6 Dec 2016

'£50m' MegaDeal? 'Brilliant' £65k-a-week star responds to 'Liverpool' rumours and confirms transfer decision

Adam Lallana is currently linked with a massive transfer to Paris St. Germain, but is there any chance of this happening?

On Sunday, ex-Red Jamie Redknapp asked Lallana what he thought about PSG's '£50m bid', and the Reds attacker replied:

"It's a great compliment to be spoken of in the same breath as PSG with those sorts of numbers, but the thought of leaving Liverpool has never entered my mind...and I can only see myself being here for the long term".

£50m?! The world's gone mad, but if the that figure is true, then selling is surely a no-brainer?

Short-termist fans will inevitably disagree, but Lallana's good form this season (which is the exception for his time at LFC, not the rule) doesn't retroactively render previous criticism invalid, and or erase from history his barren spells and perennial underperformance.

Lallana is approaching 30, so his transfer value will inevitably decline over the next couple of years. Right now, he's arguably at the height of his transfer value, so in my view, it makes sense to cash-in. Strike whilst the iron's hot!

Alas, the cloying bromance between Klopp and Lallana means that a transfer is probably out of the question.

* Lallana: Recently hailed by Klopp for his 'brilliant' performances. Reportedly on £65k-a-week

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