Message Boards

Welcome to the Suck! This is another possible solution for a message board system on the site. This method uses Disqus, but unlike a proper forum, it doesn't allow individual post titles. It's more like one big, ongoing discussion.

I've only created four discussion areas so far, but there is scope for others.

* Football: Non-LFC: Whether you want to diss Man United, or vent about England's horrible anti-football during Euro 2016, this is the place to do it!

* Movies and TV: Discuss your favourite movies and TV shows here (Participation contingent upon accepting that 'The Shield' and 'Oz' are the greatest TV shows ever made).

* Moe's Tavern (Off-Topic Chat/Banter): Kick back and chat with fellow Reds, and discuss anything you like, including that age-old question: is Jamaica really in Africa?

* Feedback/Questions: Questions, queries, or gripes about the site.


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