1 Mar 2017

Truth Revealed: World-class' €70m attacker forced Liverpool hero to quit Anfield

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher had revealed that one of the Premier League's most prolific strikers shocked him into retirement with his intimidating physicality.

Speaking to Sky Sports this week, Carra hailed Everton 'world-class' striker Romelu Lukaku, and admitted that the Belgian played a big part in his decision to call it quits at Anfield:

"I've still got visions of [Lukaku] coming on as a sub for Liverpool away at West Brom three or four years ago. I tried to steal a ball from him and he rolled me and ran away. He was one of the reasons why I retired. Seeing players of that ability and strength, I thought it was time for me to finish."

Did Carra retire at the right time? Steven Gerrard doesn't think so, and last month, he mused:

"I respected [Carra's] decision, but there was a part of me that wanted to shake him a bit and say 'you can give us one more year'. I think it maybe was a year too early".

I agree with this, and I genuinely believe that Liverpool might've won the Prem with a spine of Gerrard, Carra, Suarez, and Sturridge. The year after his retirement, The Reds came within two points of winning the league, and it's possible that with Carra at the back, Liverpool wouldn't have conceded 50 league goals, which ultimately proved to be fatal.

After all, in the 4 years prior to Carra'a retirement, Liverpool conceded an average of 41 league goals per season. Since 2013, that's risen to average of 51 per season, and conceding 5-10 fewer goals in 2013-14 would've been the difference between finishing 2nd, and winning the league.

What might've been...

* Lukaku: €70m-rated


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