23 Feb 2017

Done Deal: Liverpool seal massive £150k-a-week megadeal for 'brilliant' £50m 'leader'; Klopp hails 'exciting' news

Liverpool have rewarded one of the club's most inconsistent players with a gigantic (and undeserved) new contract.

Last night, Liverpool confirmed:

"Adam Lallana has signed a new long-term contract [which] will prolong his career with the Reds".

According to The Guardian:

"Lallana's long-term contract with Liverpool is believed to be worth around £150,000-a-week".

After signing the deal, Lallana produced a tub of Nivea Visage Anti Wrinkle cream, and gently moisturised his blemish-free skin, whilst gushing:

“I’m very proud and feel quite humbled by the show of faith from the club and the manager. I can’t think of a better club to commit your future to".

Clearly mesmerised by Lallana's astonishing application technique, Jurgen Klopp raved:

“This is fantastic news for the club because Adam is a great player and a natural leader. What is most exciting is that he is only just arriving at his peak.”

Lallana a 'natural leader'? I see no evidence of that on the pitch, and as noted above, every season without fail, he disappears when the going gets tough:

- 2014-15: No assists for 5 months (Dec 28th till the end of season).

- 2014-15: 1 goal in 18 games (Sep 13 to Nov 23)

- 2014-15: 2 goals in 21 games (Jan 1st till end of season)

- 2015-16: Failed to score for 21 games in a row (Oct 4 to Jan 17).

- 2015-16: Failed to scored for 12 games in a row (Mar 6 to Apr 23)

- 2015-16: One paltry assist in 13 games (Mar 17 to the end of the season)

- 2015-16: Not in the Premier League's top 20 for assists or key passes.

- 2016-17: 1 goal/1 assist in last 12 games; Nothing for 9 games in a row.

This is worth £150k-a-week? What a joke. Lallana's acolytes will continue to argue that he offers more than just goals and assists, but what's the point if there's no positive end result? Lallana's pressing, running, and energy made no difference last year (8th in the league) or the year before (6th in the league), and this season, the Reds are out of all cup competitions already, whilst simultaneously struggling to maintain a place in the top four.

Once again, Liverpool are rewarding failure. Without fail, Lallana goes missing every single year at the toughest and most crucial parts of the season, and it's dispiritingly ironic that he's signed this new deal amidst yet another barren spell (1 goal/assist in 12 games; no goal/assists in the last 9 games).

Well, if Lallana is now on £150k-a-week, then the expectation on his shoulders should be commensurate with his obscene salary. I full expect an highly-paid international player in the prime of his career to influence games on a regular basis, and step-up when the team needs it most.

That is the standard I will be applying to Lallana from now on (and Coutinho, and any other LFC player on such a ridiculous salary).

* Lallana: PSG reportedly made a £50m bid. Hailed as 'brilliant' by Alan Shearer.


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