2 May 2017

Anfield Update: Ex-Red admits he's 'shocked' by 'brilliant' £38m Liverpool star; claims Wayne Rooney 'fluked' similar goal

Wayne Rooney vs Emre Can: Whose scored the best bicycle kick goal?

According to ex-Red Phil Babb, it's no contest. Analysing Can's match-winning goal on LFC TV last night, Babb enthused:

"Everyone talks about Wayne Rooney’s goal, but he fluked that; it came off his shin, but Can caught that on his laces, and put some bend on it. What a great goal. I was was shocked it came from Emre Can, but we’ll take it".

As much as a I loathe Wayne Rooney, Babb is arguably underplaying the quality of his goal.

Yes, the ball came off Rooney's shin, but technique, skill, and athleticism were still required to actually score the goal (I know - 'Athleticism' and 'Rooney' is a contradiction in terms).

Can's goal is arguably better, though, and I offer no clarifying reason for that view other than the fact that I'm a Liverpool fan ;-)

Nine times out of ten, Can will sky that chance, but on this occasion, he got lucky. That's Can to a tee, though - he constantly tries drag-backs, back-heels, tricks, Hollywood passes etc, and 98% of the time, he gets it horribly wrong.

That notwithstanding, Can deserves credit for the goal, and the resulting three points may just end up being the difference between 4th and 5th place.

^ Can: Hailed by James Milner as 'brilliant'. €38m-rated (CIES)


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