15 Feb 2017

Deal Close? Liverpool now 2-1 favourites to sign 'fantastic' title-winning £30m powerhouse

Liverpool are reportedly favourites to sign one of the Premier League's best goalkeepers.

According to Sky Sports over the weekend:

"Liverpool and Arsenal will go head-to-head to sign Kasper Schmeichel in the summer. Jurgen Klopp will move to sign him after inconsistent play from current options".

Now, according to UK bookmakers, Liverpool are 2-1 favourites to sign £30m-rated Schmeichel during the upcoming summer transfer window.

Liverpool were last linked with fantastic' Schmeichel in January, and at the time, Claudio Ranieri insisted:

"We won't sell Kasper under any circumstances. We don't need money. No chance. Liverpool can win the title without Kasper."

The prevailing view appears to be that Klopp will dump Mignolet in the summer, but I'm not so sure. If the Belgian puts in a series of fantastic performances between now and the end of the season, that may be enough to convince Klopp to keep him as the club's number one. Brendan Rodgers' did the same - on several occasions, it was obvious that Mignolet needed to be replaced, but Rodgers failed to act, and kept him as the club's number one.

Liverpool fans will get to see Schmeichel in action in Liverpool's upcoming league game with Leicester, a game for which I have mixed feelings. A heavy defeat for Leicester will hammer another nail into Claudio Ranieri's coffin, after his amazing achievement last season, I'd hate to see the Reds be responsible for costing Ranieri his job.

In my view, Leicester owe Ranieri all the time in the world to get it right this season. Winning the league is an astonishing achievement, and Leicester will almost certainly never replicate that triumph. Leicester should show loyalty to the guy, even if it means getting relegated, and if that happens, allow him to resign instead of being fired.

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