* The site averages 2m+ pageviews a month.

* During peak months (Dec/Jan and May-Sep), this rises to 3m+ pageviews per month.

* Can deliver up to 2m+ impressions per ad zone (monthly)

* Over 125 million pageviews and counting (Correct at 16 Aug 2016)


- UK: 55%

- Rest of Europe: 15%

- USA/Can 15%

- Oz 5%

- Rest of World 10%

- Audience Majority: 18-44 Male


* Only interested in FIXED RATE advertising, i.e. a set daily/weekly/monthly fee for ads placed on the site. There's no point making contact unless it's to negotiate a fixed-rate ad deal. That means no CPM/CPC/CPA ads. Prices are cheap for the number of impressions available.

* Will not consider Pop-Up/Pop-Under, Ad rails, interstitials etc under any circumstances, as these negatively impact visitor experience.

* Not interested in Ad Networks that use Google Adsense to back-fill adslots. Ads must be 100% independent of Adsense.

* Will consider sponsored posts/links. Please contact for further details.

If you are interested in advertising on this site, please email:


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