30 Mar 2017

Deal Close: Liverpool in talks with 'absolutely outstanding' £20m powerhouse; Klopp wants long-term agreement

Despite being increasingly injury prone, Liverpool are reportedly determined to hand a new long-term contract to one of the club's most polarizing players.

According to The Telegraph:

"Liverpool have reopened contract talks with Dejan Lovren. Last year, negotiations stalled [but] now they have been revived, and there is a commitment to ensure Lovren remains at Anfield beyond 2019".

Once again, I just don't understand why there's a need to distract players with contract talks at one of the most crucial stage of the season.

Emre Can is also in talks over a new deal, and Coutinho, Lallana, and Joe Gomez have already signed new deals during the season.

Where's the fire? Lovren's contract expires in 2019, so why not wait until the summer and allow him (and other players) to focus on the job at hand, which is qualifying for the Champions League?

In my view, Liverpool should have a blanket rule: all contract renewal talks take place once the season has ended, irrespective of pressure from Agents.

Mid-season renewals have been the kiss of death for Coutinho and Lallana, both of whom have severely underperformed since being handed obscene pay rises, and with Lovren primed to return, here's hoping the same thing doesn't happen with him.

* Lovren: Hailed by Gary Neville as 'absolutely outstanding'. Cost Liverpool £20m

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