6 May 2017

Luis Garcia raves: Klopp should sign 'amazing' £30m playmaker; he'd be 'fantastic' for 'Liverpool'

Jurgen Klopp is reportedly considering a surprise move for Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas, and according to ex-Red Luis Garcia, Fabregas is the ideal signing for Liverpool this summer.

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail claimed:

"Cesc Fabregas is being looked at by Manchester United and Liverpool, with Chelsea prepared to...sell for £30m to a Premier League rival".

Reacting to the rumour, Garcia - who helped Liverpool win the 2005 Champions League - enthused:

"For Liverpool, he [Fabregas] would be a fantastic fit. The technique, the ability, the mindset of knowing always what is happening around him, he can fit everywhere".

Alas, the Liverpool Echo claims:

"Liverpool are not considering a move for Fabregas. The ECHO understands that Fabregas isn’t on Jurgen Klopp’s list of targets".

Of course Klopp isn't interested! Fabregas isn't a marathon runner, so Klopp won't touch him with a barge pole. In a recent interview, Fabregas actually outlined exactly why he'll never end up at Liverpool. Speaking to Chelsea TV, he mused:

“Today, it’s more difficult for the more talented players to succeed. If you are very strong or you run a lot, it’s easier to be a football player today. Everyday, you see less talent and more power and players running around. That’s why I try to get even better, because football is growing in a way that before I don’t think it was".

Amen. This is precisely the argument I continually make on this site, and being a current footballer at the highest level, Fabregas knows what he's talking about. 'Less talent, and more players running around': This is growing trend at Liverpool, and as long as this policy continues, the Reds will never win the league, or indeed anything else.

* Fabregas: Reportedly on £156k-a-week. Hailed this week as 'amazing' by Thierry Henry


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