26 Mar 2017

Anfield Update: Jurgen Klopp confirms talks with 'really brilliant' €11m attacker who wants Liverpool 'chance'

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that he's held talks with one of the club's most talented attacking players.

In an interview with the official Liverpool FC website this week, Klopp revealed that he'd talked with Sheyi Ojo about areas in which he needs to improve, and as usual, his advice involved running. Klopp explained:

“[I asked] ‘When was the last time you did a 100 per cent sprint?’ At the highest level you need this speed. Now I can see him running like crazy. Even in not-perfect games you can see he’s involved in other parts".

Aaagh! Klopp is freakin' obsessed with running, and it's so irritating.

No wonder Ojo has been ignored for most of the season. Clearly, he isn't running his regulation 12 miles a game, and that perturbs Klopp, who wants his players to prioritise 'running like crazy' over other aspects of their game.

It would've been so refreshing to hear Klopp say something like: 'I asked to focus on his technical skills and game intelligence, and make an effort to work on accurate final balls into the box, and creating chances'.

But, NO. It's all about turning skillful players into 'crazy' running machines. When asked about his discussions with Klopp, Ojo noted:

“He [Klopp] mentioned a couple of things that I’ve taken on board. I feel like I’ve done well and listened to what the manager’s said, and hopefully in the near future I can get another chance".

Forget it, Sheyi. You may have technical skill, guile, and creativity, but that's irrelevant in Klopp's eyes as you don't run enough. Time to start looking for another club.

* Apr 2016: Described by Klopp as 'really brilliant'. €11m-rated (CIES_


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