21 Mar 2017

Great News: Liverpool now free to sign 'extraordinary' £26m midfielder who's like 'Kante'. Replace Can?

Liverpool continue to be linked with one of the Bundesliga's standout players, and new reports suggest that the Reds have a great chance of sealing a deal.

In recent weeks, multiple reports have claimed that Liverpool are keen to sign RB Leipzig sensation Naby Keita this summer, and according to the Liverpool Echo over the weekend:

"If Liverpool want to sign Naby Keita, they are going to have to shell out £26m. Leipzig will only sell Keita for £26m".

Liverpool's interest is legit, and Keita confirmed this in October, when he told reporters:

"Arsenal, and Man City...were interested in signing me, and Liverpool as well".

Liverpool arguably need at least one combative midfielder, and Reds fans seem keen on the deal. I conducted a poll last week asking fans if LFC should sign Keita, and a whopping 91% of participating fans voted YES to the deal.

Leipzig sporting director Ralf Rangwick is obviously keen for Keita to stay, and in a recent interview, he noted:

"Naby’s an extraordinary player who could play in any European top team, but he’s still under contract for a long time yet. If we qualify for Europe there’s also no reason why Naby shouldn’t play for us next season."

Hmmm. If Rangnick wants Keita to stay, why publicly state that he 'could play for any European top team'? There's no need t say that, and in my view, it's an obvious way letting Europe's top clubs know that Keita is available.

Reds legend Jan Molby is a fan of Keita, and in a recent column for the Echo, he enthused:

"I'm encouraged to see Liverpool linked with Naby Keita. He's a player, and he reminds me of N'Golo Kante. He has that same level of potential and looks as though he'd make the step up in his stride"

Comparatively speaking, £26m is a fair price for a player who may offer some of the same qualities as Kante. Should Liverpool pursue Keita this summer?


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