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1/14/2012 12:38:00 pm

AGENT: €15m France Star has "his heart set on playing for Liverpool..."

Marseille striker Loic Remy has been linked with Liverpool several times over the last year, and the player's agent has now revealed that the France International still harbours a 'dream' of playing in the English Premier League.

In July 2011, Remy's agent, Frederic Guerra, revealed the extent of Liverpool's interest in the player:

"Liverpool are passing up a huge opportunity if they decide not to go with Remy. Nothing has been settled yet but I know that Liverpool are having a meeting about transfers and we expect something this week.

"The boy is pure gold and I am not saying that because I am his agent. He has great pace and that is something Liverpool need in attack.

"He is ideally suited for the English game and while he is determined to go to the Premier League, his heart is set on playing for Liverpool".

This week, speculation has about Liverpool's interest has resurfaced, and yesterday, Guerra insisted that Remy - who moved to Marseille in 2010 in a €15 million deal - still wants to play in the Premier League. He told Goal.com:

“Remy still has a dream of playing in English football. He plays like Thierry Henry - his next move will be to a club at a high level. After Euro 2012 the whole of Europe will want to sign him.”

Sounds like a 'come and get me' plea to me. If Remy 'had his heart set on playing for Liverpool' six months ago then I doubt much would've changed in the intervening time. The club was obviously interested in the player, so Perhaps Kenny Dalglish will take another look at him now, or in the summer.

Jaimie Kanwar

11 August 2014

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Tittypoo said...


cal said...

thiery flipping henry. kinda setting him up for the fall aint ya. Hop on aboard loic, cant be worse can carroll

James21mitchell said...

now buy him, get to it

poo said...

Sensational headlines with no content. Your website is rubbish and your "stories" worthless.

Flap said...

We were linked with him ever since Hodgson became manager. One of the few players we were linked with at that time that I really wanted to see us get. Didn't know why we passed up the opportunity then. Who's fault was that? I like his pace, but these days I'm weary about potential, I would just like to see us get a player who is known to do the business. I guess we would have to pay a premium for that though.

Rowanuk said...

bet kenny wishes he'd taken a punt on remy over carroll now!

Rashed said...

buy him Kenny

Deebo said...

Are Liverpool desperate for a black player? Since the Suarez thing all we've been linked with is black players. Seen Remy a number of times now and he's basic.

Pastor of Muppets said...

This guy looks perfect for Spurs, like a supercharged Defoe. Wouldn't mind if we signed him, but I don't think he would be phenomenal for us. His style has North London written all over. Would rather we signed Castaignos!

Zulkifli said...

No chance...he's not English.

bleps said...

We'd better get someone who can actually score goals regularly, and soon. The current situation is intolerable. Accept it, KD, Carroll is hopeless.

Jimmy said...

would love him to come to UTD

sick of crap said...

Kenny needs to step aside now = Man City will put four past us in a weeks time

lowee78 said...

#$%£.          work it out

3PhDs said...

Liverpool should SACK KD for playing 5 defenders against a team that never attacked - disgraceful!

Gary352 said...

honestly any player is better than Kuyt and Carroll at the moment. 

Derp? said...

We've been linked with Zaha, Bent, Sow and Remy before the Suarez thing, so I don't think there is much in that.

Specialist123 said...

Why would KD even look at this player, hes black. KD does not buy black players

Ashfah Hussain said...

How good is this guy, another David Ngog?

Fatha6 said...

This gets my vote for the most stupid post this year

WooltonRed said...

I take it that was an attempt at humour. Idiot

Boyspen53 said...


Akash_superstarfc said...




1) Higuain (for striker)

2) Podolski (for left winger)

3) Ozil OR Hazard (for right winger)

4) Aquilani (bring back him & play him)

5) Gary Cahill (Defender)



1) Carroll

2) Kuyt

3) Downing

4) Aurelio

5) Joe Cole

Call Me Dave said...

lol @ those signings you might as well but Messi and C.Ronaldo on there. They are all WAY out of Pools league, ONe doesn't want to leave german the others all want TOP level league and CL clubs, something Liverpool ain't.

Call Me Dave said...

Remy is an arse to chose Spurs over Liverpool, it will be years before they get sorted.
To be honest he ain't THAT good he's quick but the french league is poor, not matter where he goes he won't be scoring left right and centre and Spurs are better off aiming to get a higher standard of player

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