17 Apr 2017

Carra insists: Klopp must sign 'brilliant' £40m star who wants transfer to 'Liverpool'. Agree?

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has once again urged Jurgen Klopp to sign one of Manchester City's unwanted players this summer.

Speaking to the The Mirror on Sunday, Carra argued that on-loan City 'keeper Joe Hart 'ticks all the boxes as the kind of goalkeeper Liverpool need', and insisted that Hart is an 'elite' player who's several levels above both Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius. He further explained:

“Joe has won titles, played in the Champions League, and has the mentality to excel. It isn’t often that the opportunity arises to buy a proven, top-class goalkeeper from a rival, but Hart fits the bill".

This is the fourth time this season Carra has backed a move for Hart:

* Aug 2016: Carra admitted: "I'd love to see him [Hart] come to Anfield. Joe is just below the elite level required in world football [but] he'll be a tremendous addition".

* Dec 2016: He told Sky Sports: "Joe Hart quality-wise, why not, of course you’d look at that situation. I’d certainly ask the question".

* Mar 2016: Carra reiterated: "If somebody said to me, 'you can go and get Joe Hart,' I would do it. If they get the chance to get a goalkeeper with Premier League titles, you do it."

Clearly, Carra really wants this transfer, and according to Sky Sports the feeling is mutual:

"Joe Hart is keen on a return to the Premier League, and has told friends he would jump at the chance to join Liverpool"

As argued several times before, I'm totally against this transfer, but it's starting to feel like there's an unseen force inexorably pushing Hart towards Anfield *shudder*. In my view, Carra needs set aside his pro-English bias and wake up:

* In March, Hart made two mistakes against Inter Milan that led directly to goals, and he made yet another costly error against Crotone on Sunday.

* Overall, Hart has conceded 51 goals in 32 games this season (one every 56 minutes), which is pitiful.

Clearly, Hart hasn't progressed from Euro 2016, where his errors played a big part in England being dumped out of the competition.

* Hart: Described by Gareth Southgate as 'brilliant'. £40m-rated .


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