2 May 2017

Klopp Confirms: 'Absolutely amazing' attacker 'will' play for Liverpool next season

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that he will continue to 'develop' two of the club's brightest young talents next season.

When asked on Monday about Ben Woodburn and Rhiann Brewster, Klopp told reporters:

"We will use them [Woodburn and Brewster], and involve them when we think they are ready. There will always be space for them to perform in a few matches [next season] if they are ready in this moment".

So, let's get this straight: there's 'aways space' for Woodburn and Brewster, two massively inexperienced teenagers, but there's seemingly no room for U23s captain Harry Wilson, who has close to 60 goals/assists this season?! In the words of Joe Miller:

Despite endless injuries, and Liverpool's lack of wide options, Klopp has repeatedly snubbed Wilson this season, with the most egregious snub coming last week against Crystal Palace. With LFC down to a bare bones squad, Klopp included Woodburn, Arnold, Gomez and 17-year old Brewster on the bench, yet ignored Wilson again. Why? Where is the justification for ignoring a player who is quite clearly overachieving in the U23s?

Klopp and his acolytes go on about how he allegedly gives youth a chance, but that clearly doesn't apply to 20-year old Wilson, who generates nothing by positive reviews from all the coaching staff at the Academy. Wilson has EARNED his chance at some first-team action this season, yet Klopp snubbed him for a 17-year old who has no experience whatsoever. It's an absolute disgrace, and makes a mockery of the Academy's much-vaunted merit system.

Klopp's mewling apologists will come up with all kinds lame, barely credible excuses for why Wilson has been snubbed, but any objective analysis of the situation will conclude there is no credible excuse. Wilson is not injured; he's not a problem player (Klopp himself has hailed Wilson as a 'wonderful player'); and he's not underperforming, so why is he being ignored?

What makes it worse is that none of the boot-licking journos who attend Liverpool's press conferences have the balls to ask Liverpool's God-like manager exactly why he continually snubs Wilson. I suspect it's the same old story: Klopp ignoring a fantastic player because he doesn't run and/or press enough. Indeed, Wilson hinted at this in a recent interview.

“I feel that my defensive work has got better, as well as the positions I get myself in so I am able to press forwards or press backwards".

I can just imagine the conversation with the Wilson's coaches: 'Well, Harry, you've grabbed 50 goals/assists this season, but you only ran 8 miles in the last game. You need to get that up to 12, and make at least 4 tackles a game, and then youll be able to progress'.

Forget the fact Wilson has 60 goals/assists this season; forget that he's directly contributed to almost 50% of the U23s total goals; none of that matters! He has to run, defend, and press, and if he does that all day, and goes 17 games without a goal/assist (like Adam Lallana right now), then maybe he'll get in the team!

Seriously, what kind of bizarro world do we live in when an exciting young player with 60 goals/assists can't get a chance in the first team?! If McManaman, Owen, and Fowler were coming through right now, they'd never make it under Klopp.

The recent Palace snub shows (IMO) that Wilson has no future at Anfield. He should just quit, and sign for a manager who prioritises the development of skill, game intelligence, and end product over athleticism and stamina.

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