6 Mar 2017

Klopp confirms: 'Exceptionally good' £20m powerhouse may play for Liverpool next season

After being bombed out of Liverpool on trumped-up charges, Mamadou Sakho has hit the ground running at Crystal Palace, but will his good form earn him a stay of execution at Anfield?

When asked over the weekend if Sakho will return to Liverpool after his 6-month loan spell expires, Jurgen Klopp told SFR Sport:

“We'll see. That is nothing we have to decide in this moment. I don't talk about potential transfers, so it makes no sense to talk about players we have on loan".

In an interview last month with ESPN, Klopp made similar comments:

"He [Sakho] still has a contract at Liverpool, so that's a good thing. We can wait for new impressions and then see what happens".

In both instances, Klopp's comments are standard fare for managers; he's hardly going publicly state that Sakho has no future at Liverpool, and I have no doubt that if the Reds get an offer of £20m+, Klopp will sell.

Sakho's contract expires in 2020, but after being treated like a pariah by Klopp, I doubt the he's stupid enough to take a giant gamble with his career and return to Anfield in the summer.

From Liverpool's perspective, Sakho - who, according to Sam Allardyce, was 'frozen out' by Klopp - is currently in the shop window, and he's making a good impression at Crystal Palace, which will only increase the possibility of a deal going through this summer.

^ Hailed by Allardyce as an 'exceptionally good'.


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