24 Mar 2017

Next Sterling? 'Wonderful' 51 goal/assist attacker confirms he wants to 'play' for Liverpool for a 'long time'

Liverpool's most prolific academy attacking player has once again made a public plea for first-team action at Anfield.

In an interview today with the official Liverpool FC website, Harry Wilson confirmed that he and his family are all long-term 'Liverpool supporters', and reiterated that he's desperate for a chance in the first team:

"For me, to play for this club for so long means a lot and I’m hoping to be here for a long time. Playing a first-team game at Anfield would be great [and] hopefully that chance will come.”

Wilson - who captains the U23s - has smashed in over 50 goals/assists this season (27 goals/24 assists) which amounts to direct involvement of 42% of the U23s goals overall. All of which begs the question: why isn't Klopp giving Wilson more chances in the first team?

To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if this is yet another case of Klopp ignoring a fantastic player because he doesn't run and/or press enough.

Indeed, Wilson (indirectly) confirmed this in his interview. When asked about areas he's been told to improve, Wilson noted:

“I feel that my defensive work has got better, as well as the positions I get myself in so I am able to press forwards or press backwards".

The U23s take their tactical lead from the first team, and it's always about the friggin' pressing with Klopp.

Wilson - Described by Wales U21s boss Geraint Williams as 'wonderful' - could score 100 goals for the U23s, but unless he racks up his 12 miles of running/pressing per game, he's got no chance of breaking through.

* 2015: Wilson confirmed: "My career started at Manchester United, but it didn't work out there".


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