13 Feb 2017

Boss raves: 'Fearless' £35m Liverpool flop is one of the world's 'top' players. Agree?

Slaven Bilic has made a surprising claim about one of Liverpool's ex-players.

In a recent interview, Bilic hailed the form of 'fearless' West Ham Striker Andy Carroll, and claimed he's good enough to play for some of the best teams in the world:

“Andy would help any team. Andy would help the German [national] team and the Spanish team because he is a top player. He brings you everything, everything that you could ask from a striker".

Hmmm. With 4 goals in his last 4 games, Carroll is in good form for West Ham right now, but let's not get carried away. Bilic is an arch fantasist if he genuinely believes that Carroll is good enough to play for Spain and Germany, and by making that statement, he's basically saying that Carroll is one of the world's best players. After all, who but the world's best can play upfront for Spain and Germany?

I still find it incredible (and a little ironic) that Kenny Dalglish - one of LFC's biggest proponents of the 'Liverpool Way' of playing - brought Carroll - the utter antithesis of that approach - to Anfield. If the Reds had spent £10m-£15m, I doubt many fans {myself included) would've been unhappy with the deal, but £35m? The mind boggles.

On a related note: When asked last week to name the toughest player he's ever faced, Carroll offered the following surprising answer:

"Liverpool's Lucas Leiva. Oh my God. Every time I went for the ball he gave me a nudge. The ref was never going to give a foul and I never wanted a foul, but he did me every time. I couldn't play against him".

Carroll 'couldn't play against' a makeshift central defender who's about half his size, yet he's good enough play for Spain and Germany....


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