8 Dec 2016

Anfield Alert: 62% of Liverpool fans want Klopp to agree £50m megadeal for 'brilliant' attacker [Local Poll]

Adam Lallana is currently linked with a massive £50m move to PSG, but what to fans think about this?

On Sunday, ex-Red Jamie Redknapp asked Lallana what he thought about PSG's '£50m bid', and the Reds attacker replied:

"It's a great compliment to be spoken of in the same breath as PSG with those sorts of numbers, but...I can only see myself being here for the long term".

Unsurprisingly, I am 100% in favour of selling the Lallana for a massively inflated fee, and it appears that quite a few Liverpool fans are happy to support a transfer. I conducted a poll this week asking if Liverpool should accept PSG's alleged bid, and the results were emphatic:

* 62% of participating fans voted YES to selling Lallana.

In my view, this is a heartening result as it (arguably) shows that some fans are not fooled by a brief period of good form, and appreciate that Lallana's history of inconsistency remains an elephant in the room.

For obvious reasons, selling mid-season should not be an option, and after two years of frustrating inconsistency, Lallana owes Liverpool a big season. In my view, the Reds should get everything out of him that they can before selling him to the highest bidder in the summer.

* Lallana: Recently hailed by Klopp for his 'brilliant' performances. Reportedly on £65k-a-week


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