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8 Feb 2012

Great news for Harry Redknapp, but bad news for Liverpool FC?

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp was cleared of tax evasion charges earlier today, and whilst that's great for him and Spurs, it could be bad news for Liverpool FC.

The jury in the case - which was heard at Southwark Crown Court - delivered a unanimous verdict in favour of Redknapp and former Portsmouth Chairman Milan Mandaric, and afterwards, Redknapp blasted the decision to bring the case in the first place. He told reporters:

"It was horrendous you know but it was a unanimous decision. The jury were absolutely unanimous that there was no case to answer. I'm pleased now we can go home and get on with our lives"

I am a big fan of Redknapp; I think he's proven himself to be a superb manager time and time again, and I'm glad he was cleared of all charges.

Having said that, the court victory will probably reinvogorate Redknapp, and give him a new lease of life for the rest of the season (and next season if he's still in charge), which is bad news for Liverpool, who are fighting to get into the top four (!)

As we saw at Anfield on Monday, Spurs' performance arguably mirrored the drudgery of Redknapp's legal situation, and if he had been found guilty, it's certainly probable that it could've impacted them in a negative way.

Spurs are in third right now, and a bad run of form could've seen them drop down the table pretty quickly, which could've benefited Liverpool in the fight for 4th place.

The opposite will probably happen now; a refreshed Redknapp will be fully motivated to guide Spurs toward cementing their top 3 status, and Liverpool will be left scrapping for 4th place with Arsenal and Chelsea, a battle I'm not sure the club can win.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not suggesting I was hoping Redknapp was found guilty, but when you're in danger of missing out on the Champions League for the third year running, you clutch at any straw you can get your hands on!

Liverpool could still get lucky: Fabio Capello has resigned as England manager and Redknapp could take the England job, which could then lead to a drastic loss of form for Spurs, which would then see them drop out of the top four, giving Liverpool more of an opportunity to make the Champions league.

But seriously...

Well done, Harry. The Premier League is a much better place with you in it.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Why didn't the real law-makers, the FA put him on trial? He might have been banned from football then! 

  2. Capello resigns as England Manager...

  3. i take it you dint know about capello quitting when you wrote this.

  4. What?! Spurs are gone mate, out of sight!  Try catching Chelsea in your dreams, rather than the mighty Spurs!

  5. I kind of would argue it helps Liverpool. Spurs still have to play the three teams that would seem to be battling Liverpool for fourth, and it's near impossible seeing the Reds catch Tottenham this year. With Spurs' schedule after Chelsea being shockingly easy, Liverpool would have to be damn near perfect to catch them.

  6. Interesting article. I am a Spurs fan (was directed here from a Spurs site) and needless to say, I'm very happy that Redknapp was proven innocent.  What makes things more interesting is the recent news that Capello quit as England boss... I hope he will stay at Spurs at least until the end of the season, but naturally I hope that we can maintain our form and finish 3rd. 

    Thank you for the article, if I'm honest, I had lost respect for a lot of Liverpool fans after the recent, unpleasant situations regarding racism, but am happy to see that at least one has full respect for the game and all those involved in it. I hope you guys finish 4th (still below my beloved Spurs, of course!) 

    So good luck to both teams, and I hope to enjoy an interesting finale to the season. And yes, I can admit that you lot probably should have won the other night, but hey, these games go for you or against you sometimes, that's why we love it, right?


  7. An foreign bank account in his dog's name & there's nothing dodgy going on???
    If he was a banker or politician he'd be getting crucified.

    'Not guilty' doesn't mean innocent... 

  8. Redknapp is the favoured candidate for the England job now, but do Spurs request he manage them up untill May and then take the reigns for Euro 2012? Or do they part ways now? Even if it is the former or the latter I think this does dent the future for Spurs who have found an identity under Harry Redknapp. Good news for the next year! (or possibly this year???)

  9. I'm not as bothered as you about rednapp. I think Spurs are going well because of the years of work Levy has put in trying to make spurs a stable club and team. Rednapps tactics usually cost us and his signings pale in comparison to that made before he arrived. Parker being a standout but we all knew that having tried to sign him before (twice). Modders (who I think we'll lose in the summer) came before rednapp, VDV, Bale (he wanted rid of) Lennon, Sandro and Walker were all bought before Rednapp or were bought for him. His persistance in playing Dawson (long ball donkey) is another insight into his mentality. Ade (please piss off) byore is another failing and again highlights the "old school" big forward tactic that isn't working for any successful club. Good for Harry he's done well. But there's no gain without pain and we suffered a few duds on the way. Even then Jol (another dud) almost got spurs into the champs league twice. When the new stadium is built i think (really hope anyway) Spurs open the purse strings on wages and transfers which will provide us with the missing ingredient to sustain a genuine challenge for the title. We have a lot of young talent on the up, are well run and now a consistant side. Harry going to the england job must surely happen. I hope so, for him and spurs. We have to grow. VDV and modders have shown how possession is the all important factor. Hence my immense dislike for Dawson who unwittingly gives the ball away (long passes) ten times a game. He looks great making last ditch efforts (ala v carroll) but he really shouldn't allow himself to be put in that position time and time again. He's been at spurs forever (it seems like it anyway) and still makes the same old mistakes. Harry has improved but it's taking him a long time to realise that taking off DVD for defoe each week is not only naive but bloody rediculous when Adebyore is doing nothing. His control is appalling and the sooner he goes back to Citeh the better. Sorry lads but with or without Rednapp Spurs are here to stay...for sure.

  10. Name a single banker who has been pulled up for the financial downturn since 2008. The banking crisis has cost trillions, but are the coppers going after the bankers?

  11. try reading it all numpty

  12. spurs remind me of leeds....................work it out

  13. How exactly has Redknapp proven himself to be a superb manager? What has he atually won to get that accolade? England have just lost a superb manager because of their xenophobic and agenda driven press, the new manager will surely be English because that is what the press want and therefore its what the Fa will do. Im sure Redknapp will take the job if he can get a nice treat for his dog

  14. the difference is Spurs have a healty finance....and a better squad.....

  15. he would be nuts to take the england job now when he is doing so well with spurs

  16. I would say most Liverpool fans like Tottenham. Moreover, most Liverpool fans are not racist - people seem to forget that one of Liverpool's most revered players is one John Barnes, a wonderful player and a wonderful person. 

    Supporting Suarez because we think he is not racist and did not imply any racist slur in comments uttered to Evra in his native tongue does not mean we are racist.

  17. Who will the press blame if Redknapp fails?????????

  18. i do so agree with most of what you said. ok everything really. redknapps tactics is a joke. no plan b, and we never stop with the cross over, even under pressure. time, and time again against l`pool we put us self under pressure, by playing short passes in midfield and defence. adebayor didnt even break a sweat, and he "played" for 70+min?? how is that even posible???? i think we need a new manager who can take off players that dont work his ass off during matches. parker is great, but he has a bad habbit of giving away free-kicks around our own 16m box. that is something thats needs fixing, because that could be fatal against better teams than pool.

  19. Lets hope and pray that England don't come knocking on the door for King Kenny. Kenny must be the best manager in the league. He took over at Liverpool when we were 3rd from bottom and now we are challenging for champions league. He has worked miracles .

  20. Wrong. Not guilty does mean innocent. If not the legal system is worthless. And the country or any country for that matter cannot function. By the way, would it have made a difference if the account was called a random set of numbers like a Swiss account? Can't see how.

  21. Probably the best coach in the world resigned.Im sure its not aboutt Don Fabio,its about that English players are tired before tournament starts,every time.Winter break needed.The same will be with Harry,I woul like that if Jose or Pep aint availible in the summer,Fabio take us and bring title.He know how to do that better than anyone.

  22. We need to stop hoping for others to do poorly and start raising the bar for our team to do better and stop the disorganized form they show at times... Maybe buy a real stricker regardless wether hes english or not and let us move on please..

  23. If it were possible I would ban you idiots from supporting Spurs. Absolutely shocking nonsense from so-called supporters.

  24. Redkanpp went to the Tax Man and told them he had this Off Shore account! Can't really understand why it got took to court and wasted more money, shouldn't they have just took the tax and be done with it!

  25. Spurs showed on Monday they have a plan b and are prepared to dig in and get a result!
    Was expecting a more gun ho approach from Spurs but kept their shape for nearly all the game and were well organized.    

  26. King Kenny has never finished outside the top two as a lfc manager. what a manager

  27. What a difference a day makes. Redknapp could have been looking at prison tomorrow, now he is likely to be England manager. Spurs will have no choice in letting him manage the team to the end of the season, how much will that unsettle Spurs? Surely not too much. More of a concern for them will be to get manager that can convince Modric and Bale to stay. If they can do that, then I am not sure that it will be disaster for Tottenham. If they can't convince them to stay, then the club will have around 80 million to rebuild the squad, not so bad.

    Good riddance to Capello, England were rubbish under him and the World Cup was simply depressing, one of the worst tournaments i can remember from an England team. Made me wish Sven was back! Actually think Benitez would be a good interim manager, knows European football inside out, knows how to deal with teams with superior players from his time with us and Valencia, and is a good tactician for individual matches. Maybe an international manager needs to be a good motivator as well, but he would have Pearce there to give the team talks.

    Due to the number of supporters of other clubs who said we were unfair to Roy, though, I hope that Hodgson gets it and then the rest of England can suffer like we did. See what they think of the guy then.

  28. As a Spurs fan I have a couple of things to say to you poor deluded Liverpool fans. 1,Only Liverpool fans think Dalglish is a great manager.
    2, The reason Spurs are above you is not because of the manager,although maybe it is a little,no. The main reason is that we have better players. I think only Gerrard and Suarez would get into the Spurs first eleven

  29. straw clutcher!

  30. Bitch plesase our entire backline is far better than yours. Fact!

    Just because you came to Anfield and parked thew bus dont get cocky now. Even your own players were happy with the draw and said it was their toughest game so far this season.

  31. What ?? Like a dodgy cheque for 190 grand !!! ha ha

    "Here Rosie... Look at the size of THIS bone !"

  32. It is good to hear that Suarez and Gerrard would get into your Spurs squad although that is wishful thinking on your part. Frankly, I can't see any Spurs player fit to play for us, not even diving Bale. Spurs are above us due to form. Your players are mediocre, but they showed great determination to produce great form. We are a team with class but our form isn't showing at the moment.

  33. I do enjoy people making unsupported statements followed by FACT...as if that makes it an actual fact. What you have done is stated OPINION.

    But I'll play. Suarez is a racist. FACT!

    See have that works?

  34. Sorry mate but you're the one here who's deluded, or maybe you're only 10 years old?
    Here's the head to head, Dalglish v Tottenham Hotspur FC;

    Years active; KD 11 1/2.  TH 119
    Top Flight Titles; KD 4 (1 with Blackburn) TH 2
    FA Cup; KD 2. TH 8
    League Cup; KD 1 (Celtic). TH 4
    European Trophies; KD 0. TH 3 (2 x UEFA, 1x CUp Winner's)
    Charity Shield; KD 4 (2 shared). TH 7 (3 shared)

    Totals; KD 11 trophies as a manager is 11 1/2 years. TH 21 trophies as a club in 119 years.

    Great manager? Great club? make your own minds up.

  35. To be honest, I don't think our entire back line is better than Tottenham's. We concede less goals because we are more defensive. And if Monday night was their hardest game, according to some of their players, then those players are forgetting losing to Man City twice and being thrashed, as usual, at Old Trafford.

    Anyway, Hodgson for England!

  36. Great news today, and for some of the idiots about the place, not guilty means innocent. I guess playing truant from school was better than learning???

    Redknapp's teams play with freedom and expression, apart from shutting up shop against us Monday night

    Hopefully he takes England for Euros, must be a shoe in, makes Parker captain - what a player, and plays Andy Carroll - he seems to like Andy

    England may actually have a chance, I always lay them for tournies, but not this time

  37. I have to disagree here, as a Liverpool fan. Modric, Bale, Lennon, VDV, Defoe, Parker are all good players. If they were added to the current LFC squad then we'd be sitting on top of the pile. The line up of;




    Would do major damage to any team if they could gel together and having;

    Adam etc

    as squad players, this would be a mega strong outfit.

    So, stop bickering like school kids, our two clubs have a good relationship, as do both sets of fans. Let's keep it up.

  38. Reina would challenge Friedel, plus age on Reina's side

    Enrique miles ahead of Assou-Ekotto

    Skrtel and Agger over injury ravaged King and clueless Dawson - he of the "very clever push" (according to Alan Smith) on Carroll inside the penalty with 10 minutes left and rash early challenge which could easily have ended in a red card and pen

    Suarez over Adebayor

    and i guess Stevie G would fit in somewhere

    Spurs are refreshing to watch though, but the team could break up a little when Harry leaves

    Levy might cash in on Modric, Bale and give the job to Rafa!!

  39. Maybe Rafa with his vast knowledge and tactical nous should take the England job while he considers his options. But the xenophobic media won't allow it for sure. Kenny's Scottish so doubt he will go near the England job. Liverpool is far more important to him.

  40. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Comic genius..........

    This was meant as a joke right?

  41. What relevance is any of that to the present? Dalglish won trophies when Liverpool were a dominant team. It's no longer the case. Midtable delsusional has beens. Incidentally, if your back four is do much better than spurs' and your strikers are so much better than spurs' how is it possible for spurs to have scored SIX goals without reply in the last 3 games between the sides?

    *Hint for those slow on the uptake (I.E. 90% Liverpool fans) it's because spurs are currently the vastly superior team.

  42. I used to think Spurs supporters were an intelligent lot. I am sorely mistaken. If you lose your manager, all the hard work put into getting Spurs challenging for the title will fall apart. As a Liverpool fan, I would rejoice if you guys let Harry go. Stability under 1 manager for at least a few seasons running is underrated. Ferguson won his first league title with Man U in his 7th season. Rafa Benitez never got beyond 6. Redknapp goes and your European Cup spot is up for grabs and it's likely to be us or Arsenal getting it.

    We had a spectacular season just like yours in 08-09. If Parker or Modric were to get injured, you guys will go through a 'blip'. If Levy isn't miserly, then surely it must be Redknapp advising on how the squad should be improved. With Redknapp out of the equation, we all know how Spurs perform under other managers.

  43. Don't be lazy, go check the league table. Only Man City currently boast a better defence than we do. FACT.

    Also, despite finding Suarez guilty of abusive behaviour that included a reference to Evra's colour, the FA and Evra did state in the case report that they didn't think Suarez is racist. FACT.

  44. We never claimed to have better strikers, but our back four and keeper have only conceded 21 goals, you guys have shipped 25. Even Sunderland have a better defence. If not for the 3 you guys put past us when we were down to 9 men, one of those sent off being a defender, we would only have shipped 18, which would have made our defence best in the league. It is indeed impressive your attackers scored six without reply in your last 3 games, which makes our defence just as impressive to ensure you didn't score against us!

    Mark's comment wasn't even about Liverpool. It was about Kenny Dalglish the man and what he has achieved compared to all the managers in Spurs' history combined. One of his league titles was with Blackburn even.

    Vastly superior? Think again. Imagine both teams without our respective 3 best players. For us it would be Gerrard, Suarez and Bellamy, for you it would be Modric, Bale and Parker. Suddenly you guys don't look so scary anymore. If we were to lose any one out of 3, we'd be able to cope fine, but if you guys lost Modric, you'd have good cause to be worried. Gerrard and Suarez have also barely had much game time on the pitch together.

  45. Johnson vs Walker, 1 on 1, Johnson came out tops.

  46. They didn't shut up shop on us, we closed them down. We played the defensive football with Gerrard pinning Parker back and Spearing rushing Modric. Kelly and Johnson did a fantastic job of ensuring Bale and Kranjcar barely got the ball.

    They thought it was the toughest match they've played not because we were difficult to defend against. They just didn't get to play.

  47. Agreed but let me add this, his man management skills are not as great as people make it out to be. Pav and GDS come to mind.
    Gio's drinking partying, lack of training reasons came from Harrys mouth only there isnt anyone else saying it.
    What sort of a manager slags off a player in the press(add Bent to this list as well)????
    Harrys love of the press irks me tremondously but his complete lack of a plan B makes me want to bash him with my "Tactics for Dummies" book.
    Besides Pav and Gio we are also wasting the talents of a number of players Niko, Pienaar etc when they do get a game its never in their proper more productive positions.
    Bye Harry..we fired Jol because he couldnt get us further and we should let you go for the same reason.

  48. Yeah Harry was there to change to plan B

  49. i wonder what the liverpool players  thought was their hardest game, i,m no sherlock holmes but the evidence says the biggest defeat of their season might be up there, elementary my dear pastor

  50. Liverpool reminds me of Everton; tough game away from home, but not quite good enough for top5. The only differences are that Liverpool spend 10's of million £ on average players, and Everton isn't a racist club. 

  51. TrueRed...if that is your case for an argument then Redknapp is much better because Spurs were BOTTOM...2 points 8 games and we were in champions league and challenging for the title now. plus Dogleash is a miserable boring scot and England will not want one of those.

  52. Let's bother about LFC stuff shall we? Spurs and what Redknap  does has nothing to do with our problems...

  53. Correcly me if I'm wrong, your article seems to suggest that you hope that Harry was found guilty so that Liverpool could get into top 4?

    Where is your integrity Jamie?

  54. A pretty pointless article if the truth be told.  'Bad news'?  Really?  Or just Daily Mail type pathetic traffic grabbing?

  55. i agree liverpool would never want to get to top 4 on someone elses loss of manager, we can play as well anyone just more consistency  i think this article shows how far we need to go to get the right liverpool attitude back,

  56. There's nothing to work out you fool. Leeds situation and that of Spurs are completely incomparable.

  57. Spurs fan here. I went to Anfield on Monday for the first time and thought the Liverpool fans were friendly and passionate about their team. I don't really see where all these stupid remarks get us. Liverpool are an improving team and will get better and I hope they finish fourth with Chelsea 5th and Newcastle 6th. We will finish third behind the two Manchester teams and on the way beat Liverpool's main rivals for 4th spot as well as Arsenal for good measure.
    On the main point of the article I would hope to keep Harry but if he wanted the England job I would wish him well and thank him for what he has done. It hasn't been perfect and he has had some luck in my opinion but we have not flown this high for a very long time. I would like to have Brendan Rodgers in for his flair but Jose for his ability to attract some top players and retain our own.


  58. Should hav strengthen the squad. Missing the CL again, will come back to haunt KK.  

  59. Only Bale and Modric would get into first eleven of Liverpool.

  60. so if i dont think like you i am an idiot, and not a spurs suporter?? what does say about you? i can have my own opinion, we can disagree, but i do not call you idiot,stupid,ect,ect. we had no plan b on monday, we tryed to play short passes, but when teams pressure us high on the pitch, we struggel, and lpool did take the ball all the time, in midfield. we did not have possesion in midfield. and we played alot short passes side-ways. and pool found out of that, and took the ball, time and time again. and still we keept doing this? and adebayor is not a class forward!!!! he loses the ball all the time, looses alot of headers, works way to little- if you dont sweat after 70+min of pl-fotball, you cant have run very mutch. but thats my opinion, that dont make me an idiot. if so than every other fotball fan that do not support spurs is idiots in youre eyes!!!! but if you belive that, than you are the biggest of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  61. if we get hiddink, you dont think that he can get spurs playing? i dont think that spurs will fall apart if arry left, i did not say he was poor, or had done a bad job for spurs, i pointed out what i think he could do better. and signing nelson,saha is not something i think was smart. but again, if i am wrong than fine. but it is my opinion. if spurs got mourhino, would you get absolutly devestated?? and if not why? he is another than redknapp manager. there is life after redknapp, and they could get spurs even better. dont paint it all black!!!!!!

  62.  HM Revenues and Customs and he was never the same after the pressure of the trial.

  63. Not sure I totally agree with all your points. I do agree that Levy has done a great job over the years running the club and I do agree that prior to Redknapp's arrival a number of great signing were made and that Harry himself has bought some duds. But on the flip side, what Harry has done has galvanised the club in every aspect to the point where there appears to be genuine belief amongst Spurs fans that not only will they finish in the top 4 but they are actually genuine title contenders. That is a MASSIVE step forward for a club that only a few seasons back were contemplating a possible season in the Championship due to their poor on field performances. Harry as far as I'm concerned is the best signing Spurs have made since Gazza in terms of impact on the club on and off the field. I know he may not be everyone's cup of tea but neither are Ferguson or Mourinho but they are winners and that's why fans put up with their theatrics. Enjoy Harry while you've got him, you may find life is not as sweet once he's gone.

  64. Why not read the original post, which addresses your backline, and not your defending in total, FACT.

    It's easy to have decent defending when your sets up defensively is a valid interpretion of Liverpool's season.

    Regarding Saurez, again, read what was written--a comment relating to the danger of equating Fact with Opinion.

    And yes, do check the league table. I hear it doesn't lie.

  65. Spurs are out of sight - 3rd is already assured for them IMO.
    So I don't agree with your article in regards dragging Spurs into the CL fight - even if Redknapp went down, the only spot available is fourth and that is between us, Chelsea, Arsenal and Necastle (only cos they're up there, otherwise would omit N'Castle)

    Spurs can afford to slip up 3 or 4 times and still be uncatchable. Where as the rest of us rabble fighting for fourth have plenty of f*** ups left in us for the rest of the season.

    I do like Harry tho, and respect him for waht he has achieved at Spurs

  66. is that because we play in white and hate liverpool,get a life or get a job you scouse Git

  67. FA, 8 week ban says you are racist move on

  68. i dont think spurs are out of sight, spurs have utd,chelsea, and arsenal left.  that could be 0 points. or that could be 6 points, maybe 9. but i will be satisfied with 6 points. i am afraid about spurs taking to lightly on weaker opposision, and slipp up agains teams from the lower halv. but i hope liverpool get 4th, i have always liked liverpool. the days with king kenny, mølby,rush,barnes,aldridge,hansen,nicol liverpool was fun to watch.

  69. No it does not. Regardless of people's views on whether the fa's verdict was justified, the ruling is very clear that Suarez is not deemed to be a racist. 

  70. No... It says that the FA found Suarez racist, not Liverpool. The report also shows that they essentially tossed a coin on who to believe (if you actually read it) and ignored expert evidence.

    It was also essentially a political response to Blatter, plus an opportunity to win votes from African FAs with world cup bids coming, votes historically difficult to gain given Britain's terrible history in that continent.

    Liverpool's response has been very poor, I agree. But that ban and the Club's/Suarez' integrity have very little to do with each other.

    Sorry to make this complicated for you but things aren't quite as dicotomous as you would clearly like them to be.



  71. I'm sorry, but if that's really what you believe, then it kind of does make you an idiot... :)

  72. because your just a flash in the pan ..........geezer.
    will lose all your decent players, then back fighting the drop lol
    all you cockneys the same all blow no go haha
    crap fans, was not long ago you were booing your team off the pitch and half your fans leaving at half time, the most fickle in the land lol
    sorry leeds fans you are the bigger club

  73. Hahahahahahahah u 1 deluded scouser.

  74. It doesn't even say they found Suarez racist.

    Balance of probabilities is the accepted standard for such matters whether we like it or not.

  75. no it doesnt! and i dont think you can explain why it should make me an idiot. do you acctually want ade on permanent basis? he has not scored in how many games, when crouch did the same we all wanted his head. nelson and saha?? a smart pice of buissnes?? if i am wrong, than i would be happy, but i cant see what those two is going to give spurs that was/is there. so expain to me why i am an idiot? if it is because i have diffrent opinions,ect than you? then you are clearly an idiot. and i said IF. 

  76. Say Chelsea or Arsenal - already we have played both legs with them & failed to score at home, even without Redknap not being present.

    However, KD & his over priced British trashes were not going make it among top 5 this year, after spending 100mn+.  

  77. Liverpool were never going to be in the running for Spurs' place irrespective. Spurs have the 2nd best squad in the league after Man city. Liverpool's is weaker than City's, Spur's,Utd's, Chelsea's and Arsenal's. The best they can hope for is 5th. They will probably finish 6th. Their squad is weak and even if they can field their best 11 regularly they are only good enough for 5th at best.