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4/13/2012 10:30:00 am

Confirmed: Liverpool FC 'interested' in signing Mexican wing starlet...

Liverpool are interested in signing Pachuca midfielder Hector Herrera in the summer, claims the Mexican club's Executive Director.

Speaking to ESPN, Andres Fassi insisted that the 21-year old winger could become 'one of the Premier League's best players in two or three seasons', and confirmed that he is being watched by Liverpool. He said:

"At the moment, we know that Liverpool is interested. But that's all it is at this point, an interest.

"If [Herrera leaves], it will be thanks to a sale. We will not loan him out or send him for a trial.

"[Herrera] can surely be one of the Premier League's best players in two or three seasons. He's that good."

Herrera was nominated for the Mexico league's 'Golden Ball' in 2011, an award that recognises the country's best talent. Some info about the player:

* Mexico U-23 international
* Left-footed winger
* 27 appearances for Pachuca so far
* 2 assists in 12 starts this season

Jaimie Kanwar

11 August 2014

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Iamfirstiamthegreatest said...


i wonder if they will straight swap for downing?

JustSaying said...

Shouldn't LFC focus on buying experience player first for next season?

h8utd said...

yes,lets get him, stick him in the reserves and let him fester with all the others who never truly get a chance. lets concentrate on giving utter shite,like charlie adam, a starring role!!!!

Tom said...

Send Downing to Mexico. Bit harsh

Jaimie K said...

Sad but true!

rajlesta said...

LFC can buy Messi or Xavi or whoever we wants but if Dalglish can't manage players properly (training, discipline, etc) then any stars can become flop in few games.. Suarez was good in the beginning (he scored goals in every games) but look at now... he accuracy has dropped significantly.. as well as Kuyt - he has no motivation due to lack of games...its all how you manager your players.. as well as perfect training. Torres scored numerous goals under Rafa, but under AVB he is crap.

Titi_Camara said...

the new sebastian leto or mark gonzalez...

Titi_Camara said...

i agree,don't want to damage diplomatic relationship with mexico.

Septimus_severus said...

John W Henry and Tom Werner baulked at wielding the axe to the main problem which is Dalglish.
I'm still trying to understand how Tom Werner thinks that by sacking Comolli who had nothing to do with the selection of the players in CHAD.
Kenny Dalglish sad it himself these were his signings!

Then to compound matters it how does sacking Comolli effect the team performance with the players bought?

The Elephant is still in the room.

j75j said...

Can Dalglish/coaches take the blame for how forwards keep missing, isn't it up to them to take the chances? Kuyt didn't score till January but wants a first team place when he hasn't been weighing in with goals and again  missed chances again against Villa. Forwards can train with coaches all they want but should be able to score one on one chances like Suarez and others have have missed in every game this season.

Peter Maxwell said...

Jamie, you are quick to slate attacking players with little end performance.  From the stats you have given he has played 27 times, and only has 2 assists in twelve games (obviously his best return or why mention it).  How many goals does he have in total?  What is his total goal/assists from his 27 games?

sup said...

..we bought PL "proven" and experienced players...and look at us now. We have to by talented players not exp... for example look at NUFC, Cisse, and Ben Arfa. Bargain!

Tom said...

I'm sure it will be fine - just put in the small print 'no end product'.

Jag_cooper said...

Is he from the same club as that Bueno chap we were after? Does anybody know what happened to him. Last time I heard about Bueno wikipedia said he signed a pre-confract with us?

Allenvanwyk said...

looks another dud....let's go for it !

ROSSO67 said...

Well he will probably come cheap and if he plays as well as Downing then at the price he will only be an awful failure.

Simon said...

Comolli worked on financials???

Owners, with zero football experience, put huge faith in Comolli and his apparently excellent CV. He got them a dud for £35 million. Carroll may have been value at £10 million. Owners realise that now

Not sure how Comolli would be responsible for current form of team, he is being scapegoated a little. Nice severance package one would assume :)

Robertt 044 said...

Yes they are from the same club, they played together last Sunday. Bueno is playing in the 1st team and scored 3 goals for Pachuca ever since that trial at LP. As for Herrera You guys need to see him play, I don't want to exaggerate but his the Mexican xavi/iniesta. He was a complete nobody in Mexico until a month ago. When the Mexican u23 played in the CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers and showed great skill distributing and recovering the ball. He didn't score but his really talented I watched all the Mexico games, and even tho Fabian and Pulido took the show him and Cabrera where almost perfect in the mid field. Hopefully he shows off his talent this summer in London .

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