8 Dec 2016

Transfer Stunner: 'Magnificent' Liverpool star could be sold for €98m mega-fee if rival club triggers clause

How much is Roberto Firmino worth in the transfer market?

The Reds signed Firmino for £29m in the summer of 2015, but the Brazilian's contract reveals that Liverpool value him significantly more than that.

According to Football Leaks (via Belgian newspaper Le Soir), which is one of its publication 'partners'):

* Firmino Liverpool contract allegedly contains a €98m (£82.6m) release clause.

* The clause can be triggered by 'any club except Arsenal' (this is specifically stated in the contract).

There's no hard evidence to suggest this is true, but if it is, then Liverpool appear to believe that Firmino - Hailed last month as 'magnificent' by Phil Thompson - is amongst the most valuable players in the world.

Is Firmino worth €98m?

Based purely on end product (i.e. goals, assists, and chance creation), the answer is (arguably) a resounding no. To attract Ronaldo-esque transfer fee, Firmino needs Ronaldo-esque end product, and although his creative output is good, it's nowhere near €98m good.

If Liverpool sold Firmino tomorrow, the club would probably make a profit, but I doubt he'd sell for more than £40m-£45m.

According to the CIES Football Observatory, Firmino's current value is €38m.


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