27 Dec 2011

LFC LEGEND: Kenny needs to sign players like these two Dutch masters...

Liverpool legend Steve Nicol was massively disappointed by his old club's failure to beat bottom-club Blackburn yesterday, and he feels that Kenny Dalglish must now go out and sign an attacking midfielder to play off Suarez.

Nicol, who played alongside some of Liverpool's greatest attacking midfielders, argued that time is running out for the likes of Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson.

"You have to give them a certain amount of time, and only Kenny can decide how long that should be, but the biggest thing for me would be to get someone to play just off Suarez.

"Clearly, Kenny is going to play one upfront most of the time; Carroll's not quite ready, and needs a bit more experience, so Liverpool need a Sneijder type, or a Van Der Vaart to play behind Suarez.

"It's all about goals, and ultimately Liverpool are not scoring goals".

It could be argued that we already have that type of player in Steven Gerrard, but whether he gets to player there - or remains fit enough - is another story.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We need a few very fast players, pace out wide = success

    Gerrard can play the roll Nicol outlines if necessary

  2. 1. I think it's spelt "Sneijder"
    2. I don't know what LFC fans problem is with Downing. He has created ALOT of chances and stats prove that, aswell as him hitting the woodwork on couple of occasions. I don't think he is being used right though. He could be used on the left so he can cross more on his stronger foot which will mean more quality crosses. Instead though, he is used on the right were, more often than not, he cuts in on his Left foot and the crosses go in towards the keeper and not towards our players.
    3. Henderson is useless. Before we was even interested I said so. The odd good touch here and there and looks half decent when playing the good sides who leave you more space. But against sides were you need to work hard and think quicker, he goes completely missing. I wished we went for Javi Martinez of Athletic Bilbao. Completely dominated Henderson in the U21's vs Spain (although we somehow got a draw). Excellent range of passing, Quick thinker on and off the ball, tall, strong and Versatile. He can play as a holding player and if really needed has the positional sense to play at Centre Back. I bet he wouldn't cost £20 million either...

  3. I don't think it's necessarily pace outwide that's the problem. We are getting the ball in the box, it's just not finding it's way into the net, whether its a fantastic save or hitting the woodwork. Walcott/Lennon/S-W-Philips all have pace, yet they are useless in the final third. If Downings created chances was finding the net, we wouldn't be talking about this. Once the ball leaves Downings foot it is no longer his responsibility to put the ball in the net. Suarez and Maxi missed good headed chances, aswell as the goalkeepers save of his career and a chance off the line in the last minute. 

  4. The best finisher at LFC at the moment is Bellamy yet Kenny has this weird thing about him whereby he sees him as a winger.  What a waste.  We ARE creating chances but Carroll and Suarez have the killer instinct of a dead fish.  the question remains, why are we messing Bellamy about?  Is Kenny afraid that a 32 year old free transfer might actually be the answer to our current problems? ludicrous..

  5. If I were John Henry I wouldn't give Kenny any Money as he has wasted it on Carroll it's that simple

  6. Well said about Henderson and Martinez ..one is a donkey and the other a stallion. i would add Jesus nevas to the list.

  7. Funny thing about those 2 is they are quality but got bombed out at Real Madrid and have proved Madrid wrong we could of had them when Alonso left but Rafa snubbed them and after beating them 4 nil you could understand why when they weren't as good as Alonso or Gerrard ! 

  8. Mate you just have to believe in kk..after all he is a proven winner just like Roy hodgson ..he knows what he is doing...by doing what he's doing brings the best out of bellamy and maxi in that when they score they get dropped the next game....

    Just on a different note...anybody notice that since there is no Carragher in the team, Glen Johnson doesn't seem to be out of position or making mistakes...maybe Carragher was the problem.

  9. Fans keep talking about Spanish/South American players but how long will they stick around for before the top 2 in Spain come knocking? Why do you think we have brought British players so they will be here in 10 years not just 3 or 4 years and we have to find another replacement for Alonso,Torres and Mascherano!

  10. ya and british players defiantly have the quality.

  11. You are so right..the British players we have bought nobody in the top half of premier league would want...never mind some of the best in the world...wouldn't you agree.? Guess we are stuck with them....

    As for Mascherano ..Torres would they have left if we were going places...just like McManaman going to Madrid..Owen going to Madrid..

    As for them going to Spain only the best get the opportunity..and when the British are good enough the top clubs will come for them...like Rushy to juve ..Hughes to Barcelona..ince to Milan ..gazza to lazio..keegan to Hamburg..so are these not doing the same as those u mentioned

  12. Well said Steve Nicol, I tend to agree with you. You are one of those players very close to Kenny and a fellow Scot, go and tell him.

  13. We are in the top half with these British players 3 ponts of fourth somewhere we haven't been in nearly 3 years!!!!!!

  14. We lost 4 top quality players in Arbeloa,Alonso,Mascherano(Mascherano,Tevez are money making tool for their agent) and Torres in 2 seasons not one in every 10 years not to mention Hypia,Riise,Crouch,Benny and Keane amongest others nearly a full team of quality players wiped out in 2 half years this is the mess Kenny is trying to turn around you can't afford to lose that much quality in 3 years ! Kenny is trying to fix 3 years of disaster in 1 year with British and foriegn players, Fergies teams it has been the British players that stuck around and didn't rock the boat. Martinez has been mentioned for years now and still not been signed,Jesus looks a very good player but how about  Krasić  Juventus who will be available in January?    

  15. I don't disagree that the club was in a mess but when kk took over..we still had

    reina ..agger ..Carragher..skrtel ..Johnson..mirelies ..maxi ..gerrard ..aquilani ..kuyt ..Cole..Lucas..Kelly..jonjo..aurellio..spearing ..pacheco ...babel ..even Torres might have stayed if convinced....

    Now 12months down the line with over 110million spent and the players bought...only Suarez (22 million )and enrique (8 million ) and bellamy ( free ) justified ...total 30million

    the rest is what you might call wasted..if ramsey cost 5million and chamberlin cost 12million then why is kk paying 20million for Henderson..when better British talent is going for cheaper why are we paying over the odds..this is the problem i have with kk..

    Henderson is worth 5million..we pay 20

    Carroll is worth 5-10million ..we pay 35million

    downing is worth 10million..we pay 20million..

    If we had bought these players for their true value..we would have saved 50million

    and could have bought Krasic (20 m) or Jesus nevas (20m)and javi Martinez (20m) ..would have had 10million left over.

    .8 million could have been saved if we didn't buy Adam and 10million from above plus few more million could have bought adebayeur for 20million..

    This way Carroll and Henderson would have been bit part players for a couple of seasons and no pressure on them..

    Imagine this as a team


    Johnson.....skrtel ...agger.....enrique

    ....................Lucas ..........

    nevas(or Krasic)...Martinez ....gerrard



    subs....doni ..aquilani ...kuyt..maxi...Henderson ...Carroll...Kelly

  16. We need someone to pair aggressively and score with Suarez. SG days are numbered and he can only do so much more. Gerrard has lost his scoring touch too for a long time. YNWA

  17. The Club needs to bring in 5-7 players to change the dimension of side between January and Summer Transfer Window:

    1: A centre back to compete with Skrtel and Agger for next 2- 4 years as Coates and Wilson will be the future centre back partnership.
    G Cahill Of Bolton, Vertognen Of Ajax or Hummels Of B Dortmund,one of these centre backs should be brought to club for £5-£16M.

    2: A DM: C Tiote Of Newcastle, M'Villa Of Rennes, Moussa Sissoko Of Toulouse, J Martinez Of Atletico Bilbao, Fernando Of Porto Or L Diarra Of Real Madrid, One of these Hard,Tough, Strong,Dominative Enforcers needs to be brought to club in January for £10-£20M in order to Compete with LUCAS and Spearing for DM starting position at club.

    3: A AM: Man City and Tottenham have the two best creative playmakers in the league: D Silva and L Modric, we need a player in the same mould who will unlock the best teams in world/europe open for fun:

    Valbuena Of Marseille, Ozil Of Real Madrid, Diego Of Werder Bremen, M Gotze Of B Dortmund, Willian Of Shakhat Donesk Or Lucas Of Sao Paulo, One of these players desperately needs to be brought to club for £10-£18M.

    4: A RW: for last few years i have been saying we needed to bring in one of these 3 wingers to play on right wing at club. J Navas Of Seville,A Sanchez Of Barcelona( Was at Udinese before) Or E Hazard Of Lille.

    Either one of these wingers would cost the club between £20-£33M to bring them to Anfield, but with the £33M the club could/should bring in 3 Young Quick,Fast Speedy wingers with bags of skill and tricks who would  stretch teams all the time, This needs to be addressed as soon as possible as we currently have one out and out winger in the 1st team squad who is currently struggling for goals himself and assists at the moment.

    King Kenny And D Commoli should bring these 3 speed merchants to club in January, so the club could/would have 4 wingers with speed,pace and trickery competing for 2 spots every week.

    1: David Wayne J Hoillet Of Blackburn: 21yr old should be brought to club for £12-£17M (RW/LW)

    2: Ola John Of Twente: 19yr Old should be brought to club for £ 7-10M (RW/LW)

    3: Royston Drenthe Of Real Madrid( Currently at Loan at Everton) 24yr Old should be brought to club for £3-£6M  (LW/RW)

    These three wingers will all bring blistering Bale, Lennon, Bellamy, Agbonglahor, Walcott type pace to side and would offer great competition to the wing , as we have currently been lacking genuine width quality wingers on the flank since the Mcmanaman and MCateer Era.

    So £33M should be spent on 3 wingers with potential,than on one winger.

    5: A FD: Out and Out finisher:
    Higuain Or Benzema Of Real Madrid, G Rossi Of Villareal, L Lopez Of Lyon, Cavani Of Napoli Or D Bent Of A Villa, One of these strikers should be brought to club to finish of the chances Suarez and Co create all the time but cannot finish at the moment.

  18. Then the club could fill two strong teams with these 5-7 players additions added to the ranks at club between now and summer:

    Team 1:                   

    G Johnson                Skrtel                  Agger                   Enrique
                              Lucas/M'Vila/Tiote    Adams

                           Suarez                        Bellamy

    Team 2:                           Doni

    Kelly                         Carragher        Cahill                       Aurelio

                                   Spearing         Henderson
    J Hoillet                                                                       R Drenthe


                                       A Carrol/D Kuyt

    Bench: Ola John, S Downing, M Rodriguez.