22 Feb 2017

Legend blasts: 'Extraordinary' £20m star who 'texts' Klopp isn't good enough for Liverpool. Talks held already

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, Germany legend Lothar Matthaus has stuck the knife into one of Liverpool's current transfer targets.

Over the weekend, The Mirror claimed that Liverpool are in talks to sign Mario Gotze this summer, and when asked this week about the prospect of Gotze moving to the Premier League, Matthaus - who captained Germany to the World Cup in 1990 - scathed:

“Top clubs abroad no longer have him [Gotze] on their lists. To be honest, and even if it might sound rude: If Gotze does not make it at Dortmund, he must go to China.”

Liverpool have also been on the receiving end of Matthaus's candour. After re-signing for Dortmund last summer, the German offered his trademark no-BS assessment of Gotze's decision to reject the Reds:

"Why would he Gotze join a club that does not even play in the Champions League?"

Indeed. Matthaus has been a regular critic of £20m-rated Gotze, and I suspect that, privately, he is dismayed by Gotze's (apparent) weak mentality. Matthaus was an ultra-confident monster footballer, and like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he had total belief in his own ability, and cut a strong, imposing figure on the pitch. In short, Matthaus was a proper football; a real man with relentless drive, and the confidence to cajole/inspire others with his leadership.

Gotze - like so many other mewling, moisturising milquetoasts in the modern game - is a typical millenial footballer: metrosexually meek, overpaid, and lacking drive, passion, leadership, and competitive edge. Needless to say, I sincerely hope Liverpool avoid Gotze like the plague. The Reds need more players like Matthaus, i.e. tough, uncompromising leaders who thrive on pressure, refuse to tolerate underperformance, and have the confidence to whip rampaging egos into shape.

^ Mar 2016: Gotze confirmed that he 'texts' Klopp. Described by Klopp as a player with extraordinary abilities.


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