guy we should sell i dnt care at wat ever amount

  19. I read your views from the other side of the world, Mr Kanwar, about fellow Uruguayan, Luis Suarez, . Expressing your views has  given you a small degree of notoriety. Time to debunk your nonsensical arguments. Obviosuly, Suarez is your superior as a soccer player. He is also your superior morally and ethically. Your views about "cheating" and not cheating seem like some kind of code in table manners in the middle of a war. What is right or wrong in a particular situation has been the subject of great minds, philosophers, for centuries. Suarez says he would sacrifice himself  for the team "blatantly" breaching a rule to stop his team winning. That's not cheating, it's heroism. Make way little man, the legend is passing by.  

  20. Thank you, StSuarez! Finally someone tells it like it is. Trying to cheat is part of modern football. It's so generalised that it's not even cheating anymore, but a daily occurrence. I see it every week with players diving in the penalty area trying to get a penalty, or trying to get an opponent booked. It happens in the Premier League, in Serie A, in La Liga, and in every other major competition. The French and the Italians do it, and the Germans are masters at diving, but South Americans seem to be the only ones who make the headlines. I think Ankwar's obsession with Suarez is plain old racism!