21 Dec 2016

'Offer' Made: 'Superb' €25m attacker confirms transfer 'talks' with 'Liverpool' were held before deal to sign for Stoke

Stoke attacker Xherdan Shaqiri has confirmed that Liverpool tried to sign him during the summer of 2014.

Speaking to Spox.com this week, Shaqiri revealed that Bayern Munich denied his 'wish' to sign for Liverpool. He explained:

"I had offers from Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. I opted for Liverpool. There were talks, and Brendan Rodgers contacted me a few times during the World Cup. Bayern blocked my move".

Liverpool ended up with Lazar Markovic instead, and the rest, as they say, is a sorry tale of underperformance and wasted money history.

Just imagine if Liverpool had signed Shaqiri instead of Markovic; there are no guarantees, but I feel confident that the Swiss attacker would've had a significantly greater impact on the club.

That said, Shaqiri's end product for Stoke City is pretty pitiful:

* 6 goals/6 assists in 43 appearances.

* Goal every 535 mins. G/A every 267 mins.

Shaqiri's goals/assist ratio is average, but it's still better than Markovic, who contributed a goal/assist every 470 mins for Liverpool. Plus, Stoke paid £8m less for Shaqiri, so he is, in fact, better value for money.

Did Liverpool miss out, or dodge a bullet?

* Shaqiri: €25m-rated (CIES). Described by Mark Hughes as 'superb'


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