30 Apr 2012

Lampard insists: 'Big-money' Liverpool flop will come good. Is he right...?

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has leapt to the defence of Liverpool's Andy Carroll, suggesting that the much-maligned 35m striker will come good after a period of adjustment.

Carroll missed Liverpool's 3-0 win over Norwich at the weekend with a groin strain, and it's no surprise that in his absence, Luis Suarez thrived on the pass and move football played by the team.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Lampard - who in 2001 joined Chelsea from West Ham in an 11m deal - observed:

"I know what it’s like when you make a big-money move and the problems there can be when you have to adapt.

"OK, so I never cost as much as Andy Carroll when I came from West Ham, but it still takes time to ­adjust, and in my first season with Chelsea, to be truthful, I didn’t pull up any trees.

"I was so pleased for Andy when he scored that big, big goal that won ­Liverpool the semi-final. He’s a good player and a good lad".

Kudos to Carroll for scoring that semi-final goal, but I still hope the club cut their losses and sell him in the summer.

I just can't stomach the idea of a Liverpool team being set-up to accommodate a footballer as limited as Carroll. The club is built on a pass and move philosophy, and that isn't possible with him in the team. Pass and move goes out of the window, and the emphasis switches to getting as many crosses/high balls into the box as possible.

I don't want Liverpool to be a 'hoof it forward to the big-man' team, and that's what needs to happen if the club is to consistently get the best out of the Carroll. The club's attack should be built around mobile, athletic, skillful, technically gifted players who are comfortable on the ball, and Carroll just doesn't fit the bill.

If Carroll left Anfield tomorrow, would it make any difference? Would we notice his absence? Would it affect the team in any negative way? Would the team be worse off without him?

If the answer to the above questions is 'NO', then I don't see the point in keeping Carroll.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Another proof that Lampard is a good person, unlike his disgusting captain.

    Nothing to say about Carroll.

  2. caroll is having his breakthrough season with us. I would find it utterly moronic to sell him now at a loss, especially when he is finally starting to bear fruit i.e inter alia: get his first touch right, play a simple layoff instead of taking multiple touches, winning 50/50 balls in the air all over the park, throwing himself around and scoring. 

  3. lamps is a saint, especially when him and ferdinand are roasting some poor "big boned" girl whilst on England duty and filming it. 

  4. Lampard is playing mind games ahead of the FA cup final. he wants Carroll playing in the final. Which means LFC will be playing with 10 men. literally. smart man. As the saying goes. " IF you can't beat em, confuse em"

  5. Are Liverpool to take the chance for a new season without strikers scoring next season? Think not, one have to go, and thats Carroll....

  6. Modoulamin Sonko7:23 pm, April 30, 2012

    Carrol is a good player but i don't know what is happening for him he is no more strong he lack confidence, but i am sore foe one day he will become to his best. let me say this at the moment when he live Liverpool he will not Effect the club but to make Liverpool stronger and may be it will be a success for him too to his new club   

  7. I must admit that I am a little confused Jamie. You have now argued in two different posts that Liverpool should sell Carroll and Suarez, so I am wondering which players you would bring in to replace them ...

  8. Carroll hasn't the skill nor mentality to be a success at Liverpool he must go and soon.

  9. sorry did not know we were building a team around andy carroll.
    wat another cr#p  negative story

  10. The thing is everything that carrol hasn't got or can't do suarez can and if you apply the questions that you asked towards the end of the article about carrol and ask them in relation to suarez then the answer to those questions will be yes and suarez is technically gifted and was made to play the pass and move football that we all love if we have the type of player already at the club why sell him enlighten us jaimie into how your mind works and don't bother with the he's evil and racist stuff talent always comes at a price very interest to hear what you have to say

  11. It seems like suggestions are being made that, one-by-one, Liverpool should sell off their players. In the past 2 weeks alone, Suarez, Reina and Carroll ahve been named. There'll be no-one left to play for Liverpool at this rate, especially when you can't guarantee the arrival of top-class players to take their place. We should be more realistic. Living in dreamland is not helping the existing players.

  12. How much do you think you'd get for Carroll selling him now Jaime? Not alot i would imagine.
    Maybe he hasn't been the greatest investment but to talk of selling him now is just stupidity.

  13. Statistically we do MUCH better with Carroll in the side but I'm not convinced that we couldn't get someone else to the job better (or effectively fit in better).

  14. he has to stay for now, simply because if not, we'll loose 20m at least. he will realise that he wont goto a more established team than LFC if he fails there. even if we are mid table dross, the best carroll can hope for after us is villa/wigan level.
    next season he'll have de jong and someone else motivating him to make more effort-which can only help.

  15. the big lad was recently described by Keegan as the best headerer of the ball he has ever seen - this is a man (keegan) who managed shearer and played with the best of them. Personally i have the patience not to judge a man in his first 2 seasons with a club but i understand you need to attract readers. BUT please in the build up to Saturday can you not just get behind the team !


  16. We'll probably never see a Carroll that is worth £35m and probably not even close. What a joke to spend that much money on him. But me thinks we should keep him. We will make a massive loss if we do sell him. More importantly, the no. of strikers we do have is just too small. With Bellers on the wrong side of 30 and Kuyt not really a striker these days, we need to add the striker department. So I'm content to have Carroll in the squad, even if he turns out to be a very very very expensive squad player!

  17. Carroll is improving, his touch is massively better then when he first started at LFC, he has started nicking goals, his hold up play has been excellent in last few games hes played.

    To sell him now we would make a huge loss and to sell a player who is improving and getting better is a bad move. If a player is improving who know what he can go on to achieve especially a young lad like Carroll. He is a different style of player to Suarez and its good to have options as there are certain ways to break down certain teams, there is not one style fits all. Man City can still play good looking football with Dzeko in the team and he is similar in style to Carroll.

    We need to add strength and some different dimensions to the team and not start selling young players who are making a contribution.

  18. I like how you think you know better than all these people who have actually played at the top level. After all what would Frank Lampard or Kenny know about football? What really matters is the opinion of an amateur web pseudo journalist.

  19. I agree that the LFC philosophy is pass and move but every single game there are corners, free kicks and rickashays. These all require a strong, tall player underneath them to head on goal or knock them down. I can understand why we signed Carrol and still think he will improve drastically.

    With him and Suarez/Gerrard we have the best of both worlds.

  20. neutral on this. Carroll is the kind of player who confuses you on his form. One moment he can nick a good pass, the next moment he falls over a ball or a challenge easily. One moment he is phenomenon, the next he fades into a baby crying for milk. I think for a player who is half-productive and never quite sure of his cotribution, I suggest selling him at the right time to the highest bidder. Unfortunately this means he will be with us until he improves and which is when?

  21. Hold on to Carroll but loan him out , he's still very young with a lot of promise for the future .. what was drogba , llorente ie similar types of players to carroll doing at his age.. not all of them i know .. but try supporting the guy instead of critiscising him , cause im sure that helps the situation

  22. was thinking the exact same

  23. Lampard is just playing footballitics here so that Kenny will field Carrol on Saturday for him,Cole,terry etc to have a cool head since Carrol will not disturb them.King Kenny should not play Carrol come Saturday.It is the same thing Kompany was saying about Carrol before ManC met us just to lure Kenny to play him.

  24. carroll while still young needs to watch falcao's movement in the box, needs to watch cavani's movement coming on to the ball just as the ball breaks around the box, and he also needs to go watch the work rate and the ability to get to the ball 1st like llorente does.

    At the moment as big frontmen go, grant holt has better movement that our andy and this is one of andy's big problems.

    So for me if there was a chance that either a big front man like cavani or llorente could come but we had to move andy on then id take that all day long thank you.
    adam needs to go, as does downing -

    johnson        skrtel aggger enrique
              gerrard lucus banega
                     cavani  suarez 
    for around 60 million pounds investment our team would be better and look better and give more value, if the new owners are not and have not got that money to invest then we are in huge trouble.

  25. Joannegreenhough056:46 pm, May 01, 2012

    well said, jaimie talks out of his bot hole, cant make his mind up what his talking about,

  26. Nathan Brookes3:14 pm, May 02, 2012

    Carroll has another 4 years on  his contract, selling him now when his stock is low would be retarded. Give him another season and if he flourishes, well we'll be better for it, and if he doesn't, then we can start thinking of possibly moving him on. He's improving, his performances of late have been encouraging, helps out in defense with his headed clearances, a threat at set pieces, and his sheer presence creates space for Suarez. It's a no brainer, keep him for another season at least.