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12/27/2011 12:49:00 pm

CONFIRMED: Agent reveals Liverpool bid for Brazilian striker starlet

Time for some REAL transfer news instead of the usual made-up lies peddled by certain other sites. Brazilian striker Lucas Moura's agent has confimed that Liverpool have put in a bid to bring him to Anfield in January.

Speaking on Brazilian radio, Moura's agent Wagner Ribeiro confirmed the good news, which - unfortunately - came with a sting in the tail:

"I received three offers for my client [Moura] from Chelsea, Inter and Liverpool".

"But the club [Sao Paolo] will not sell Lucas at this stage and will turn down every single offer.

"They made it clear that Lucas won’t go. However, in June we will talk about that again…"

Sounds to me like Ribeiro is trying to start a bidding war.

Jaimie Kanwar

11 August 2014

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fdotm said...

Love this player...but why would he come to us though? Because of out history? Don't think so....


Dulebg said...

 because of our future.....

Quattroporte83 said...

VERY good player. One id love to see at Liverpool. He's an attacking midfielder not a striker

guest said...

Wow, he must be sadistic

Rowanblades said...

Thats music to my ears. it shows the board are not scared to replace a recent purchase ,with one who can actually score. Pretty sure there will be some decent money spent this jan. All of kennys expensive buys are , at best, bench warmers.

dude509 said...

i'd like moura to go to inter coz this guy is too good and even better than neymar

Simon said...

Confirmed by the players agent, who is trying to start a bidding war

Wouldn't put too much faith in this one lads

Telvis88 said...

there not just KK's buys they were comolli's aswel...

Hobbit said...

Ah, do a 'Arry Redknapp and put the blame at the foreign directer of football's door eh. That old chestnut. 

Will probably see Commolli fired in the summer to take the heat off Kenny. Once Kenny retires from management, he can blame it all on Commoli and how Redknapp was right that Director of Football doesn't work in English football.Kenny earned his King status a long time ago. So far, in his second spell, fans that don't remember King Kenny of old are thinking 'what is so 'king' about kenny'Commoli said that he consulted Stevie G before signing Henderson. But god forbid any of us criticizing Stevie G and easing the pressure on Commoli eh. Stevie G has form for 'advising' Pool but who cares, its our Stevie G eh. Part of the pro-Barry hunt, etc. 

Shadow said...

because of our money
that's all
that's how it works now, look city, united, chelsea, real, barcelona : they spend money on top quality player

m kop said...

In most cases yes but I would not be so desperate to start a biding war if I was his agent; he has ability that speaks for himself and I hope the bid is there and an agreement can be reached

Ashfah Hussain said...

How good is this kid? Hope he is not another David Ngog or Anthony Le Tallac.

Samkissane said...

why dont we get pato

ANTI-carroll said...

real transfer news? you gotta be kidding. this is just some made up bullcrap. i really doubt we'll be signing him. he's an attacking mid, not a winger nor  center mid. the current system we use doesn't have have place for and advanced midfielder. he's a highly talented kid but i doubt kenny would opt for him

Ilickpoopoo said...

going to be one of the worlds greatest, lets hope we throw bucket loads of money at him and don't miss out like m.laudrup

ikcl said...

Well Commolli negotiates the transfers, they're certainly a team when it comes to buying and selling.  What exactly is it you think Commolli is employed to do!!?  But believe whatever suits your agenda!
And i think the majority of people would agree that Henderson has been and will be a great signing, so kudos to Kenny and Damien on that one, and Stevie too as your comment suggests.

Rafael said...

How on earth has Henderson 'has been....a GREAT signing'?

Wow....just wow. Astonishing.

A 'directer of football' isn't necessarily all about transfers and picking the transfer targets.

Dalglish and Commoli have let us down in the transfer market in the summer, apart from Enrique. 

Money down the drain

ikcl said...

Ok, perhaps not great thus far, but I've certainly seen enough to suggest that he will be prove to be a central figure in our squad. (I think your reply overstates my original comment!!).
My original point, directed at Hobbit, was to argue that Commolli and Dalglish are equally involved in transfer dealings, something you have stated yourself, so we're agreed on that issue. As far as i know, from various articles i've read, it is Commolli that negotiates the transfers, I think it was Dalglish himself I heard that from (apologies for the vagueness!).  But to take your point further, if Commoli "isn't necessarily all about transfers and picking the transfer targets", what is he all about? I would have thought that constitutes the bulk of his workload!

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